The pre-soak method of germinating your free marijuana seeds

After you have placed your precious ganja seeds in the mineral water to soak, you need to leave them in a room that is quiet, relatively dust free, and stays at a constant room temperature. Here’s another tip, once you have all your seeds germinating quietly away, make sure you can close the door to the room they are in, and turn off the light. Once again, light is not a good thing during this phase, whether it is from the sum, or a 60 watt bulb. Keep the lights off.  If you cannot afford mineral water, once again you can use tap water, but make sure it is allowed to sit for at least 30 hours before you use it, that way the chlorine and other nasty stuff leaches out of the tap water.  Also make sure that the room or area you are using will stay at a constant and warm temperature, I know lots of people who will germinate their seeds by placing the glass on the water heater. That ensures steady and constant warmth, just what your marijuana seeds ordered.

Hurry up and wait on those marijuana seeds

You need to allow the seeds 24 to 30 hours at this point in their development. They are going to focus on absorbing water and air as much as they can from their warm little baths. Let them do that uninterrupted. Try not to touch them or disturb them for the next 30 hours. I know that you are crazy eager to see them, and watch them, but just leave them alone. Go find something to do for a few days, or a day and a night. After 30 or so hours, you can go into the room and turn on the light, take the plastic cups off of them, and see what they are doing.  One of the first things you should notice is that the seeds will have sunk to the bottom. If only some of them have sunk to the bottom, take a clean and sterile utensil, and gently stir the water. Quite often a bubble that you cannot see will have stuck to the floating seeds, by stirring them gently; you release the bubble, and will see the seed gently float to the bottom. If it doesn’t, be patient, cover everything back up again, and wait another 8 to ten hours.

How does this free marijuana seed thing work?

How it works is very simple; the weed seed web sites want your business, and they want it very badly. There is an enormous amount of competition out there, and the genetics are all pretty top-shelf, with some notable exceptions. Put this competition to work for you.

Read the ratings from Marijuana Growers

Many of the weed-seed sites allow room at the bottom of a descriptive page (describing the qualities of the Marijuana you are looking at) for people who have purchased that strain to do a review on that particular strain. Pay attention to these.  While you may have to “weed” through a lot of stoner speak, you may also get some coherent reviews that talk about the qualities and growing cycles of that strain. Pay attention, whether you are a newbie marijuana grower, or a seasoned veteran.

Free weed seeds, is it just swag?

Marijuana seed sites are prepared to offer a lot of swag in order to get your business, both initially, and as repeat customers. Insist that the swag you get is free seeds. These free seeds will be every bit as high quality as the seeds you paid for, and they can easily become a cornerstone of your genetics program or breeding program.  Of all the free seeds I have received from marijuana seed sites, my sprout ratio hovered at about 80%, and the potency of the plant that came from the free seeds was always excellent.  I noticed that the seed sites had a limit on how many free seeds they would give; for example I got the same amount of free seeds from them if I ordered 300 dollars’ worth of seeds, as I would get from them if I ordered $200.00 worth of seeds.  You guessed it, I got clever, I would split my orders in half and space them out over a two or three week period, thus ensuring I was hauling in the freebies along with the non-freebies. If I timed it right, I could get all the same freebies from each order, thus doubling my chances at propagation success with the freebies I received.  The free seeds are a marketing strategy designed to make you buy more seeds at one time, and it has been such a popular offer that I’m pretty sure it’s here to stay.  So, boot up, get yourself ready, do a little research, then go on out there and get them!

Lights for your marijuana grow, let’s get real technical

Now we are going to get pretty darn technical, and explain some stuff that you need to know. When lighting marijuana grow room, you are trying to imitate the intensity and coverage of the sun in said grow room. Depending on the part of the country you are in, the sun at high noon in summer pumps out between 8000 and 10,000 lumens per square foot. These figures are based on a whole lot of environmental factors, so please accept them as averages, and not absolutes.

What precisely is a lumen, and how does it matter for my cannabis grow?

