The Marijuana Free Seeds Are the Real Deal

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the free weed seeds offered through multiple marijuana seed sites are crummy freebies with little or no value as a genetic, or strain. That line of thinking couldn’t be farther from the truth. The freebies you get from the marijuana seed sites are every bit as good and as potent as the seeds you are actually paying for, so get busy with your shopping. Be prepared to think and evaluate through the purchasing experience.

Free pot seeds are a good thing, a very good thing

Free seeds are all good in every way you can think of, good for the pocketbook, good for the breeding program, and good for your potential clients, or just good for you. Whether you have received a nice Bandana variant, or an outcross of Widow and Haze, it will perk up your product line, and who knows, it may be so good that you will go ahead and start incorporating it into your regular and consistent breeding program. What could be better?

The weed seed companies have done the research on their end

None of these seeds are slouches, and generally the genetics that you can buy, or that you get for free are the product of years of research and breeding. Due to the fact that quality genetics are not an inexpensive venture, the free seeds stand the potential to be an incredible boon to your breeding program, and that is always a good thing.   Be prepared to go into your seed purchasing with your eyes wide open, don’t rush into the glitziest offer out there, just take your time and select the freebies that seem to be the best deal, and will complement your breeding operation.

Free pot seeds can, and do stand the test of time

Free is always good, so even if your freebies aren’t the best thing on the planet, you didn’t pay for them!   Chances are that they will be very good genetics, and entirely viable through the germination process, so get yourself on the bandwagon, and spend some money in order to get the freebies.  Let your freebies be an adjunct, or potential new series of strains that you can offer your customers when the time comes for them to bear fruit.  Always shop to compare what the different seed breeders are offering, in either the regular genetics, or the freebies, and then bust out your credit card and make that purchase.

Let’s talk about building your own marijuana grow room for your Premium and Free Marijuana Seeds

I was recently watching an episode of the comedy Weeds, when the main character was talking to someone about constructing a grow room for her, or discussing a grow room he had built for her.  Umm, I can’t exactly remember what it was they were discussing, but when they got to the part in the dialogue where he told her how much it had cost to have the grow room built, I just about spit my coffee across the room. WTH! I know I know it is “Hollywood” as it were, but what did he build that grow room out of, solid titanium?  I want to dispel a couple of myths right here and now, the kind of myths that HBO producers tap into in order to write their cheesy (but funny) comedies from.

The materials for marijuana grow room are not expensive, or hard to find

They are the exact same materials one uses to build just about anything else on the planet; namely lumber, fastening devices, a handful of easily found tools (if you don’t have them already) in particular a drill and a skil saw, a measuring tape, a level, a t-square and some patience if this is your first time out. Yes, I know this list is incomplete, but I am trying to impart the sense of the thing here; not get all technical and draw you diagrams and provide all the measurements. If you have an opposing thumb on at least one hand, a little bit of extra time, a small amount of extra money, and a nice clear work space, you are well on your way.

Grow room materials are readily available, start price comparing now

The first thing you have to do is measure the area you are going to be doing your marijuana grow room in. Know what size you want the grow room to be, and be as exact as you can possibly be. You need linear measurements, not square measurements at this point. How many feet will the sides be, how many feet for the front and back, and how high are the walls going to be. All of these measurements will have great effect on what materials you can use in the build of your grow room, so get them right.

How to ventilate that killer ganja grow room you are building

Ventilation is really important people, unless you want to raise a crop of wilted or crispy marijuana plants. The heat that can be generated by HID lamps in an enclosed space like a grow room can be intense, and potentially deadly to the little babies you raised from free marijuana seeds. Go into the  grow room build prepared for  being able to ventilate at the drop of a hat, and I highly recommend you buy a couple of thermostats that will send a message to you or your computer when temperatures are getting way too high.  I am going to give you a few pointers in how to ventilate your grow room, and how to incorporate that into your grow room build.

