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Amsterdam Flame has great leaves and buds. Grows awesomely in hydroponics setups. Can very easily be flowered. The seeds arrive and bud almost instantly. This ganja is very resistant to pests. This weed is considered to be very easy. This strain is quite easy for the indoor grower. Amsterdam Flame has great leaves and buds. This strain of weed should have won many Cannabis cups. This strain is known to yield beautiful yields. Tons of awesome harvests have been found with Amsterdam Flame. Can be awesome for late harvesting. Amsterdam Flame can be great for late harvesting. Many harvests have been produced from this strain. Growing indoor or outdoor, this type can be very easily done. Interesting smell. Vegetating Amsterdam Flame can be just plain fun. Fantastic to grow for a novice. Amsterdam Flame is said to contain a large amount of THC. Grows well in hydroponic setups. Many harvests have been produced from this strain. This type has green leaves and buds. Tons of fantastic harvests have been found with Amsterdam Flame. Grows awesomely in hydroponics setups. Grows awesomely in hydroponic setups. This weed is very resistant to pests. Amsterdam Flameis a considerably popular strain of marijuana. Amsterdam Flame is considered to be very potent. This variety can be great for late harvesting. Vegetating Amsterdam Flame can be just plain fun.

What exactly is hash, and what does it have to do with marijuana?

Hashish is made from the marijuana bud or flower, and certain portions of the leaves.  Hash is considered a “preparation’ of the marijuana plant, and the production of hash comes in many different techniques. Basically the way hash is created is to collect and compress the stalked resin glands of the marijuana flower, and close basal leaves. These stalked resin glands are typically called trichromes, and they contain all of the same active ingredients as the marijuana flower or bud, when they are compressed into hashish, those properties are magnified enormously.  Hashish, due to the fact that it comes from a very resinous portion of the marijuana plant is most often a paste, or slightly malleable resin. It can come in many different colors, depending on the colors inherent in the mother plants and their buds.

A brief scoop on the history of hash

Hashish has a history as ancient as that of marijuana, and is more prolific in the Middle East (western Asia) than it was in other European cultures. Since the knowledge of the medicinal and recreational properties of marijuana dates back thousands of years, it is probable that the same historical time frame applies to the hashish product.  As long ago as two thousand years, farmers and growers on the Indian continent were creating and furthering marijuana strains specific to the production of hashish, many of which are the forerunners of some of the most potent strains of marijuana in the world today.  The history of the cultivation and use of marijuana, and subsequently marijuana plants considered ideal for producing hashish is a very ancient history indeed.

The best nutrients and amendments for your free pot seeds are not always the most expensive

While we are on the topic of nutrients and amendments, or fertilizers, let’s talk prices. Do not be tempted to run out and buy the most expensive nutes out there at the drop of a hat. There are plenty of amendments and nutes on the market, and some of the less expensive ones are every bit as good as the pricey ones. What you want to look for is how the nutrients and amendments are made, what their NPK breakdowns are, and whether or not they come in the best form for you to use on your marijuana plants.

Liquid or crystal for my marijuana nutrients?

I am a very big proponent of liquid fertilizers and nutes for the marijuana grow. Nutrients in liquid suspension get to the roots and rhizomes more quickly, are absorbed by plant structures more rapidly and effectively, and in general are less of a hassle. There are slow release nutrients that I will mix into a soil, but in general I stick to the liquids. I do not recommend top feeding a marijuana plant unless in case of an emergency. Top feeding, is scratching the dry amendment into the top half inch of soil or substrate and is a hit or miss proposition, better avoided. If you have a plant health emergency, go ahead and mix up the correct liquid doses, and treat the plant thusly.

How are your potential nutrients being manufactured?

