Shed some light on your cannabis grow

While we are on the topic of doing a marijuana grow correctly from the start, let’s have a little chat about lighting. Do you understand the principles behind the lighting of your grow room? DO you know the difference between vegetating and flowering light cycles? Do you know how to break down lumens per square foot, and why it matters? Do you care? You should.

Without the correct amount of light, there can be no marijuana grow

The amount of light you will shed on your plant is everything to them. Without proper light amounts, you will not have a grow, you will have a bunch of spindly and unhappy plants that cannot produce anything, so get your light facts down to a science.

Vegetative or flowering, that is the marijuana grow question

Depending on which cycle you are in, you will use a different type of light. While in the vegetative phase, you need to be using metal halide lights. While in the flowering phase you want to use a High Pressure sodium bulb. Get lights that have a ballast that can be switched for use with both bulbs. Both of these types of lights, or bulbs are considered “high intensity discharge” or HID lights or bulbs. High intensity is literally what they are; they pump out the lumens in order to attempt to mimic the light of the sun.

How to determine the ideal lumen coverage for your marijuana grows

You need as much lumen coverage for your cannabis grow space as you can get, and here is how to figure that out. First, measure your grow space, and then get a square footage amount. Your square footage is your length x the width of your grow room. So, if your grow room is 6 feet by 8 feet, your square footage is 48 square feet. Optimum growing conditions indicate approximately 6-8000 lumens per square foot. A 600 watt grow light will throw out approximately 90 to 100,000 lumens, so divide that number by 48, and you get approximately 2000 lumens per square foot. Looks like you will need more light. For a 6×8 grow room, 3 600 watt grow lights is an excellent start, and four is better. The lumens divided by square foot is the best way to determine your lighting needs in the marijuana grow room. 600 watt grow lights are a great and well-priced grow light, I recommend them to everybody.

Are you ready for your free marijuana seeds?

So you have made the decision to start your own grow operation, you feel confident in your chances at bringing to fruition the lovely herb that imparts such great benefits, for both the medical marijuana patient, and the non-medical casual user. Do you know what all this is going to entail, and are you prepared?

Did you do your homework and are you prepared?

Are you ready for this? Sure, I know you have read all the books you can get your hands on, you have scoped out other people’s grows, and you have  a couple of people as consultants whose expertise you trust, but I must ask again, are you really ready? Have you set up your grow room and your lights, do you feel comfortable about your germination area and the cleanliness thereof? Are you going to be able to ensure all of your babies the temperatures they need in order to thrive? Throughout their growing life cycles?  Nothing will destroy your babies faster, or decrease their yield more effectively than incorrect temperatures.

Start small with your free marijuana seeds

I highly recommend a small grow for your first adventure into growing, that way if things go really wrong, you won’t be losing quite as many plants. You have to plan for all circumstances that may arise, and be prepared.  Before you start soaking and propagating your babies, think about a few things; what are you going to do in case of an emergency? Or if you go on vacation?

If you have pets, beware.
What should you do of your cat is expressing way more interest in your baby plants then she should be? (PS pet owners, cats LOVE weed when it’s growing. Go figure) you need to have a method of keeping kitty- face out of the grow area when you are not there.  The same will go for the dog, my dog loves the smell of weed, and although he isn’t quite as destructive of the plant in his appreciation for it, I still worry about leaving him alone with it. He’s also big enough that his tail knocks things over quite easily, another concern in a grow area surrounded by expensive technology and equipment.  I know that worrying about your pets seems silly, but in the end, it will save you some grief during your grow.

More behaviors to avoid when doing a ganja grow

Most of us live in neighborhoods, and for the most part we get along pretty well with our neighbors. Do not engage in behaviors that bring the police to the house at all hours of the night or day. Be a pleasant neighbor and be friendly. Avoid shady and furtive behavior. While you are out walking your dog, or walking with your kids, wave or say hello to people in the neighborhood. Above all, be a good neighbor! Here’s another thing, don’t let your house get all trashed and trashy looking. Keep things clean, sweep your sidewalks, porches and patios, and pick up garbage that accidentally gets strewn across the road or your driveway on trash pick-up day. Don’t let your front or your back yard get crummy looking and long in the tooth as far as your lawn is concerned, take a little bit of pride of ownership. I tend to take a walk in the morning and in the evening in my neighborhood, I also work full time, so it really pays to have a great rapport with my neighbors, and be aware of what’s going on in the neighborhood when I go for my walks. The majority of the people in my neighborhood exercise at or about the same time I do, so that is always helpful for chatting and brief socializing.

