Buy Marijuana Seeds Online: You get what you pay for, and then some

Do not be fooled by the uber low price come- ons that seem to radiate from every corner of the weed seed world.  Expect to pay for your ganja, as much as you would expect to pay for a high end I-phone or a way cool Samsung Tablet. Really, it’s about where your priorities lay; if you want to start a good breeding program, purchase quality in the first place. You can’t go wrong buying quality in the first place.

Expect to pay for the quality ganja seeds, the freebies are icing, baby

Junk weed produces junk seeds that in turn produce more junk weed, do not waste your time. Believe me I have tried, it is just an exercise in frustration and stupidity.  Talk about an enormous waste of time. No amounts of amending and special nutrients are going to make bad weed anything other than what it is, bad weed.

Budget your marijuana grows before you start

So, armed with the knowledge that you need to start out with the good stuff, start planning a budget around your grow. Bear in mind almost every single seed site out there offers free cannabis seeds with you purchase, the amount of free seeds you get is dependent on the dollar amount of your purchase. These free ganja seeds are the real McCoy as far as quality and product are concerned.  I have gotten 12 free seeds from one purchase from a seed website, out of those twelve,  8 germinated beautifully, and 5 were girls, 2 of them I bred back, and they are now the cornerstone of one of my breeding programs.  This all came to me because I was willing to drop the big money in the first place on excellent genetics, an attitude I recommend for anyone starting out in the biz. Also, here’s another nice bonus, the majority of the free marijuana seeds offered now are feminized. Yes, the free seeds are a great bonus, and it doesn’t even take luck to get good free seeds, but plan on spending a little bit of cash to get those freebies. Not only is the stuff that you pay for going to be a very good quality, but the free seeds will be also, it’s a little bit like being in a candy store when all of that starts rolling into your mailbox.

How to Trim your Marijuana Plants After Harvest

marijuana seeds cannabisOh yes, you are done harvesting your marijuana plants, now is the trimming time of your plants immediately after harvest. If you wait too long, the portions that you are trying to trim off become rubbery, and far more difficult to trim, due to the lack of elasticity. If you accidentally harvested too much at one time, be prepared to pull some long hours, or face the consequences of the overly long waiting period between harvest and trim. Always use a very good, sharp pair of scissors, preferably with a shorter blade.  You are going to want to drop some money of bud trimming scissors, and you want to buy scissors that you can re-sharpen. Since you will be using your bud trimming scissors again and again (hopefully) it is very worthwhile to buy very good ones from the start. I finally solved the dilemma by going out and purchasing a pair of Swiss or Swedish made small pruning shears. They come with a lifetime warranty, they have removable and replaceable blades, and they stay sharper than all get out for a long time. So sharp in fact, that I need to be real careful when I am in the thick of trimming, I have definitely nicked my fingertips with these sharp beauties before.

Do not let other people use your trimming blades for anything, ever

You need to make sure that no other bozo in your household can get these trimmers in their grubby paws for whatever reason; the results might be catastrophic for your trim, and for a very expensive pair of trimming shears. I had a roommate once who wanted to borrow my pruners to splice the battery cables on his car. Yeccchhhh. I paid way too much money for my trimmers for somebody to be goofing off doing car repairs with them. Go ahead and hide the trimmers when you are done using them, that way no one will know you have them, and no one can make the mistake of using them incorrectly.  This sort of falls under the category of having the best of everything for your marijuana grows, and not allowing yahoos to use your prized and very pricey equipment. Take care of your marijuana, and all of the things you use to grow that marijuana, you will be rewarded for having that kind of an attitude about your stuff, as it were.

The basic stages of the marijuana grow, whether outside or in

The very first stage is selecting and buying your seeds. Pick the strains that offer the qualities you want in a high, not the qualities your friends want in a high. You are growing this weed for you, and the money spent is yours, so grow for you. Don’t waste your time chasing after the newest, hottest strain; it’s better to stick with tried and true strains, like a white widow derivative, or a Papaya.

The 2nd stage is germinating those seeds. There are a lot of methods for germinating seeds, choose the one you are the most comfortable with, and that makes the most sense to you. Don’t go all fancy and high tech until you have a lot more experience. Yes there are fancy and high tech ways to germinate ignore those for now. You want results, not techie bragging rights. Be a grower, not a grower fan-boy or fan –girl.

The 3rd stage is vegetating those plants. The vegetative stage is the stage where the plants get the most amount of light. 16 to 18 hours is acceptable, and I would not go much lower than 16 during the marijuana vegetative stage. It is not what they need at this stage in their lives. Some people go higher than 18 hours, I will not. I am not in a hurry, and I do not want to push the plants to the point of collapse, if you will.

