10 Reasons why You should Buy Premium Cannabis Seeds Only


If you are looking forward to growing top-quality cannabis plants, the first thing you need to do is to buy premium cannabis seeds. Premium seeds are cannabis seeds that will germinate in just a short time. These seeds will grow well and will yield well. Premium seeds may also be seeds with short flowering times and will grow plants that will be resistant to molds, pests and other common plant diseases. There are many definitions of the word “premium” when it comes to cannabis seeds and this may also have a different meaning according to your own preference.

Why do you need to buy premium quality cannabis seeds?

One of the factors that will give you healthy, high-yielding cannabis plants is to use premium-quality seeds. No doubt that your plants will also need top quality fertilizer, prime nutrients, the right amount of watering and good light quality to be able to develop good yields. But starting to grow new plants need to start with good genetics. Carefully choosing high-quality cannabis seeds will make sure you are receiving the exact genetics you are looking for. Not only will they provide you with the ideal cannabinoid and terpene profiles, but they will also help prevent growing duds as well.

  1. Premium cannabis seeds will sprout early

Only premium seeds will germinate early. There are traits of premium seeds that will tell you if the seed will bear premium young seedlings as well. The first one is the physical appearance of the seeds.

One way to find out the quality and traits of cannabis seed is to take a closer look at the appearance of the seeds. Usually, healthy and top quality seeds will have dark colors (black, dark brown, and brown). There are also shades of gray and lighter colors but never choose seeds that are green, white, or yellow because these seeds are immature and will never germinate or sprout.

Another good sign of premium cannabis seeds is a coating of wax on the surface of their shell. This is very obvious when you expose these seeds to bright light and experiencing a sheen effect. Darker seeds are firm to the touch. You can test this by placing the seed between your thumb and index finger and squeezing the seed a bit tightly. If the seed is firm and does not bend or will not break under pressure, then this is likely worth germinating.

Meanwhile, poor-quality seeds will crack under pressure. If these break under slight pressure, these will be unusable. Seeds that are old are past their prime are not worth wasting time and resources on.

On the other hand, mature and young seeds will be green, yellow, or white in color and these will never germinate. But if these do germinate, the plants will only be smaller, weaker and may even die without reaching its mature age,

The float test

If you are still unsure of your seeds’ quality after checking out your seeds’ appearance and toughness you can subject your seeds to the float test. Fill a drinking glass or glass jar with distilled water and place a few cannabis seeds in the water.

Seeds may wither float or sink. Seeds that float are seeds that do not contain viable insides and are therefore light and will never germinate. Seeds that have sunk will sprout because these contain viable insides.

Check for seeds with unique markings like stripes, polka dots, and spots because these are mature seeds that will surely sprout in just a few days.

  1. Premium cannabis seeds will grow to be healthy plants

No doubt that because premium seeds will grow to healthy plants. This is because premium seeds contain healthy, viable insides. When given enough time and the right germination method, your seeds will sprout and grow healthy in the long run.

  1. Premium cannabis seeds will grow plants with higher yields

Looking for higher yields? Don’t rely on just any kind of seed from the seed bank. You need premium cannabis seeds because these will grow into plants that will give you good yields. And combined with special training, your plants will be able to give you better and multiple yields as well.

  1. Premium cannabis seeds will grow plants that are resistant to molds and pests

Not all cannabis seeds will grow into plants that are resistant to mold and pests. There are strains that are easy to grow because these are resistant to molds, mildew, and also from pests. These are strains that you can grow indoors or out and still guarantee good health and freedom from common growing concerns.

  1. Premium cannabis seeds will grow into healthy plants that will bear premium seeds

Of course, when you use premium seeds, you will be able to grow top-quality seeds that will bear premium seeds too. Just make sure to provide your plants the best growing environment and this won’t be a worry at all.

  1. Premium cannabis seeds will give you more value out of your money

You will get good value for your money because you will be taking care of plants that are easy to maintain and cultivate. You will get more out of your money because of better seeds and plants.

  1. Premium cannabis seeds are from the best cannabis seed banks

Another way to get premium seeds is to purchase these from reputable seed banks. These seedbanks are proud to offer their growing and breeding skills and will sure that their customers receive what has been advertised. These seedbanks have reputations to cater to, so delivering anything less would only cause harm to their reputation and their image. An alternative to this is to avoid buying seeds from a hobbyist. This does not mean that hobby growers cannot produce fantastic genetics, but if you don’t know these breeders and growers personally, there’s no way to know whether your seeds will grow or not.

  1. Premium cannabis seeds are true to their description

Premium cannabis seeds will give you exactly what you want. If you are growing autoflowering cannabis seeds then these seeds should be able to flower according to an auto’s timetable. It also has to be ready for harvest in just 9 weeks and flower no matter what lighting schedule you have. If you purchased premium feminized seeds then you have no doubts in your mind that you are dealing with seeds that are all females. In short, what you see is what you get.

  1. Premium cannabis seeds are perfect for first-time growers

You get premium seeds that will work perfectly for first-time growers. Premium seeds are known to be healthy seeds, resilient to mold and pests, and will grow according to its design. First-time growers will have no worries when growing their first crops when they use premium-quality seeds.

  1. Premium cannabis seeds are sought by seasoned breeders

Aside from being a good choice for novice users, these are also perfect for seasoned breeders. Breeders have no time to worry about the quality of their seeds. They need perfect, good seeds that will provide them with good results all the time. Premium quality seeds provide breeders with strains that will give them the results they want as they create better, higher-yielding recreational or medical strains.

Seeds in a bag

Some smokers may be okay with growing bag seeds. They may even consider themselves lucky after finding one or two bag seeds. However, there is something off with growing bag seeds. Finding seeds in a bag is bad because the grower may have made an error and allowed their female plants to be pollinated by a male. When flowers are pollinated, these will cease to produce THC-containing resin and start creating seeds. Another thing is that the seeds will have added to the weight of the bag, and this means less value for your money.

With this said, you may find it lucky if the strain is prime. In this case, it’s worth testing if the seeds will germinate and use effective tests like the float test to find out if the seeds are viable or not.

Germinate your seeds

Possibly one true method to test the genetic potential of seeds is to grow it in the soil. With this method, it won’t take too long to see the results. This is a good option for a hobby home grower who has time and space to grow bag seeds and to start a project. Growers who are cultivating cannabis for commercial use won’t be able to have so much time to invest.

To germinate in soil, make sure that the soil you are using is conducive to growing cannabis. It should be at least sandy-clayey soil which is soil that will hold more water and nutrients and will also drain the excess. This soil will also allow oxygen to move to the roots to develop better root systems. Only after successfully germinating your seeds will you be able to find out its true quality.

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