More alternatives to Mylar in the marijuana grow room

The alternatives to Mylar are multiple, and I guarantee you, any of them will be a better choice than Mylar. The problems with Mylar are multifold, here are just a few of them while Mylar is a highly reflective material, it does not reflect light evenly at all. It tends to pool light onto the surface of the Mylar, and then reflect that light in a narrow beam of light, directing the product of two square feet of reflection onto a two inch square spot amongst your plants; often resulting in crispy leaves, or a crisped marijuana plant. Crisped plants are no fun at all, they are difficult to resuscitate, if you can at all. Mylar is pretty notorious for crisping some of your ganja girls.

While not inexpensive, Mylar acts like a cheap material in the marijuana grow room

Mylar is not the cheapest material out there, I but in the grow room it is a cheap and non-durable material. Mylar is basically paper, coated with a surface that reflects light highly. It is about 10 steps up from aluminum foil, and acts much like aluminum foil would act. It tears incredibly easily, is not easy to clean at all, and is prone to crinkling and crumpling far too easily. Every little crackle or crumple Mylar gets adds to its unfortunate tendency to pinpoint reflected light, thus adding more problems for you in the grow room. A highly crumpled Mylar surface is just about as good as useless, and should be thrown away. Mylar is also a highly flammable material, and has several MSDS devoted to its flammability and instability.

Not a re-usable marijuana grow room resource at all

Mylar is not an easy surface to clean; rendering it more expensive than materials that can be cleaned and re-used. Sure, you can clean it if you have the patience, and are willing to forego a whole of additional crinkles and crumples in the surface. Once Mylar has reached a certain amount of surface dinks and dings, you should just throw it away, for most people that amount of surface blemishes occurs the first time they try to clean it.  Do yourself a favor, drop some money the first time around, and buy Foylon, or Orca grow film, or a Permaflect Grow Film. There are plenty of alternatives to Mylar, and they’re worth it in the long run.

Worried about delivery of your free weed seeds in your state?

The first thing you need to do is to check the laws in your state. I cannot stress this enough, Medical marijuana laws are changing very rapidly, both for better and for worse. If you have the great misfortune of living in a state that does not allow the growing of Medical Marijuana I am sorry. You might be better behooved by going to the closest adjacent state and opening up a PO Box in that state in order to get your seeds. Seriously people, don’t run the risk of having your pricey purchase

What could happen to your free weed seeds?

If you decide to tough it out, and have seeds sent to you in your state, several things can happen. Your shipment might be confiscated in the state that you live in, and you will receive a polite letter indicating that the shipment of Marijuana seeds in your state is against the law. Or there could be repercussions above and beyond just a simple seizure, repercussions that will affect your civil liberties more egregiously. Whatever the case may be, don’t chance it. Go to another state and open up a PO Box for two months. It is worth it to not lose your money and your seeds and your liberty in one fell swoop.

Take a close look at how your pot seed provider plans to ship the seeds

Take a close look at how the company you want to order from is planning on shipping your seeds. Many of them offer stealth shipping, in various forms, that they guarantee will foil even a USPS Postal scanner. There is another company that offers all the stealth shipping goodies, and guarantees that if your shipment gets confiscated, and you have the letter to prove it, they will replace your shipment at no charge. Remember, these seed companies have as their primary client’s people in the USA. They should be stepping up to the plate for you. There is also a company out there who up until a year ago insisted on sending their seeds to the Post Office for you to go in and sign for. Idiots, and yes, they are still in business. No you do not want to go to the post office and sign for your package; it should be delivered to your door. These morons are one of the most problematic seed sites out there, and are possessed of terrible customer service. I can’t say names, but I will give you a clue, their name is also a goal of many Eastern Indian religions, including Hinduism and Buddhism.

Germinate your potential marijuana baby’s right, and get your soil ready

So, the majority of your feminized Himalayan gold seeds have sunk to the bottom, and you are just waiting for the few remaining stragglers to load up on water and sink to the bottom with their brothers and sisters. In this lull, you can be preparing your germinating soil, if you have been listening to me; you will have all the items already bought, and ready to start working on.  Your germinating soil should be a nice organic potting soil, mixed with a TRACE amount of organic blood meal (very little please) and a little perlite and sphagnum moss. If you were ahead of your game, you pre-mixed this soil a day or two ago, and after thoroughly mixing, you watered it to the point of dampness. Not saturated, but damp. I will use solo cups as my germinating chambers when using soil, I cut vertical slits in the bottom 1 inch of the cups to allow water to move out of the soil mix, and place the cups in a multi-pot planting container. The 8 ounce solo cups fit well in the container/holder, and they are always guaranteed to be clean to the point of sterile, which is what you want in the germinating room.

Continue keeping everything nice and warm while waiting for your final marijuana seeds to sink to the bottom.

Keep your soil in its cups in the germinating area, that way you are guaranteeing that the soil is as warm as it should be. Marijuana has to have a certain soil temperature in order to continue germinating and thriving, I often place my germinating babies on specific heating mats and systems in order to ensure the soil temp is correct for them. Once all of the seeds have sunk to the bottom, go ahead and transplant them into the warm soil, with the pointy end down! Use clean tweezers in this process, and never squeeze a soaked seed too hard, you might have a disaster on your hands. If some of your seeds never sank to the bottom, go ahead and plant them too, but label the cups they are in. They probably won’t be successful, but give it a try anyway. Do not plant your ganja seeds in their warm soil too deeply, really, only an eighth of an inch should suffice! Gently sprinkle some substrate over the top of the planted seeds, and then very gently water with room temperature, clean water.

How do you get to be a good ganja grower? Experimentation

And what is the most conducive thing to experimentation in the pot growing industry? Free genetics, or in every day speech, free pot seeds. Now before you go and get crazy on buying up seeds to get more freebies, take some heed. You need to tailor both your “pay-for” purchases and your free weed seed samples to your needs and desires in a strain. Study the seed strain pages of every seed site you are interested in purchasing from. Go ahead and take the time and minimum amount of energy necessary to go into this process prepared.

The marijuana seed choices can be dizzying, but dive on in anyway

A marijuana seed strain page is a page on the seed site’s menu that outlines the characteristics, quality and optimum growing conditions for that specific marijuana strain. A medium sized weed seed site will have thousands of strain pages, many of the descriptions of the same strain will differ slightly form breeder to breeder, depending on what they wanted to emphasize in that strain. If you take a popular strain for example, something like a white widow, you will find that every breeder approaches their widow strains a little bit differently. Some will introduce a far higher sativa % into the mix, while others will go the other way and try for the more Indica approach. You need to compare and contrast other people’s strains for the characteristics that you most want. Once again, the best place to get that information is off of the seed strain pages at the different weed seed sites.

You are paying for your marijuana seeds, get what you want

You must make sure you are getting what you want, and not you think you should be getting based on a buzz, or fad that is going around. Sure, the newest, latest, greatest and coolest might be super attractive for a brief while, but their popularity generally won’t outlast the length of your marijuana grow, unless you are sticking with some tried and true favorites. Widow, Chemo, Papaya, Alaskan Ice, Train wreck, those are all names that have been around for a while, and have a reputation for stability, ease of growing, and supersonic highs. All of these classics have a lot of variants, and they would. They are excellent and reliable genetics, and should be considered a cornerstone for a breeding program.