How to dry your marijuana bud for proper consumption

So, you have gotten all of your buds harvested and nicely trimmed out, and you are ready to begin the drying process in order to get that marijuana bud ready to smoke. I am going to give you some tips on drying your bud that will make it come out perfect every time, green, coated with THC, and smelling like a dried bud should smell.

The wrong and the right ways to dry your marijuana buds

I never cease to be amazed at the people who swear they have bought the best bud on the planet, and they are just dying to show it to me. What they drag out of a bag, or a bottle, or wherever they drag it from is a brown and sad looking bud that has lost a huge percentage of its THC quality due to being dried incorrectly.  I usually allow that person to light up some of my dried bud, and they are just amazed at the greenness, the smoke, and the potency. So here is the lesson to be learned, DO NOT DRY YOUR BUD IN DIRECT LIGHT! Whether it is sunlight or lamplight! Brown buds are the proof that the grower has no knowledge of how to dry their bud. Sunlight and other forms of light degrade the THC in the bud to a lesser degree of quality. Direct light in the drying process turns your buds brown (undesirable), and makes the smoke much harsher. Do not degrade the quality of your THC by drying in direct light.  Have I made my point?

Here is how to dry your marijuana correctly.

Start your drying process in a dark, warm room. Too cold, and the bud cannot dry because the THC crystals are hardening under the onus of the cold. 60 to 80 degrees is great. You can start with a paper bag, or a start by hanging your buds from something. Keep the room warm and ventilated, and keep the lights off. Do not leave lights on in the room, although it is okay to have the lights on while you are working on the room.  Leave some stem on the buds in order for them to suck up the remaining sugars from the stem as they dry, it will sweeten your smoking experience, and add a nice rounded finish to the bud.

Are you thinking about making some hash from your marijuana grow

Make sure that you pick the right strain for your hash production. There are several ways to make hash; here are two of the approaches. However you choose to make hash, be aware that there are strains out there that are far better for the production of has than others, and you should buy accordingly.  Great hash plants tend to be shorter, very bushy, and the kind that just pump out the THC After about four weeks in flowering they should look like they are covered with a thin layer of snow, or icing. Sharksbreath, Kushberry, Hashberry are all great hash plants. Any of the Kush strains or derivatives are great for making hash, as are most of the white widow strains.  Anything that is predominantly Indica or 100% Indica is the way to go for making hash. The best plants will often march that crystalline right out onto the leaves, so remember that when it comes time for chopping and drying.

Make sure that your bud and leaves are completely dry before attempting to make hash.

hashing marijuana
marijuana hash

You need to focus a lot of energy on the drying stages of your marijuana bud before slicing dicing and shaking. Wet or damp bud or leaves will not release the THC crystalline structures, and there is a high probability that if you process your hashish while the leaves and bud are still damp, you will run into problems with mold and rot later on. Another thing to remember, please don’t dry your leaves and bud in the sun. Sunlight will degrade THC once the plant and the weed bud have been harvested. Quite often, the difference between a blond or a black hash is whether or not they have been dried in the sun. Again, after your plant and bud have been harvested, you do not want to dry them in direct sunlight. Sunlight will degrade the quality of your THC significantly.

Use the paper bag trick to dry out your marijuana bud.

Start your bud drying process in a paper bag. Cover the bottom of a standard paper bag with wet bud, trying not to overlap the buds, you might get mold or mildew on them if you do. Hang the paper bags from a towel rack or a clothes rack. Leave these bags in a dark, room temperature area in for no less than 48 hours. After 48 hours, open up the bags and check the drying process, Remember in your pre-drying trim the more stem you leave on the buds, the more evenly they will dry out.

What lights should I use in my grow room for my free marijuana seeds

Well, this is a question that has a lot of answers, but only a few truths in the field. HID, or high intensity discharge lights are the best thing out there for marijuana production. Yes, there are a lot of other claimants out there to the throne of best light for the bud grows, but in the end, the HID are the best by far. That does not mean they should be the only light you use, so I am going to outline a couple of lights you can use in your marijuana grow that will enhance the performance of the HID lights. The emphasis here is on enhancing your HID lights, not replacing them. Please bear in mind that opinions are great, everyone is entitled to have them, but fact is a far narrower field, ant the fact is that HID lights are the primary ones to use in a grow.  So let’s move forward and talk about some lights you can use as secondary lighting to your HID’s.