For the most part, you don’t want to ingest junk and toxic chemicals, (no matter what the dilute is) into your system; the same can be said for your marijuana plants. Everything your pour into them will come back out in your bud, and the smoke thereof, so think about that. I know that Miracle Grow can be a great product, but every plant I have ever smoked that had Miracle grow as a part of its’ treatment had an incredibly harsh smoke. There are a lot of non-organic chemicals in Miracle Grow, so if you have to use it, use it very sparingly.  There are hundreds of nutrient manufacturers who use completely organic and naturally occurring minerals and compounds in their product, use them. Take the Tim e to do some research, and you will find the stuff you need, at the levels you need them in.

The anticipation is building, but give those free marijuana seeds some space

Okay, we are having a string of successes here, but you aren’t really sure about that, because nothing is popping. Rest assured, it will soon. On or about day three, if your soils are warm enough, and your lights are pumping out the significant lumens, you should start seeing some interesting activity. Not necessarily a seedling, but maybe some soil starting to hump and mound ever so slightly. If you can’t even see that, be patient. Depending on the strain, marijuana seeds can take as long as 7 days to germinate I have seen marijuana seeds shut down because they were planted in soil that was not warm enough, and then 15 days later, they started popping up because they finally go the soil temperature they were craving. Different pot seeds need different things, this is not a uniform process, and it is nature at work. Be patient.  At this point many people choose to have the potential seedling under a humidity dome, but I do not. I have never seen that it made a difference in either the speed of the germination process or the overall health of the seedling once it had popped, so no, I do not use them.

The first thing you will see will look like a little white alien but relax; it’s only your pot plant

Once this intriguing little character has reared its little head above the soil, go ahead and move the cup with the seedling into the “nursery” portion  of your grow room This are needs to have a 15 to 18 hour light cycle with the commensurate darker cycle following. Make sure again that the lights are not so close that they can do damage, seedlings at this stage are extremely fragile, and prone to external factors. Your nursery needs to be CLEAN, with a good source of fresh air, and plenty of space from seedling cup to seedling cup. As your seedlings continue to pop, be moving them into the nursery as soon as they do. One of the things you will see in this phase is the sprout (yes, it is literally a sprout, akin to a bean sprout, that’s why it looks like an alien) will be stretching up and out, and trying to shake off its little seed cap. Yes, that little brown round thing at the very top of the sprout.

How did all the free weed seed gimmicks and gimmees evolve?

The pot seed sites and weed seed dealers do not operate out of a vacuum, as it were. Market pressures have affect at every level in the marijuana breeding and seed breeding business, and the market pressures in the pot seed industry basically indicate two different things: 1) A great marijuana product can be had. And 2) these great marijuana products are significantly expensive. While I have been around long enough to believe you get what you pay for, the prices can be mind boggling. $125.00 for 5 feminized seeds? Wow, that is a lot of money, especially when there is often no germination guarantee, or replacement policy; and it isn’t even the most expensive stuff out there. Yes, pricing was definitely getting way out of hand.

Since the cost of marijuana seeds was so high, seed breeders started to throw in extras

In the mid to late nineties, seed purchases began to drop off. Not significantly, but enough for the industry to sit up and take notice. There were a host of issues affecting the drop-off in seed purchases, but the overriding factor was the astonishing cost of it all. Several of the big foreign seed breeders got together and discussed this market factor, and two things arose out of it, they agreed to stop raising prices for a set amount of time, and 2) they all agreed to start throwing in free seeds. As I indicated before, that was a while ago, but now the free seeds are the standard policy for almost all of the seed companies; which is in all ways good for the customers and consumers. Since you and I are the customers in these equations, we are now officially happy campers.

Take all the advantage you can of free marijuana seed offers

Since it is basically an industry-wide practice, it is time for you the consumer to get bust comparing and contrasting, and making sure you are getting everything you want on both your free and tour pay for seeds. How fun to shop for two things at once, your free ganja seeds come courtesy of the ones you pay for, make them complement one another. Don’t like what one site is offering in freebies? Then go to another site. It is just that easy. Some sites offer more, some offer less and that changes from week to week, or month to month. Monitor those changes.