A lumen is a basic measurement of visible light, which does not translate into usable light. A lumen of usable light is a base measurement of how much light can be used to make chlorophyll by that marijuana plant. Chlorophylls are the most basic building blocks for a plants growth and capacity to grow, the plant manufactures chlorophyll through a chemical process within the plant that converts light into a growth substance. Sort of amazing in a very plant-like way. Subsequently, the more light, the healthier, bigger, and stronger your plant will grow. That is why it is so imperative to give your indoor marijuana grows all the light they can possibly handle, and then some. There is almost no such thing as too much light in the grow room, although finances and heat stability might limit that factor. It might make sense to use a mixture of HID lights and some of the higher end LED lights in order to introduce a lot of light into t grow room, without the commensurate heat and drying out issues.

LED’s as a secondary light source in the marijuana grow room

Some of the LED’s work well as a secondary system in a predominantly HID system. They burn cooler than the HID’s, and offer a slightly wider spectrum of available light for your baby marijuana plants.  I do not recommend them as a sole light source, rather as an additional source to your HID lights. Yes, I will use LED’s as an adjunct to HID lights, but never as a main lighting source. There are a couple of really good ones out there, I do recommend the 600 watt LED lamp from the Grow Goddess as  a great additional lighting source for the grow room.

Marijuana Stuff: How hash is actually made

There are many different ways to separate these stalked resin glands, or trichromes form the mother plant, different groups and enterprises approach it from various angles. One of the most important aspects of manufacturing hash is to make sure that your marijuana buds or flowers and the leaves that will go into the production of the hashish are dry. A certain level of dryness in the mother plant is essential for the trichromes to be able to separate properly, and as completely as possible. Most harvesting techniques for hash involve a sieve or a screen and a methodology of shaking the buds for a long time in order to separate the trichromes from the plant material, and have them fall through the screen. Another important part of the hash manufacturing process is to not allow pieces of the flower or the leaves that the trichromes are being harvested form to fall into the pile of trichromes that is considered an impurity, and should be avoided. What that means for the hash maker is to have a screen fine enough to allow the trichromes to fall through, and nothing else.

The different grades and types of Hashish

Hash comes in a variety of colors, forms, and oils. Different colors and consistencies can indicate how the hash was manufactured, or where it may have been manufactured. Certain types of hash, that have specific names refer to the hashish manufacturing process, more so than actually being made in the places the names suggest.  For example, Lebanese blonde refers to a hashish color, and not so much the fact that it was made in Lebanon.  Hash oils are created through a heating process that actually breaks the structure of the trichromes, rendering them incapable of forming a solid nugget, or cube, thus it is referred to as hash oil.  Whatever the color or moderate variation in consistency of the hash, when fresh; hash should be a slightly pliable resin that is smoked in a pipe, a hookah, or sprinkled and flaked onto a cigarette, or a joint. As hashish ages, it loses pliability and density, becoming lighter and more brittle as it matures.  One good way to keep your hash fresh and viable is to wrap it up tightly plastic wrap, or a plastic container, put that into a brown bag, and store it in your refrigerator. That will slow or stop the aging process, as long as your wrap or container is tight and secure.

Free seeds are just good fiscal sense

With the cost of the high end marijuana seeds escalating daily, and a seeming buzz around every newest strain that rolls out (remember strawberry cough?) it might seem a little bit difficult to  sort out all the strains, and sort out the finances required to obtain those genetic resources. That’s why the free seed offers from almost every weed -seed -site out there are such an excellent deal, for both your pocketbook and your breeding program. The free seeds that are offered are no slouches, they are excellent genetics offered for free in order to get you to pump up the dollar amount of your order.  So in the literal sense of the word they are not free, but in the reality of the project, they are free.  So take advantage while you can.  Do a little bit of research into the free seeds being offered by the different seed companies, are they the seeds you want? Do they have the qualities and medicinal characteristics you are looking for, and do you have a good idea about how they will grow, or what the free seed types need in a grow? Believe me; it does differ, from strain to strain, and seed to seed.  Do the freebies mesh with the grow you are planning? Think about these things, they all matter, and should have a great deal of influence on the seeds and free seeds that you obtain.  Different seed companies are offering different types of deals on their free seeds, take the time to check each one out, and compare the value of the free offering.  It has become an art just selecting your free seeds, every bit as careful and cautious as picking out the ones that you pay for, so take your time and does it right.