Free marijuana seeds can be the best

From sticky and stinky skunks loaded with the couch-lock qualities and painless functioning that we all deserve, to the soaring and energetic high of a super silver haze that aids in every endeavor we set out upon, whether it be writing the great American novel, or cleaning the house, free weed seeds from the seed companies are absolutely the real deal in quality and taste.  Make use of that fact in your selection process, high quality seeds are not cheap, and you want to stretch out that dollar as much as possible.

The free Mary Jane seeds are every bit as good as their “pay for” cousins

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the free seeds that come with your order will be of a diminished or lesser quality, they won’t be.  I have gotten free seed s that carried such time-honored titles as Jack Herer and Chemo, I have gotten both a strawberry, and lemon haze that were absolutely out of this world with taste and effect, and I have gotten free seeds upon which I founded a portion of my breeding program;  they were just that good.

Mix and match, or start your own strains

Depending on your experience level, the freebies can be used to start your own empire of yum. (Yummy strains that is).I was actually able to breed the strawberry haze to the lemon haze, although it took some careful propagating and monitoring.  The progeny of that cross are absolutely amazing, fruity without being too sweet, a very soft and easy smoke, and an incredible cerebral high, combined with just enough of a body effect to make it the perfect high, no couch lock, no pain, and lots of smooth, easy, endless energy and enthusiasm.  Plus, with the aftertastes of strawberry and citrus, it smokes like a jolly rancher candy stick. It is great for conversation, driving, and other things.   And no, I am not selling any of my seeds, thank you very much.  What a benefit I was able to gain from a handful of free seeds. So if you are going to grow your own, and are willing to spend a little bit of time doing some research on the freebies that are being offered, go ahead and drop some money on an order of seeds, sit back and wait for them to come to you in the mail, and then start getting busy raising those girls up!