10 Facts About High Quality Cannabis Seeds


How do you know if you are buying high-quality cannabis seeds? It’s kind of tricky if this is your first time to buy seeds from seedbanks but as you make regular purchases, you will soon find this easy to do and even natural for you. Here are ten facts about high-quality marijuana seeds that you should look for when you purchase seeds online or from a local seed bank:

  1. Quality cannabis seeds are round with a slight taper

Cannabis seeds with high quality are usually round with a slight little taper on one end. You may compare cannabis seeds with dark gemstones because it really looks very priceless. And aside from just looking at the seeds, why don’t you hold it as well?

Hold the seed with your thumb and your forefinger. Roll it in your hand to feel the roundness of the seed. By doing this, you will also be able to tell if there are some irregularities from the shape which cannot be seen by the naked eye. Just roll it and give it a squeeze. The seed should remain firm and hard. These are the top qualities of cannabis seeds.

  1. High-quality cannabis seeds gave that stunning shine

No one knows why cannabis seeds have that stunning shine. You can observe this in cannabis seeds that are mature and are ready to germinate. The shine looks like someone placed the seed in oil or applied oil on the seed but once you touch it, it’s not slippery or greasy at all. There are rumors that the reason why cannabis seeds are shiny is to prevent them from being eaten by animals. It will just slide out of an animal’s hands or slide through the gastrointestinal system without being crushed by the teeth.

  1. Quality marijuana seeds are moderately-sized

Top-quality cannabis seeds are not too small and not too large. Thus these seeds are moderately-sized which are just right for germination. Too small seeds are a sign that means that the seeds are immature and will never grow. On the other hand, seeds that are too large may have 50/50 chances of sprouting. If you have a chance to pick the seeds you can grow, choose moderately-sized seeds only.

  1. Top-quality marijuana seeds have a very dark color

Possibly the very first thing that you will notice with cannabis seeds is that these are often dark in color. Dark colors like black, brown, and bluish colors are very common but the most common is dark brown to black. These colors indicate that the seed is viable and will sprout with very little hesitation. Do not choose seeds that are colored white, yellow, or green because these seeds are immature and will never sprout.

But in case immature seeds still manage to sprout, the seedling will grow into immature, weak, and even sickly plants that are incapable of flowering.

  1. The best quality cannabis seeds have viable insides

One of the most important tests to check for seed viability is to find out if the seed has viable insides. So how do you do this without opening the seeds and inspecting their guts? The trick is to use a simple technique called the glass of water technique.

Simply fill a glass with water and drop your seeds in. You will soon see that some seeds will float while some seeds will sink. There is a good explanation for this. Seeds that sink have heavy, viable insides. These are plant materials that will soon sprout and then germinate. These seeds will likely survive and will grow into adult plants.

Meanwhile, the seeds that have floated should be discarded. This is because these seeds do not contain anything, any viable insides. These seeds are most likely empty therefore will never sprout or grow. Most growers use this technique because it is quite impossible to identify viable seeds just by checking its outside appearance.  Some growers report at least one in ten seeds that are not viable or will float when placed in a glass full of water.

  1. Quality cannabis seeds are very hard

No doubt that cannabis seeds are among the hardest. These seeds may be small but are very difficult to crack open! It is possible to see seeds that have been opened or have cracks and split on the skin. Do not use these seeds.

To check for hardness, take a seed and place it in between your forefinger and thumb. Press lightly and see if the seed opens or if it resists. Seeds that are soft or those that will open will not germinate.

  1. Good quality seeds have special markings

Do not be afraid of cannabis seeds that have unique markings or patterns on the skin. These simply mean that the seeds are mature and will be ready to sprout. The outer skin of the seed will usually have patterns like polka dots, stripes, and other patterns. These seeds will usually sprout in just a matter of days compared to other seeds that will take five or more days.

  1. The best quality cannabis seeds are fresh

Do you know that if you store cannabis seeds very well, these can last for a decade? This is very true but the seed may not be that viable anymore. This is why growers are keen on using fresh seeds and not ancient seeds. If you are growing your own seeds, use only fresh seeds to grow your plants. But there is no reason not to use old seeds, just don’t be too eager to watch it sprout because it will do so in its own time.

  1. The best quality marijuana seeds will germinate fast

The best seeds will germinate quickly compared to other seeds. Usually, it won’t take longer than three days for a quality seed to sprout compared to those with lesser quality insides. You can expect healthy seedlings too when you use top quality seeds for your crops.

  1. High-quality cannabis seeds come from quality seedbanks

No doubt that top quality seeds are from top seedbanks online or offline. Some seedbanks even have their own quality control and their statement of quality for their seeds and this is a good place to shop for quality seeds.

You may even have seedbanks that offer promos and discounts on their seeds to prove their quality. Make sure to take advantage of these when you buy cannabis seeds online or offline.

Getting to know seedbanks near you for high-quality cannabis seeds

There are local seedbanks that sell high-quality cannabis seeds near you. There are many ways to find out like through online apps like Leafly and Toker or using online forums and chat sites for growers. But the best way to get to know a seed bank that serves your area is from people who have ordered their seeds from this store before.

Read reviews, check comments, and suggestions from customers. You must also do all you can to check the company for any flaws or signs that it could be scamming you. Check the payment options, delivery options, and the products that they offer. Most seed banks can send seeds anywhere around the world but some are unable to do so to the US and also to other countries in Europe.

It is important not to get scammed. Usually, scam sites are not after selling cannabis but rather up to get your money and your personal information. Do not be scammed into giving out personal information like your name, address, birthday, credit card information, and banking information. Most of the time, sites may ask for your orders and ask for payment but the actual order may not be delivered to you. This can be very disheartening especially if this is your first time buying seeds.

Avoid scam seed bank sites

Cannabis growers and breeders should do all they can to protect their identity and their money online. A lot of scammers are taking advantage of the eagerness of first-time growers and so they are able to work on their plans without hesitation.

To avoid these, always insist on quality seeds, quality websites, and service. Do not be overwhelmed and immediately purchase from the first seed bank you see. But rather weigh your options. You will be able to avoid getting scammed by bogus online seed bank sites when you are a smart and careful shopper.

Every grower deserves quality. Shop smart and stay smart when buying cannabis, cannabis seeds, and other cannabis accessories. Some growers admit that shopping for seeds and other supplies is in itself, a learning experience. Sometimes you need to experience the bad just to understand what good products are about. If you need advice in getting the best seeds, talk to your budtender or to a customer service agent to get the best deals. It won’t take too long to find the best cannabis seed bank online when you stay smart and shop smart.

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