Free Marijuana Seeds Double your Potential Yield

Here’s a fun exercise. While planning your marijuana grow and you are selecting the ganja seeds and strains that you want, try to work out your marijuana seed order and purchases so that you are getting the absolute most amount of free weed seed you can possibly get.  Really, shop not just for your “pay for marijuana seeds” but also shop for the freebies. There are a couple of ways to do it, so pay attention.

Free marijuana seeds, let’s get shopping

The marijuana seed breeders want your business, and they want it very dearly. In the last 10 years there has begun to be a level of market saturation into the weed seed industry (which is a good thing for the consumer). It forces the marijuana seed companies and breeders to start rolling out the more competitive pricing and swag offers, while you as the potential client get to sit back and compare those offers.  It is about time that something good came out of the pricey weed seed business. Free cannabis weed seeds in high quantities is one of those things.  Before you buy your marijuana seeds, check out all of the competing offers!

The marijuana seeds offerings change, so pay attention

Really, every week at least ten of the big marijuana seed retailers swaps up their free marijuana seeds offers. Some of the deals are just amazing! No more than two months ago, through a certain seed retailing company, if you purchased $200.00 of marijuana seeds, you could get 15 free feminized marijuana seeds. I don’t care what anybody says because that is an astonishing deal.  My sprout ratio was very high and I was impressed with the quality if the product that came off of all of the free marijuana seeds.

The marijuana free seeds and other freebies are the good stuff

I was so impressed in fact that I kept one as a mother for the next season of marijuana growing. She is so potent and lovely that I am planning on cloning her also, and maybe breeding one of her close back to a healthy female. That is an enormous kudos for the quality of the genetics inherent in the free marijuana seeds. So I haven’t just doubled my yield off of the free marijuana seeds, I have actually quadrupled or quintupled my yield and that is all good for me.  I was able to start a whole new line in my marijuana breeding program, for which I am extremely happy.

How to grow your marijuana outdoors

Do not be scared off of growing marijuana outdoors as long as you have the right set-up to attempt an outdoor grow. Most parts of North America are fine to do an outdoor grow in weather wise, generally we experience enough of a growing season to grow outdoors, with some fine-tuning necessary in certain areas.  I have been known to place an entire grow indoors that was started too late, they stayed warm and happy, while budding like mad due to the decrease in daylight hours.  Always select a spot that gets a lot of early morning sun, along with a steady source of breeze and circulation. Late afternoon sun, depending on where you live can be a little overwhelming for younger pot plants, so be aware of where the late afternoon sun falls. I like to keep my plants in big pots in my outdoor grows; it helps enable me to move them around if I need to, and is great in case of an emergency. Instead of having to rip up my plants out of the ground in case of a scare, I can just stash them somewhere where they aren’t so obvious.

When growing outdoors, your marijuana plants need a minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight, and more is better

Because natural sunlight is so much more intense than indoor lamps in most parts of the country, a minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight is recommended as a minimum amount of light for the outdoor grows. More is better, and will result in an increase in bud production, but 6 hours is ample. Obviously toward the end of the season, when they are flowering, they will be getting less sunlight, but that is the point, isn’t it? It is absolutely important to put your plants underneath the all-important foliage of a large tree, but you will want to trim the tree so that the “dappled sunlight” effect is even and consistent across the area of the marijuana grow.  Even in dappled direct sunlight, marijuana plants can and will thrive, so make use of those camouflaging trees and plants.  Make sure you grow in a place that has high and sturdy fences, well-behaved neighbors, and a lack of burrowing, and therefore very destructive critters. Gopher-proofing may be essential in your grow area, so give some gopher-proofing techniques some thought.

Free Marijuana Seeds Abound, You Just Have to Know Where to Look

It has become an industry-wide standard for the big (and little) marijuana seed companies to offer free seeds, usually feminized; to customers who purchase a certain dollar, or euro, or yen amount per order. While it may seem like a come-on, it is actually excellent marijuana marketing -ploy, and a huge weed bonus for the customer; which means you. Besides, what could be better than free marijuana seeds for your money?

Take advantage of the competition for your money when you buy marijuana seeds

The marijuana seed companies are competing very aggressively for our hard earned jingle, (that would be cash, for those of you who didn’t know) and sometimes they get into “free-seed wars” with each marijuana seed retailer trying to outcompete one another in the number of free ganja seeds they will give you, and the quality of those free weed seeds. Big industry names (re: the latest “big deal” marijuana strain as a freebie) are a huge draw for the potential client, so again, you can score some great free marijuana strain just for buying from the right ganja seed bank. Check each marijuana site out carefully to make sure the marijuana seed freebies they are giving are actually something you want.