It’s all in the walls of the cannabis grow room

If you think about it, what would be the most straightforward way to ventilate your grow room? To ensure success in reducing both heat and overly excessive moisture?  A couple of vents placed at strategic spaces throughout the room? Maybe. Even with vents though, you will still have to do some serious ventilating in the grow room, especially in summer.  How about this: Design the walls so that panels can be removed (according to light cycle) entirely.  Sound easy? It is. It might be a little bit more planning in the building phase, but it is worth every penny. Removing entire sections of a wall panel allows you to place your bruiser floor fans at the opening and blast those marijuana plants with refreshing and strengthening blasts of air. It also allows you to enter and exit the structure more easily, without having to plan floor space for you to move around in, which, as we all know is wasted floor space, as far as those lovely lumens go.  This is a very easy and low tech approach to a whole series of issues in the grow room, working space, fan space, ventilating and heat reduction, moisture level control and eradication. You can hook up your c02 apparatus’ more easily if you use them, and you don’t have to be creating huge amounts of dead space in the grow room in order for you to work inside of it.  I can’t say enough good about this simple and clean approach to building a grow room.

Want to order your ganja seeds online but are afraid to do it with your credit card? There are some great solutions.

Whether you are 18 or 65, it is always wise to be cautious purchasing something online with a credit card in your name. Sometimes that is the only credit card you have, and sometimes there are other options. Let me give you a few assurances here, and then make some suggestions. Every single seed selling site that I deal with will destroy your credit card information immediately following a successful transaction. They have no desire to be part and parcel of a witch hunt, and they do not want anyone going after either you, or them in order to cause problems. All the seed sites have a page devoted to how they protect you, the customer, and your right to privacy and stealth. I advise that you read the page carefully, make note of any questions you may have, and then email the seed site and ask those questions. They will answer you. If a marijuana seed company does not offer the most basic assurances of privacy and stealth in the credit card process, you probably don’t want to use them.

The seed sites will not bill your credit card as a seed site

The seed sites own many different business names and they use them when billing your credit card. Names as innocuous as “Fleisher’s Gift Emporium” will be the billing that shows up on your credit card statement, and for the most part these business names will do the trick.  That is yet another thing you need to verify before you make the purchase. These names change with regularity, the marijuana seed sites are out to make money, a part of them making that money is to assure you the client that you are protected.  Again, if they don’t offer these services, don’t use them. Get your facts straight before you order, it will save you a lot of stress and worry after the fact.

Try using a pre-paid card under a business name, or a one-time pre-paid credit card when purchasing your online weed seeds

I have never had to do this, but look into a pre-paid credit card before making your purchase. Get the exact amount of the order you want from the marijuana seed site, and then get a pre-paid card in that name. Give a different address on the pre-paid card from your shipping address, and then don’t use it again. It still shows up as record, but at the wrong address. It is one way to think about doing it.

Ah yes, the marijuana sprout, the mark of success and maturity in the ganja grow!

Okay, hopefully all of the seed caps popped off of their own volition and you are eagerly awaiting the next phase. Don’t worry, it is coming. You will begin to notice a greening effect around the top of the seedling that will be followed by the arrival of two gorgeous small leaves sprouting directly opposite of one another on the sprout.  This is the mark of having achieved the beginnings of the greatness your marijuana seeds are attempting to achieve, and cause for celebration. You have officially achieved a milestone here, and you plants are ready to begin their intense vegetating phase. Be happy with your patience, and having gotten this far. These two small leaves are called the cotyledon, and they signal that your marijuana plant is ready to start converting light energy into plant growth. Make sure that your lights are at the right height to ensure rapid growth without becoming too leggy, and that your grow room is warm enough to see these youngsters thrive through both the light phase and the non-light phase. Leave the seedlings on their het mat, these days are crucial to the success of your plants, and an interruption in that consistent and warm soil temperature can curtail growth significantly, and might even kill your baby marijuana plants.

Yes, these are baby marijuana plants, treat them accordingly!

Ensure that you are not over watering,as I indicated before, this is a tender time, overwatering is just as dangerous au underwatering. You will not be adding nutrients at this point, other than what you mixed into the soil, do not be tempted to do so. Your next phase will probably be transferring these little kids into bigger pots, but hold off on that for right now, your plants are going through a phase where they are not only establishing roots and rhizomes, but leaves and tallness too, let them stay in their plastic cups for now.  When the time comes for you transplant, you want to be transplanting healthy, hardy marijuana babies who will not be shocked by any transplant process they go through.