Whether in the vegetative or flowering phase of your marijuana grow, there are some lamps to use as additions to the HID

how to light your marijuana
marijuana lighting

Some of the fluorescent grow lights offer a nice rounding off of the light spectrum in your marijuana grow, and can be used as ancillary lighting to the HID’s.  Fluorescents offer a nice balance of all the important colors in the light spectrum, reds, yellows, greens and blues, while the Metal Halides offer mostly greens and blues, and the high pressure sodium’s offer mostly reds and yellows. Although not necessary, the addition of the extra spectrum colors a fluorescent light can offer are helpful, in every phase of the grow. So what is ideal is to make space for at least one fluorescent light in your grow room, in order to offer that balance to your marijuana grow. You don’t have to change the bulbs when you switch light cycles, but you do have to make sure that your florescent is as clean as it should be. That is something you want to do with all of your lights, throughout the entire growing cycle.

Remember, the fluorescents are only additional lighting, not primary lighting for your marijuana growWhen you start with HID’s as your primary lighting source in the grow, you can add other lamps and fixtures as you see fit, and see if they help, or make a difference.

Buying marijuana online, a very nice alternative to getting busted for pot.

As the title suggest rather clearly, this is not real marijuana, so you don’t run the risk of getting busted for buying of smoking weed. Online marijuana is a completely legal blend of herbs and other plants designed to mimic the effects of smoking pot, without the nasty legal side effects that so often arise from smoking or growing pot. There are multiple companies out there offering the legal bud, they guard their blends and herbal secrets pretty intensely due to the fierce competition in the field, and how very popular it has become. How the legal bud stacks up to real marijuana depends on a whole lot of factors; the quality of the marijuana you had been smoking before you decided to try legal bud, and the quality of the legal bud you are smoking.

Buying weed online, what is the stuff made of?

how to buy marijuana online
buy marijuana online

No one is giving out exact recipes, it is too competitive of an industry, and there are too many people out there trying to snatch other people’s recipes and blends. Basically, online weed is comprised of different herbs in a blend designed to have one or more effects on the smoker. Quite often the blends include valerian, kava-kava, or damiana, all potent enough herbs in their own right, and possibly great when smoked in combination. There are a large variety of blends out there, sample a few of them in order to get a better feel for which ones you like, or which ones actually work for you.  Each company blends their own stuff, but there are probably a lot of similarities from company to company and from blend to blend. Rest assured that the herbs they’re using have been in use for hundreds, and in some cases thousands of years, and the companies offering these products have done their own research also.

But is it as good as real cannabis bud?

That is a question that only you can answer. You should definitely try some. It is not expensive, and some of the companies offer money back guarantees. The people I know who have smoked the stuff come back with mixed reviews, some say it is great, others say it isn’t. You need to figure it out for yourself, so go ahead and try some, and then let me know what you think.

A legal alternative to marijuana, is there such a thing?

Yes there is, and it doesn’t cost nearly as much as regular marijuana bud costs. The whole concept behind the mail order marijuana, or legal bud, or legal kind was that a group of pot smokers got together and decided they were sick and tired of being busted, or being worried about being busted for smoking the high octane stuff, or regular marijuana. They put their heads together and did some research on various herbs that occur all over the planet, and the history of the use of those herbs for whatever reason people may have had over the centuries to use them, As it turns out, people have been smoking substances other than marijuana for centuries, even millennia in order to get a buzz, soothe their nerves, or just relax in general; for a very long time. There are many herbs out there that can offer these effects to smokers, so this group of people got together and decided to start concocting their own brews and blends of the legal herbs in order for others to be able to smoke, without getting busted.

Thus began the era of legal, or mail order marijuana


This all started about twelve years ago, and got very big very quickly. As it turns out, lots and lots of people had the same idea, but no knowledge about how to pursue it. So lots and lot s of people bought, and continue to buy to this day the legal bud. Mail order marijuana comes in a large variety of different herbs and plant materials, all designed to produce one effect or another in the smoker, or a combination of effects that all feel pretty good. It must work pretty darn well, because the mail order marijuana business is huge, and continuing to grow.  The recipes are pretty fiercely protected, because the industry is so big, and such a money maker, but the effects can be lovely and very beneficial for the user. Try buying a sampler pack from the online marijuana dealers, you will get six to eight small samples of the different blends, and can decide for yourself which one you think is the best one for you. It is not expensive, so give it a try. Bear in mind, although they say it is online marijuana, or legal bud, it is not marijuana, and therefore, not illegal.