10 Fast Growing Indoor Cannabis Seeds

fast growing indoor marijuana seeds

One of the most important steps in growing indoor cannabis seeds is to selecting the strains from the start. Novice growers may find it overwhelming to choose which seed to buy and cultivate. Confidence and understanding of cultivating indoor marijuana plants come with experience. However, the transition of being a novice to an expert doesn’t happen overnight. It may even take days, weeks, or even months of trials and errors, researches, and experimentations.

Ensuring that you use the right equipment for your indoor marijuana growing efforts boosts the chances of letting you enjoy bountiful yields. You can also take advantage of easy-to-install cannabis grow tents found on the market. There are plenty of guides to help you assemble a grow tent kit like the one found in this blog.

Some marijuana gardeners don’t have time as their best friend. Time is of the essence when growing indoor cannabis plants. The best solution to deal with this issue is to start acquiring and growing fast indoor marijuana seeds. Read on as we give you 10 fast-growing cannabis seeds fit for indoor environments.

  1. Easy Bud Indoor Cannabis Seeds

Easy Bud comes into the marijuana scene with an undocumented heritage. Despite its lineage remaining hidden, it’s apparent that it comes with auto-flowering Ruderalis traits. Growers can expect to harvest this plant in as short as 6 weeks when grown in indoor locations. It even has an excellent genetic profile to make it highly resistant against mold, disease, and extreme temperature variations.

This cannabis strain also has great benefits for recreational and medicinal use. Consumers will induce a happy and euphoric mindset filled with upbeat and carefree feelings. Patients suffering from attention deficit disorders can also seek out this strain to keep their feet (and mind) firmly planted to the ground with focus.

  1. Northern Light (Auto)

The Northern Light cannabis strain is a popular choice for many marijuana enthusiasts. This classic strain presents a deliciously sweet flavor when smoked. Aside from the traditional variant of this plant, there’s also an auto-flowering alternative that allows growers to experience fast-growing properties.

Growers can experience around 9 weeks of wait from seed to harvest thanks to its Ruderalis heritage. The beauty of growing this plant is its size. Growers can expect as much as 200 grams of yield per plant. Furthermore, each flower is full of aroma and oozing with resin. Its easy-to-grow nature makes Northern Light (Auto) a good choice for inexperienced growers.

  1. Critical Kush

Growers cultivating Critical Kush plants should expect 7 to 9 weeks to harvest the bud from indoor growing environments. This Indica-dominant cannabis strain offers powerful highs accompanied by potent mental and physical soothing effects. This cross between the Critical Mass and OG Kush strains offers users with CBD levels of 29% on average.

Consumers will find many therapeutic benefits from this strain. It helps in combating deep-seated aches and pains. Furthermore, it can assist in dealing with minor everyday irritations like headaches and nausea thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. Honey Cream

Another great strain for marijuana growers looking for a quick waiting time from seed to harvest is Honey Cream. This balanced hybrid strain presents growers with a good harvest over a short period of time. It comes from a three-way cross of BlueBlack, Maple Leaf Indica, and White Rhino.

When grown indoors, Honey Cream plants presents manageable heights to growers. Average yields present cultivators with 550 to 550 grams per square meter yields after waiting 7 to 8 weeks from seed to harvest time. However, some expert marijuana growers may even see yields of this strain reaching 650 grams per square meter.

  1. Royal Cheese

Royal Cheese isn’t the smallest yielding strain as compared to other marijuana plants growing indoors. Her Royal Majesty presents growers with up to 500 grams of yield per square meter. The amount of yield further increases with better equipment, nutrients, and lighting fixtures. Growers can expect a good harvest after an 8-week period from seed to harvest.

This hybrid cannabis strain is useful in the relief and treatment of a number of health conditions. Patients suffering from anxiety, chronic aches and pains, and stress can seek out this bud for that much-needed respite. It can also help in inducing hunger for consumers who lost their appetites because of certain ailments.

  1. Medical Mass

Seeds of Medical Mass may be slightly more difficult to come by as compared to other fast-growing indoor strains. However, growers who are lucky enough to get a hold of these seeds can enjoy good yields with a growing time of as little as 7 weeks.

Just as its name suggests, this cannabis strain presents a host of medicinal properties to its consumers. Smoking it brings senses of happiness and relaxation that spreads from the mind to the entire body in a matter of minutes. Its effects can help in the relief and treatment of conditions like glaucoma, chronic anxiety, nausea, arthritis, and chronic pain.

  1. Stress Killer

It’s obvious right from the onset as to this cannabis strain’s true purpose. Stress Killer offers auto-flowering properties comes from the cross between the Lemon Haze and Juanita la Lagrimosa mixed with Ruderalis genetics. The resulting bud is a CBD-packed auto-flowering strain filled with therapeutic benefits.

This marijuana plant presents novice growers with good yields of 500 grams per square meter. It’s a highly recommended strain for medical marijuana growers as the strain can help consumers de-stress and relax after a busy day at work.

  1. Fast Eddy (Auto)

Blending together the Cheese and Juanita la Lagrimosa strains with Ruderalis genetics introduces growers with the Fast Eddy auto-flowering plant. This cannabis strain goes from seed to harvest in as short as 8 weeks. Novice marijuana growers should be happy to know that this plant requires little maintenance while producing good yields of about 450 grams per square meter.

Smoking this bud offers an intense mix of citrus and skunk flavors that linger in the mouths and noses of its consumers. Its highs are more comfortable than overpowering thanks to its low THC content. This strain offers a good number of therapeutic benefits to ease physical pain while relaxing the mind.

  1. Speedy Chile

Speedy Chile offers one of the quickest growing times among the entire marijuana industry. Growers who don’t want to wait for a long time to get yields can seek out this cannabis strain. It’s growing time only requires 2 weeks to achieve vegetative growth. After 6 weeks, cannabis cultivators can expect to harvest yields of these indoor cannabis seeds of up to 525 grams per square meter.

This bud offers an amazing flavor coupled with great potency. It also presents itself as a good medical smoke thanks to its properties to help treat and relieve pain.

  1. Royal Creamatic

The Indica-dominant cannabis strain known as Royal Creamatic offers Ruderalis genetics to its growers. Her Royal Highness is easy to grow thanks to its auto-flowering properties. Furthermore, its plants produce densely covered resin accompanied with great flavors. Consumers can enjoy its intense caramel taste with potent physical effects.

Users of this cannabis strain can take advantage of its powerful physical relaxing highs. Royal Creamatic makes it a good choice for marijuana smokers who want to end the day with a smile on their face.

If you can’t wait for long growing times when cultivating your marijuana plants in indoor environments, you can try out the seeds found on this list. Many growers can already attest to the speed of growth coming from the strains listed above. Now, it’s time for you to take advantage of those incentives as well.

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