Grow room basics for your free marijuana seed grow, let’s talk about floors

Guess what, your floors are considered a surface of your grow room. Don’t believe it? Listen to this. 35% to 40% of all your lovely lumens are lost over the edges and verges of your grow room. Where does all of that light spill off to? That is right, onto the floor.  To explain to all of you how light bends would take about twenty pages and a lot more time than I or you have, so just take my word for it. So how do we capture and re-focus all of that light that has dropped onto the floor?  Treat your floor as one of the imperative surfaces of the grow room. That’s right, treat the floor as a reflective surface. With the floor, it is probably better if you paint it, and do not try to lay reflective material down on it.

Have you ever seen your marijuana plants bud from top to bottom at the same time?

Well you will. No, I did not believe it could happen, but when I finally broke down and painted the grow room floor with a white paint that has a very high aluminum oxide base, I was amazed by my results come the flowering phase.  With a highly reflective material hanging off of the walls, and a floor painted a bright, bright white my marijuana plants were budding off of every node and interstice they possibly could. There was so much bud coming off of them I was happy I had vegetated them so sturdily, but despite all their strength, toward the end of the flowering cycle, the top five inches of every single plant, along with all of the major side branches were just drooping with the weight of all of that bud. Because they were budding so darn hard, I let them go in the flowering phase two weeks longer than I would have. I learned a lesson on that grow all of those years ago, and what a great lesson it was.  The higher the quality of the reflective material you use on your grow room surfaces, including your floor, the better bud production you will choose.

The best lights for your marijuana grows

So once again we are looking at a topic that has a lot of differing opinions swirling around it. You know, opinions are great, but do not mistake them for fact. The best lights, HANDS DOWN for your marijuana grow are HID. There are no alternatives to this fact. HID stands for High Intensity Discharge and that is what you want. The more light you give your marijuana plants, the better their production is in terms of healthy and strong vegetating, and healthy and strong flowering. Sure, I have tried other types of lights, and always came back to HID. I once started a grow under a different lighting system and switched to HID within three weeks. The growth rate and speed under the different lighting system was terrible, and I am too busy to waste my time on that. I sold the lights on craigslist two days later at about one third of what I paid for them. One lives and learns. There is no comparison, and no light out there yet that can compete with HID. There are plenty of testimonials that say a certain type of fluorescent or incandescent is better, but those are probably people paid to write that stuff. Go HID, or go home. With the technology that has come around in the last 10 years or so, they use far less energy, and burn a lot less hot. These are all good things for the indoor marijuana grower.

Figuring out optimum lighting for your marijuana growing space

So let’s say that your grow space is 4 feet by 5 feet. To get your square footage, multiple 4 by 5, to come out with a square footage of 20 square foot. Since the optimum amount of lumens per square foot at is around 6000 to 8000 per square foot, let’s figure out what you need in a light in order to get that ratio.  A 600 watt lamp puts out about 90,000 lumens, so divide that number by your square footage. The amount is 4,500, so it is best to put two 600 watt lamps in the marijuana grow space. Remember, these are averages, every light is different.

The truly free weed seeds

There are a lot of ways to get free marijuana seeds, you just have to settle down and approach the project of obtaining your free seeds with a clear mind, and an attitude of patience. This will be a purchase that should last you years, not days, and you need to focus that kind of attention on the selection process.

Feeling a little short on cash for your marijuana seeds shopping?

Some of the best free seeds I have ever gotten came from bags of good weed. If a friend, or myself had a bag of good ganja, I always culled as many seeds as I could get.  Although not necessarily free, especially if I was paying for the weight of the seeds in the bag, you do get the picture. If you are going to dig around in a friend’s bag, ASK FIRST! Do not assume that he or she is willing to have you rummaging around in their stash; they may have wanted those seeds for themselves.  Please exhibit some common courtesy and ethics when obtaining your free weed seeds from a friend. Your need to start a decent marijuana growing program should not short- circuit your manners.

Make note of the characteristics of your free pot seeds.

This is a great idea, whether you are actually getting your free seeds from friends and relatives, or from a seed site. Whatever the case may be, once you have gotten your seeds, bag them up in a small baggie and make a note as to the characteristics of the high of each set of seeds. It will help you to remember why it was that you saved those seeds in the first place, instead of a month down the line you pulling out a bag with 5 seeds in it, and drawing a complete blank as to the quality of the weed they came from.  So take notes on the qualities of the weed that you have gotten seeds from. It will help in the long run, especially if you are having some problems remembering things.  There are marijuana seed banks out there, but they do not exist in every community, and they are a little bit less than legal in most states. A Marijuana seed bank is a seed cooperative, basically, and they offer free seeds to those who want to trade in seeds, or some other form of non-monetary payment.