Keep the house and gardens clean and neat

Even if you are only renting a place, try to keep it as clean and as neat as if you owned it. Act like you care about the property and the neighborhood and the people in it. Avoid fighting with your neighbors if you can help it, whether it is over a stupid driving maneuver they pulled, or over them using your trash bin on trash day. If you are only renting, let it slide, because it isn’t worth a hassle if it is something minor, and you won’t be staying there long anyway. Avoid doing stupid things like covering a visible window with foil to block the light, these behaviors attract negative attention, and conjecture, which can and will lead to problems. Why in the hell would you cover a window with foil in the first place? That is not necessary in the modern grow room.  You need to think like a nosy neighbor, or a cop, if the truth has to be told.

When is a free marijuana seed not just good, but better?

Free is better when it is a freebie that has a high quality and a proven track record; and established productivity capability. Swag is everywhere, depending on what you want to buy, and how badly that vendor wants to sell it to you.  Unfortunately for the consumer, most swag is of negligible quality and consistency, but that is not the case not with free marijuana seeds.  So it isn’t just free marijuana seeds, it is much better than just a cheap freebie.

Free marijuana seeds are not swag, they are the real thing

Swag basically means stuff that is free, but not of a good quality. Sure, we have all heard the stories, you buy a $500.00 dollar home sound system, or a $700.00 Pc, and you get a cheap pair of gardening gloves, or a really lame hood ornament.  At least they could have given you a $25.00 gift certificate to your favorite grocery store. If that kind of swag sounds a little bit funky, it is. In this economy, people need to be scrapping for your dollars, or they can go out of business.  Lucky for all of us involved, the medical marijuana seed companies are fighting hard for your business. What that amounts to for you, the customer is some very good swag indeed, in the form of the free marijuana sample seeds they give out.

Put all that competition for your bucks to good use when you  buy your marijuana seeds

Put all of that competition amongst the marijuana seed companies to good use for you and your marijuana growing program.  Get real selective, both about the seeds you pay for, and the seeds that you get as free samples.  Cruise the different web sites, and see how their offerings stack up against the next guys.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions of these seed sites, no matter how big they are. Ask them if you can get all your freebies in one strain type. The worst they can say is no. And you will still get your freebies. Ask them what their upcoming specials in free marijuana seeds are, and how long it will take them to switch up. Can’t find what you want at one site? Go to another site and do some price comparing there, and checking out their free seeds.  Really, it is up to you to be a good seed shopper, no one will hold your hand through this, so buckle down and get busy.

How to germinate your free marijuana seeds

Let’s talk a little bit about those valuable genetics that you paid well for, the correct way(s) to germinate them, and the correct ways to get them going.  Here’s another thing you need to remember, keep your hands clean! Do not touch or handle your seeds without clean hands, if you are a smoker (tobacco) you need to wash your hands after each time you smoke and before you touch your seeds, your plants, and your bud. Tobacco is akin to a poison (for both plants and people) and you need to avoid contact with your plants if you have smoked and not washed your hands. Really, you can kill your seeds and plants by exposing them to the tobacco on your fingers.  Along with every aspect of the grow, when dealing with your seeds, you have to have clean space, and clean hands. Failure to follow these basic steps will ensure that you get a problem, either immediately, or down the road.

Clean workspace and clean hands for your free marijuana seeds

Like every other aspect of your marijuana grow, keep all surfaces and tools (including hands) sparkly clean, before during and after handling your seeds. Anti-bacterial soaps are a great way to go for everything. Now that you have the whole cleanliness thing worked out, make sure that you have all of the items you need for germinating your seeds at hand and ready to go.  For our first germinating method, the things you will need are a shot glass (clear glass please, and more than one if you have more than one strain you are germinating) a bottle of mineral water at room temperature, a sharpie pen and some tape to write on, preferably masking tape. You will also need some opaque plastic cups that will fit nicely over the shot glass, the darker the color of the plastic cup, the better.  Label the glass with whichever seeds you will be putting into it, and then pour 1.5 inches of water into that glass.  Go ahead and drop the seeds that correspond to the label into that glass. They should initially float, and that is fine. Now you place the shot glass in a clean, quiet place in an area that has a constant heat of 65 to 75 degrees. Cover the shot glass with your plastic cup. Your seeds need to be in the dark when they germinate in the “pre-soak” method.