Build your own irrigation system for the indoor marijuana grows

If you are on a well system, both inside and outside of the house, it is easy and pretty fun to build an indoor irrigation system.  I say a well system because in my part of the country that is the safest; least contaminated or treated water available, other than purchasing bottled water in bulk.  When building out your irrigation system for the indoor ganja grows, you need to be using the best water you can.

The components for an indoor irrigation system for your weed grow are pretty inexpensive

The first thing you will need is some way to convert your faucet into a nipple (yes I said nipple, stop your damn giggling) that you can attach an outdoor hose bib to. These are readily available at the big box stores for about 4 to 5 dollars. Attach your outdoor hose bib apparatus with a flanged barb at one end. Those are about 6 dollars.  After you have hooked that device up, you need to attach your drip irrigation line to it. You can use either a pinch clamp, or a worm drive aircraft cable clamp. Do not hesitate to use Teflon tape at all of these critical junctures, it will stop leaks, and costs about 75 cents per roll.   Run your drip line (one half inch) out to your plants, affixing it to each pot by means of a soil staple, or a configuration of a piece of a wire coat hanger. Drill a hole in the top of your plant pot in order to tack that irrigation line down well. You do not want the line shifting at all. After you are satisfied with the configuration of the half inch drip line to the plants, go ahead and get out your hole punch and button drippers.  A pack of 100 drippers is about seven dollars, a hole punch is two dollars.  Carefully punch your holes into the distribution line at each plant, and then snap the button dripper into place.  You should hear an audible snap as you push each dripper into place that pop ensures that the holding flange has gone into the distribution line correctly.  Once you have all in place, turn on the water at the faucet, and watch your plants getting watered! Correct leaks and squirts with a more firm push on the button dripper, or just move the button to another place and plug the resulting hole with a goof plug. Goof plugs, about 2 dollars a pack. The distribution line? Around 8 dollars per 100 feet. I told you it was inexpensive.

Some behaviors to avoid while growing marijuana in your home or garden

Here are some real basic do’s and don’ts when you are are having a grow in your house, or in your garden. One of the main things you want to avoid is having your neighbors and other types becoming suspicious of or just plain irritated with you. First things first, avoid loud parties. Loud and long parties are one of the worst things you can do when you have a grow or garden in your home, our outside in your garden. Neighbors tend to dislike loud and long parties intensely, and will often call the cops in response to one. The last things you want prowling around your house are the cops, for any reason.  If you live next to somebody who has long and loud parties at their house, move away before starting a grow. They too will attract cop attention, and even if it’s next door, it is still something you do not want. If you own a home in a loud, noisy, law-breaking neighborhood, re-think the grow. True Story, a friend of mine had his outdoor garden busted when a kid down the street committed a crime, then jumped the fence into my friend’s house in order to hide from the cops. Unfortunately, the pot garden was busted right along with the gangsta wanna-be. As much as I hate to say it, the criminal element is not good for anybody, at any time. If you own a home in a bad area, re-think the pot growing thing unless you are home 24/7, 365, and own a shotgun.

The criminal element and the marijuana grow

Not only will criminals and gangsta thugs cause problems by being idiots and having the cops constantly show up in your neighborhood, but if they get wind of your marijuana grow, you can pretty much consider it gone. As I said, unless you are home all the time, and have a shotgun, you cannot protect your grow from anyone, cops and criminals included. This is a fair warning, and meant to be taken as such. Even if you are home most of the time, but lave to go say, grocery shopping, you can lose a grow and all that goes with it, your lights, nutrients, the whole shebang. Crooks know the value of things, and will clean you out, if they can.

More tips on the marijuana grow room, or grow cabinet

Grow cabinets are pretty nice, they are decently priced, come with all the materials and construction devices you need, and provide a nice instant enclosure for a small grow. If you are brand new to this stuff, they are a good way to go. Called plug and play, or instant grow rooms, they provide the user with all the framework, reflective materials and shelving they will need, are easy and quick to assemble, all you really need to add are lights, water, soil, nutrients, pots and all the love you can muster. Most of the companies providing the grow cabinets also include a nice little guide and “getting started” manual that will carefully address your marijuana growing questions with a fairly high level of expertise. They all claim to be engineered to not allow light leakage either in or out, the insides are a highly reflective material, they include the apparatus you need to hang your lights from, (but you have to assemble) and they are easy to build up, or to take down. Once you have assembled and disassembled one grow cabinet, you can pretty much do any of them, a little like riding a bike.  Grow cabinets are very handy and convenient, especially if you just don’t feel like building the marijuana grow room, and are pressed for time.

