Your most excellent marijuana grow room that you built

So you have your basic diagram in mind, and you are ready to get started building up the walls of your grow room. You have made all of the decisions about reflective materials, marijuana seeds and grow mediums, you have determined how you want to build you wall structures and the best materials to use in that process, and you have your sizes and measurements down perfectly. You feel comfortable with building a series of free standing wall structures, or you have done it before, and this might be kids play. I am still going to give you some pointers for making that build just as easy as it can be, with a minimum of cost and hassle.

The interior walls of your grow room, where you will affix your reflective materials.

Some people use sheetrock for the interior surfaces of the grow room wall, and some people don’t use anything at all, they just hang the reflective material from the top 2×4 and tack it down onto the vertical 2×4’s with tape. I recommend neither of these approaches.  Sheetrock, although it presents a nice flat surface for the interior walls is a very heavy material, and not particularly easy to work with. Remember that as you build this grow room, you want to build it with an eye toward being able to disassemble with relative ease and quickness.  Sheetrock does not loan itself to rapid disassembly very easily.  I also do not recommend no interior surface walls at all, you do want a nice flat surface to evenly and easily attach your reflective materials to, or if you just want to paint it, you have to have a surface to paint.  Here’s a great alternative to sheetrock or nothing, try a heavy gauge or heavy thickness Styrofoam board.

This isn’t you grandmas Styrofoam that you are using in your marijuana grow room.

It is out there, you just have to do a little digging to find it. Heavy duty Styrofoam is used in all kinds of building applications, and it can be very durable, stiff, and resistant to damage. It also makes a great flat surface to affix your reflective materials to, or to paint.  It makes you walls extremely light when time comes to take them down, and store them. While not a very green material, it will last for a long time if well taken care of. I highly recommend you try it.

Worried that your info might get out if you order your pot seeds online? Don’t.

The weed seed sites always see to it that their customers are protected. They do not and will not disclose your information to anybody. As a matter of fact, they often destroy it. They want no part of anyone going after you for ordering marijuana seeds. There are no marijuana seed sites operating out of the US, because currently it is illegal. The majority of them operate out of countries that find American drug laws ludicrous for good reason, they are ludicrous. End of story.

Where do all of those seeds come from?

The majority of the weed seed sites operate out of Holland, England and Sweden. Canada used to have multitudes of them, but the shifting legalized marijuana climate changed that, and not for the better. Hopefully, Canada will start being able to beat back the negative attention focused so acutely on them as of late, and start offering an entire seed line again. Rumor has it that the Canadian pot seed businesses used to operate in complete legality; until the US started bringing pressure to bear on the legal system of Canada. Big Brother kind of stinks. Once again, it is wise to check out the laws of every country you are interested in ordering seeds from. Some of it is perfectly legal, some is not. Be careful. Often you can go online and check out the laws around the sale and distribution of marijuana seeds from any country. Don’t rely on information that an employee of any of the foreign companies tells you, it is in their best interests to sell you seeds, not to be truthful about the laws concerning their country.

Be prepared to go into this process with your eyes open

Here’s a cautionary tale. I had a friend order some seeds from a company based in Amsterdam. He got his seeds, but never received his freebies. When he was finally able to get through to someone via email about the lack of a full order, these were their words to him. “Sorry. We’ll send you your freebies the next time you order seeds from us”. A little bit of a shock, and no, he never ordered seeds from that company again. And they never sent him his free seeds. Again, check the reputations of the seed companies you are dealing with before you buy. There are independent rating sites out there, find them, and read carefully what they have to say. Watch your money like a hawk, and don’t let people rip you off. Complain. If that doesn’t work, complain again.