The “weed seed” wars can benefit you

Let these “marijuana seed wars “work for you, after all, the marijuana seed business is a multi-million dollar industry; the least they can do is to give you some marijuana freebies along with your pricey “pay-for” weed seeds. Be aware of the quality marijuana reviews that spin around the different weed seed sites, some of them have consistently low ratings, there is definitely a reason for that. Many are the tales we have all heard about someone shelling out big money for marijuana seeds, and never actually receiving them.

A few cautions when buying marijuana seeds

Also, be aware of incredibly low-priced marijuana seeds, (in the marijuana strain that you are actually paying for), more often than not it is too old to be readily viable, and may not be the type you think you paid for. There are people out there who do nothing but rank these marijuana seed sites based on their customer service and product quality but be careful because some of these marijuana review sites are owned by the big marijuana seed sellers themselves. There are rating sites that are operated independently – Go find them! All in all, your marijuana seed purchase should be like anything else you drop big money on, a careful evaluation of the options out there before committing to anything.

Free marijuana sample seeds

What precisely are the free marijuana sample seeds offered by the major seed selling companies? They are a huge gimmee, designed to get you to buy your “pay for” seeds from one or another seed site. The seed companies and sellers are trying to guarantee a minimum order level, or more, and they are trying to create a brand loyalty in their customers.

The Marijuana seed companies want your business

Whether you think of your free ganja seeds as samples, or the backbone of your burgeoning empire of medical marijuana production, the thing to do first is to get them. In order to get tem you need to know what you want in your strains, and know how much you want to spend in order to get those free marijuana seeds. Like anything else you spend good money on, your pot seed selections should be the product of research and knowledge, not a rush or rash decision.

The free bud seeds want to be all they can be, let them.

When I first started out, I was relying heavily on the free seeds as being the shooting stars of my breeding program. I was getting genetics (one at a time) that far exceeded the quality of the marijuana seeds I was able to pay for. I started a breeding program after my second grow, selecting the most exemplary males and females from both the free marijuana seed I had received, and the “pay for” seed I had been buying. After about two tries, I hit it big with a cross I had worked out years in advance. Take this kind of advantage of your free ganja seeds. If you get a male out of some of your free seeds, put him in a constant light cycle and do not let him flower until you are ready to breed him to an excellent female. Think ahead, people. Be prepared for some of your free feminized seeds to turn male, and optimize that occurrence.

Increase the quality and productivity of your pot plants through breeding.

If some of the free marijuana seeds that you got with your order promise to be bud production monsters, take advantage of that. Once your free seeds have turned into lovely young vegetative greenies, clone all of them. Don’t take more than 3 or four clones off of a three month old plant, but do clone every one of your freebies. Your production rates will thank you.

Free ganja seeds, the way to start if you are a total newbie

First things first, all you breeder beginners, get you genetics in place! Think about what you want as an end result in your product, and start looking at seeds that will provide you those characteristics. If you are a newbie, I have some suggestions.

The ganja seed strain description pages

Remember that this is not an inexpensive process, whether you are growing outdoor or indoor. All of the major pot seed companies have what are called “strain description pages” which offer the newbie or the old hand a chance to have a look at the genetics they are interested in. Pay attention to these pages, they will impart a lot of knowledge and information. For example; the basic genetic structure of your free ganja seeds should be spelled out pretty well in these description pages. Although the individual breeders are not going to give away all of their breeding tricks, here should be enough basic knowledge about a pot plants genetic make-up to make an informed decision about whether or not you want those characteristics in your grow. If you are looking for some serious skunk with a little bit of Himalayan Gold thrown in, you will be able to find it. Just check the seed strain descriptive pages.

Free weed seed description pages, can I actually grow that pot strain?

Another nice thing the strain description pages will offer is a very brief primer that will indicate what that strain needs in a grow, or the grower. If you see a blurb on a strain description page that says “not recommended for beginners”, and you are not an experienced grower; stay away from it. Seriously, there is no point in paying for something that you will not be able to bring to fruition. You are wasting your money and time, not to mention stressing yourself out enormously. Start with some ganja seeds that indicate they are an easy grower, or something that is very forgiving. Get more experience before trying a very fussy strain; don’t sink your growing or breeding programs before they even get started.

Raising your free pot seeds is an exercise in patience and research

Strain description pages are the place to start that research. Patience is something you have to learn. Believe me, once you get started growing your green marijuana girlies, you will acquire patience. Make sure that you are growing the qualities you want in your cannabis program.