Marijuana grow cabinets come in a wide array of sizes and prices

Make sure that you know what the materials are that your cabinet is comprised of, and if those are the materials you want to be using. I am not a big fan of Mylar, and a lot of the grow cabinet companies use Mylar in their construction. There are several that do not, however, and I recommend your buy your plug and play cabinet from them. Make sure that you are buying a size of convertible marijuana growing cabinet that will work for you and your space requirements, and always measure he space you plan to put the grow cabinet in before you order it, It would not be fun at all to try to install a marijuana grow cabinet in a space that was too small for the cabinet.  The  grow cabinets can pump out s significant amount of weed per space allotted, and depending on what strains you are growing, so definitely look into them if you are interested.

Good information to have before you start your marijuana grow

marijuana seeds cannabisThere is no excuse for going into your marijuana grow unprepared. There are more books and articles, magazines and websites out there for you to read and study then you can imagine. Some of the books and magazines are excellent, and very reliable, some are not. Here are a few names and titles of both books and websites you can go to get your knowledge and information in place before you get started. I promise you, you will save yourself a lot of grief and expense in the end if you start out at least prepared with knowledge.  Experience will come, that is why it is always best to start out small.

The essential marijuana grower’s reference bibliography is an internet search away

The marijuana books are out there, you just need to look for them.Try limiting your search to a single site, like Amazon or Goolge it. Reading the materials that experts have written is an absolute must for the grower, whether a newbie or a seasoned grower. Reference materials are usually correct, and will be able to address just about any circumstance that might arise; some even come with excellent pictures and illustrations to go with their text.  Some marijuana growing books can be a little bit technical and scientific, but in the end they are worth every penny. You cannot go wrong with studying the true experts, and there are other reference materials that can be used along with your extremely scientific books that will help spell out the harder stuff. Speaking of every penny, there are multiple great marijuana growing books available at in the used department, they are often significantly less than the new ones, and in good shape.

Titles both scientific and geared toward the lay-person in the marijuana cultivation field

Bibles exist for the grower, whether they are doing a medical grow, or strictly a recreational grow.The information will vary from eBook to eBook, and some of the language will be more difficult to grasp than others, so hedge your bets and get one that is very technical and one that has a far easier and more explanatory approach to presenting the cultivation of cannabis. Things like hydroponics and building a grow room, or how to very carefully determine the gender in your plants once they start flowering are important components of the information you need to be a marijuana grower. Reference materials can re-iterate time honored adages for maximizing the potency and productivity of your marijuana plants, while tossing in great and very helpful tips along the way.  If you are truly a newbie, get your reference materials in order, and start reading up.

The grow room reflective materials in your marijuana grow

We have all heard about it, and now I am going to talk about it. We now know how important light is in our grow room, and for our marijuana plants, but do you know what the best reflective material is? Do you know that 35% of your light comes from the reflected edges of the light radius, and not just from up above where your lights are hanging? Do you know how to maximize that reflective edge, or verge to the best of your ability?  We are going to talk about that now.

Why Mylar is not the best choice for your marijuana grow room walls and surfaces

There are a series of problems with Mylar, and I am going to spell some of them out right now. While Mylar has a high reflectivity factor, it is also a very flammable substance, prone to igniting under less than ideal circumstances. Here’s another thing about Mylar, it does not reflect light evenly. It tends to collect “pools” of light and then reflect those pools in a far too narrow and focused fashion. I have notice this effect with Mylar when I used it, and it is not fun to try to figure out, or retro-fit in the middle of marijuana grow.  You might be better off just painting your walls and floors a flat white, and I am going to tell you how to pick that paint.

A high quality white paint is a good way to go for your marijuana grow room

Here’s how to get your high quality white paint.  When you go into a big box store, ask for a flat white paint, a true white paint. What constitutes white in paint is the amount of aluminum oxide in that white paint. The more aluminum oxide, the whiter your paint will be. Ask for paint with the highest amount of aluminum oxide in it that you can get. Although it has a slightly less reflective value than Mylar, (approximately 5% less) the light it is reflecting is dispersed far more evenly and coolly, which is all good for your marijuana plants. It creates a grow room that will produce far more evenly and consistently throughout its’ cycle.   If you are reflecting your light more evenly, your plants will like that.  Really, avoid Mylar if you can, it just isn’t the best material out there.