Information, tips and guide for Dutch Dragon

This strain of ganja should have won many Cannabis cups. It is said to contain a large amount of THC. Is awesome for quick harvesting. Dutch Dragon can be great for late harvesting. Is quite easy for the new grower. Is a very popular strain of pot. This weed is considered to be very strong. Many generations have been produced from this strain. This type can be great for late harvesting. Many harvests have been produced from this strain. The seeds arrive and bud almost instantly. Grows well in hydroponic setups. Can quite easily be vegetated. The seeds arrive and bud almost instantly. This variety grows great in soil. Can be awesome for early harvesting. Tons of great grows have been found with this strain. Interesting smell. Dutch Dragon has great leaves and buds. Is a hugely loved strain of pot. Growing indoor or outdoor, Dutch Dragon can be quite easily managed well in soil. This strain is known to have fantastic yields. This ganja has green leaves and buds. Interesting taste. Dutch Dragon is very resistant to pests. Vegetating Dutch Dragon can be just plain fun. Grows awesomely in hydroponic setups. This ganja has awesome leaves and buds. Growing indoor or outdoor, Dutch Dragon can be very easily managed. Vegetating Dutch Dragon can be just plain fun. Growing indoor or outdoor, this type can be very easily managed.

It takes money to make money in the Marijuana Grow World

Simple fact, whether you are in the medical marijuana business, or whether you are a stockbroker. No stock broker is going to advise caution on a blue chip stock, but in order to get into those blue chip stocks you have to have some scratch. Jingle, dough, bread, cash, scratch and the green, it all amounts to the same thing, money. Despite all the crazy press out there telling you can make money from nothing, the simple truth is that you can’t. So buckle yourself into your space-ship, we are going on a weed-seed exploratory flight.

“Free” ganja seeds are no different, nor should they be

The adage of having to have money to make money holds true in the cannabis seed world. Thankfully for all of us consumers, it holds true in a very lovely way. If you spend as little (or as much) as $100.00 on the “pay-for” seeds, you can realize a tiny cache of freebies that come with all the excellent pedigrees and quality you can imagine. If you don’t believe me, check out some of the marijuana seed sites and do some test shopping runs. They will allow you to do that, and it is fun to watch your free seed s start piling up as you meander through the atmosphere of marijuana seeds and their commensurate qualities and productivity levels. Keep an eye on what you are spending, and know when to stop, this can be addictive in a wishful sort of way, but don’t let it be. Here’s a little reminder, if you aren’t willing to spend at least $100.00 on the seeds you pay for, you might want to wait a while. $100.00 seems to be a nice magic number, even now, for at least cranking in a little batch of freebies. If you can’t afford it right now, don’t do it. Wait until you can.

Be prepared for your free pot seeds

Have your grow room and all the accoutrements ready for your marijuana seeds. Although ganja seeds store pretty well under most circumstances, the fresher the better. The fresher your seeds are the more stable they are growing, the better germination rate they have, and the higher the ease of growing. Some seeds are very persnickety to grow, and some are just outright fussy. Starting from the basic is always your best bet, so be ready to start your marijuana grow once you get the ganja seeds.

So your free ganja seeds are in their germinating soil, now what?

Okay, you got all of your seeds planted in their nice clean  cups, perched atop their heating mats that are keeping the soil nice and consistently warm for their weed seed germination process, what do you do at this juncture? You guessed it, bring on the light. Whether you are doing an indoor grow, or an outdoor one, it is now time to get the heavy duty light action going. AT this phase you want the lights on for 16 to 20 hours, and off for only four to six. You are convincing the seeds that now is the time, the more light, the better. DO NOT, however, do a constant light cycle, that is a mistake. Make sure that after your initial watering immediately after you planted the seeds that they still have at least one eighth of an inch of soil covering their rounded tops.   After their initial watering which immediately followed their transplant into the germinating soil, do not water again for at least 24 hours. Keep the soil and germinating chambers warm, keep the lights on for the recommended cycle, and not too close to the tops of the solo cups, and keep your hands off the watering can. Let these marijuana seed babies do their thing without being drowned. Yes, you can drown a seed, so take my advice, do not re-water again for at least 24 to 48 hours.

Watch the pot seed germinating process like a hawk.

No, this does not mean that you have to set up a camera in the grow room, although I know some people who have. Be patient, and if you have to water within 48 hours, do it with a spray mister, You do not want to disturb the soil on top of the seed, that is an important layer of soil for your pot seeds to have covering them. To test whether or not things are dry enough  to water in the pot seed germinating process, stick a toothpick about an inch into the soil (as far away from the seed as possible). If it comes out with soil clumped all over it, you are probably moist enough. If it comes out dry, go ahead and add a little bit of water from your misting or spray bottle.   Again, sit back and be patient with these seeds, they are busy in there, you just can’t see it.