Free Marijuana Seeds for a Grow

So you are a fledgling grower, and are taken aback by the prices of the quality genetics out there. Don’t be. What you see for sale in the high end seed sites is the end result of over forty years of careful and selective breeding, performed by people that know a lot more than you (or I) do about botany, biology and the industry. Take immediate and extreme advantage of these seeds and their genetic brilliance, and be prepared to drop some dollars to get your hands on this level of quality.

High quality marijuana bud has come a long way, a VERY long way

Some of these strains can blow your concept of reality right out the back of your head, and yes, they are meant to be that strong. Medical Marijuana strains are tailored by breeders to address certain pains or ailments, when ingested by the average smoker who isn’t sick; they are a powerful narcotic indeed. Whatever your reason for buying or breeding, rest assured, there is a strain out there perfect for you. Or maybe several strains.

Buy some marijuana seeds, get some good marijuana strains.

One way to approach the high prices of pot seeds is to make sure you purchase from a website that provides free weed seeds with every purchase. The freebies are every bit as exceptional in the quality of the high, and propagation stability; as the seeds you are actually paying for, so it’s best to start out with a significant purchase in the beginning, say at least 100 dollars.

Now for a tiny bit of realism regarding marijuana seeds

If you think $100.00 dollars is too much, honestly, maybe you should take a little bit if time, get a job, and think about whether or not this is the right time to be starting your grow. Don’t beat yourself up, just step back a few paces and see where you need to be in order to get started. If you can’t afford dropping $100.00 on some seeds, don’t get started just yet.  I am not trying to sound like an elitist, but doing the marijuana grows is not a cheap, or quick endeavor. That is the truth. Unless you are blessed to be living in a part of the country where you can just toss your seeds in some good soil in a pot and leave them outside (most of us don’t), you need to understand that a grow is an expensive project that requires patience and attention to detail along with some cash for initial outlay.

The correct lighting to achieve marijuana flower power

Ahh, yes marijuana lighting, the driving force behind both vegetation and bud production in the marijuana grow room.  Lucky for us the technology inherent in marijuana grow lights has made huge leaps and bounds in the past ten years. We are also very lucky that the while the competition in grow light manufacturers has increased massively, the prices have gone way down. (Capitalism 101, people). I can remember when a grow light ran about $400.00 for a 600 watt.  I am glad those days are over. You can still pay that much for a 600 watt if you want, but why would you, when you can get one for $160.00 that is every bit as good and as long lasting?

Let’s talk about the marijuana flower, or bud

The flower of the female marijuana plant is what all the shouting is about, so let’s briefly discuss that beautiful plant structure. The female marijuana plant buds in the fashion we all love to ingest due to a series of factors; her overall health, the amount of light she is exposed top, and whether or not she is getting proper water and nutrients.  In indoor marijuana grow, under high pressure sodium bulbs, the female flower should have a MINIMUM of 6000-7000 lumens per square foot. Any less and she will not produce to her fullest potential, more is ALWAYS better. In lighting the marijuana grow room, you are trying to mimic the sun. I have been known to provide 15,000 lumens per square foot for my baby pot girls to grow in, but what can I say? I grow commercially, and want my plants to produce like fiends.  So, while you are taking care of all the other necessities in order to ensure good bud production, make sure to pump out the lumens per square footage while you are at it.

The high pressure sodium bulb in the marijuana grow room.

High pressure sodium bulbs are a part of the HID lamp family, or high intensity discharge.  They have a high percentage of reds and yellows in their light spectrum, which are better for flowering than the blues and greens. The metal halide lights that have a higher percentage of blues and green in their light spectrum are the optimum HID lights for vegetating your marijuana grow.  Some growers will throw one or two metal halides lights into their budding cycles, just to round out the light spectrum, I have never found that adding MH lights into the flowering cycle increased marijuana bud production.

How to store you marijuana bud safely

You have come to the end of the long cycle of work and light, monitoring your marijuana plants and more light, pest control and germ and mold control, and yes, even lighter, and your end product is all that you could have asked for.  You can breathe a sigh of relief and pat yourself on the back for a job well done, or you can be busy preparing for the next grow, and planning all of the mistakes you won’t make.  Whatever the case may be, take a breather. You got through it, now smoke some of your product and enjoy. And, if you came up with more product than you expected, I am going to tell you how you can store it in order to preserve all the good things, and prevent against mold or mildew.

First things first, wrap that ganja bud up tight

You can use either a plastic wrap, or a decent quality plastic baggie (the zip-loc types are the best). Or a plastic container hat seals tightly. Whatever method you choose, make sure that ganja is wrapped up, or sealed up tight. Not ensuring a tight seal or a tight wrap job will allow air to pass through the bud, and at this point air, or oxygen is the enemy. Believe it or not, air or oxygen can be a very corrosive. It oxidizes things that are exposed it almost immediately, the tighter you seal up your weed bud, the better. The next step is to put your sealed containers or baggies into a brown bag. You want to protect your ganja from the light almost as much as you want to protect it from the air.  Placing your weed in a brown paper bag will block out most of the unwanted light, and will also keep any accidental light from hitting the weed. Light at this point will also degrade your bud; prolonged exposure to light degrades the THC structures, not something you want to do.

Keep it cool, your pot that it

After you have accomplished all of the wrapping and the bagging that you are going to do, store your bud in the refrigerator. Make sure you have the room to do so. DO not store it in the freezer; you degrade not only the THC by freezing it, but also the trichromes. Keep the weed cool, but not frozen.

More on Hydroponics for your free cannabis seed grow

Hydroponic substrates are a great way to go in the marijuana grows room, and there are a huge amount of them out there for you to pick from. Let’s take a closer look at the concepts behind the hydroponic growing mediums, their strengths and weakness.

What are hydroponics, and how will they affect my Marijuana grow?

When discussing hydroponics, we are generally discussing the substrates used in a hydroponic system, and they are essentially a substitute for soil. A hydroponic substrate is essentially an inert material in which a terrestrial plant can be grown with the assistance of consistent nutrient baths suspended in water that will be flushed through the root systems at regular intervals. Typical hydroponic substrates include rock wool or other mineral wools, perlite, gravel coconut husk, clay pellets and or a mixture of any of the above.  The theory and concepts behind hydroponics has been around for about 275 years, but only recently has it been put into effective and consistent practice. Hydroponics assumes the lack of the need for soil in the substrate matrix, due to the constant nutrient infusions.

Advantages and disadvantages of hydroponics in the marijuana grow.

Hydroponics systems have the advantage of having a re-usable substrate, and the ability to re-use the water used in the nutrient bath.  It offers a stable and uniform marijuana grow from plant to plant, and the use of fewer nutrients as a result of the re-use of the water involved. Because of the lack of soil, pests are easier to keep out in the first place, and easier to get rid of if they get into the marijuana grow room.  Because the hydroponics system is a closed, or controlled grow (everything pretty much gets re-used,) it is an environmentally safe growth method. The disadvantages are few, but potentially devastating. Without having soil as a buffer, if a disease does take hold, it tends to move quickly through the system and have a serious death toll. Again, without having soil as the moderating medium, damp off and seedling sudden death rates are very high. High amounts of secondary and tertiary energy usage are typical of the hydroponics grow.  If you want to go hydro, as it were, take your time and start small. While nowhere near as expensive and complex as an aeroponics system, there is a lot involved in the hydro marijuana grow, and you need to be prepared for that.

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