The 4th stage is the flowering stage. When the marijuana plants are all finished greening and vegetating, and growing strong sturdy stems and leaf structures, are getting bushy and fat and healthy, and are as tall as at least three quarters of their projected tallness, go ahead and dump them into the flowering light cycle. For now, you want to go 12 hours on, 12 hours off. You are sending the signal to the marijuana plants that their season is ending, and it is time to start sending out those flowers, in order to guarantee the next generation.  Your marijuana plants will follow millions of years of evolution, all you need to do is change the light patterns, give them the proper nutrients, water, soil and love, and sit back and watch the show. A very slow show, I will say, but extremely exciting none the less.   Marijuana is a gorgeous plant in every phase, worth watching closely.

The basic stage(s) of the marijuana grow, steps four (cont’d) through five : THE FINAL STAGES

The 4th stage is the flowering stage. You can tell when it is time to begin flowering by the growth rate in the vegetative cycle. The rapid and aggressive explosion of growth, both up and out slows significantly, at around 2.5 to 3.5 months; this is also highly dependent on the strain you chose.  The growth rate will not stop, but it does slow significantly. That is when it is time to pop those babies into the flowering stage.  Some people will force vegetative growth by leaving the lights on 24 hours a day, I am not one of those people, and I do not recommend it.

The 5th stage is the drying and harvesting stage. You can tell when it is time to harvest your bud by checking the trichromes on your bud with a magnifying glass. Some people can tell by looking with the naked eye, but I prefer to use a cheap pocket magnifier. I have thought that plants were ready to harvest by just looking at them with the naked eye, but they weren’t when I checked with my handy-dandy pocket magnifier. They needed almost five more days. Basically the trichromes; which look like clear inverted mushrooms, should be milky in appearance, that’s when your THC is at its highest peak, and ready to be harvested. If your trichromes are clear under the magnifying glass, they are not ready. If they start turning dark or brown, they are going past the optimum THC phase, and you should harvest immediately. These are basic rules of thumb, and you need to do some reading and studying before they get to this phase in order to be prepared. Generally optimum trichrome production occurs at 2.5 to 3.5 months, again depending on the strain of marijuana you are growing, and your environmental conditions. When this condition occurs (milky trichromes) start trimming and drying. The best trimming methodology involves leaving a little bit of stem for each bud, that way the bud can still uptake the sugars and starches left in the stem for a rounder and better finish.  Always do your trim immediately after harvesting (cutting off) the bud. It is deadly to wait for too long to trim after harvest, and never harvest more bud than you can immediately trim afterward.  Makes you plan your harvest ahead of time, doesn’t it?

Don’t forget to flush your marijuana plants before the harvest!

marijuana seeds cannabisThis is important, and needs to be done to ensure that you are getting the highest quality in your bud for the smoking pleasure. Over the months of your marijuana grow, from the vegetative phase to the final days of flowering, your plants, if you are applying the nutrients correctly are going to have quite a buildup of nutrients inside their cells and biological structures. You don’t really want to smoke that, so you must use a flushing methodology prior to the harvest of the marijuana bud. When you flush your marijuana plants, you are watering them with nothing other than water, and you are doing it in a fashion that encourages the marijuana plant to uptake as much of that water as possible in the shortest amount of time, in order to flush out the nutrients and build-up in their system.

Get your marijuana girls thirsty before you flush.
Starting two weeks away from harvest time, let your pot plants get quite thirsty. Do not water them for three to four days, depending on your conditions. Let them get good and dry, but don’t let it go to the point that they are getting droopy. After ascertaining that they are nice and dry, go ahead and give each one a good long drink with clear, clean water. No additives in the water, please, just clean water! Don’t worry if the water starts flushing out the bottom, of the pot, but do stop when it does. Rinse and repeat. You are going to let them dry out again for about four days, and then repeat the procedure, all the way up to the harvest time. I know of some people who don’t start flushing until a couple of days before harvest, I do not recommend that. It is not enough time to get rid of everything in the bud that you don’t want in there. The thirstier your marijuana girls are, the better they will rapidly absorb the fresh, non-additive water, and the more quickly it will roll through their system, flushing out nutrient and alkaline build-up. The end results will be a much smoother and sweeter smoke, which is good for both you, and any medical marijuana patients you might be growing for. This is a very important step in the harvesting of your bud, please do not forget it. Your lungs will thank you.