Are Free Weed Seeds really free?

Well, the answer to that is yes and no. Sound a little confusing? It isn’t.  The majority of the free seeds out there come with a slight catch; you have to buy a certain amount of seeds in order to get your freebies. But, you were going to buy seeds anyway, right?  How many other vendors of high quality items offer these kinds of bonuses? Very few.

Yes, they are free marijuana seeds, just for you

So yes, they are free, and that is all good for you and your bank account; not to mention your potential profits. A realistic appraisal of why you went into this business has to be based on profits, so a free weed seed is a very good deal.  If you are a savvy business person, and I am going to assume that you are, these free seeds are just that, FREE! Whether you grow for just yourself, or if you are a big-time producer in the Medical Marijuana field, there is no reason to reject a free seed, and you can just try them out to see if they will actually produce something useable for you.  Even if they don’t yield the characteristics you were specifically looking for, they are product, if you know what I mean.

Yes, they are free marijuana seeds, just for you

So yes, marijuana free seeds are really free, when you look at it from the standpoint that you were going to buy some seeds anyway.  Take your time in the selection process, the offerings of marijuana freebies can be just as confusing as the offerings in the seeds that you pay for, make sure the freebies being offered are what you actually want. Don’t like the freebies one site has? Go to another site. Mix and match, be a clever shopper, and above all, don’t be tempted to overspend on the budget you have for your seeds. Make all these free ganja seed offers work for you and your pocketbook. Set an exact budget, and stick to that, let your budget reflect your status as a newbie grower, don’t spend too much money on something you may not be able to bring to fruition. Don’t be overly influenced by the “fad” seeds that sweep in , and then right back out like a summer storm.  So yes, free weed seeds are truly free, which is not something you can say about most things in life.  Start shopping now!

There is no substitute for the sun in the marijuana grow

This is just plain fact. And an honest appeal to either do an outdoor grow, or to at least incorporate the naturally occurring sunshine that falls all around you into your grow. Stealth in the back yard is a relatively easy thing, as long as you have nice high fences or walls, and lots of shrubbery, trees or grasses in your yard. I have had a cop standing within 6 feet of one of my plants in my back yard. He was looking for it and could not find it. I finally had to point it out to him. Yes, it was a part of a legal grow, and no I was not in trouble for it, it was just amazing to me that he could not find it. He was pretty shocked himself. If you live in an area that is removed from other people, that is all the better. I cannot stress enough these basic facts, do not talk about your grow, and do not go out and plant three hundred plants in your back yard.

Incorporate natural sunlight into your indoor marijuana grow

It can be done, and done safely.  Set up your light cycles appropriately. My grow rooms always incorporate light weight removable panels. At the same time every day I will remove at least three of the panels so that I can incorporate light from the outside from the large sliding glass windows and doors I have throughout the grow room. My walls and fences are extremely high, and I have no neighbors with 2nd story homes nearby. I also live in a nice area, with all of the fencing and gating appropriate for being a stealth grower that just looks like a nice home in a nice area. I am always home when I do this, so if need be, I can close the blinds or shut doors quickly and effectively. I like doing this when I turn the fans on my grow, it’s both a nice way to dissipate heat and add more full-spectrum light to the marijuana grow room.  My plants have thrived due to these techniques. Before you plan on doing something like this in your indoor marijuana grow, make sure you are safe enough to do it! I cannot stress that enough. If you do not have the safety protocols in place that I do, do not attempt it. There’s nothing worse than being busted by the gas company’s meter reader.