Ah yes, the marijuana sprout, the mark of success and maturity in the ganja grow!

Okay, hopefully all of the seed caps popped off of their own volition and you are eagerly awaiting the next phase. Don’t worry, it is coming. You will begin to notice a greening effect around the top of the seedling that will be followed by the arrival of two gorgeous small leaves sprouting directly opposite of one another on the sprout.  This is the mark of having achieved the beginnings of the greatness your marijuana seeds are attempting to achieve, and cause for celebration. You have officially achieved a milestone here, and you plants are ready to begin their intense vegetating phase. Be happy with your patience, and having gotten this far. These two small leaves are called the cotyledon, and they signal that your marijuana plant is ready to start converting light energy into plant growth. Make sure that your lights are at the right height to ensure rapid growth without becoming too leggy, and that your grow room is warm enough to see these youngsters thrive through both the light phase and the non-light phase. Leave the seedlings on their het mat, these days are crucial to the success of your plants, and an interruption in that consistent and warm soil temperature can curtail growth significantly, and might even kill your baby marijuana plants.

Yes, these are baby marijuana plants, treat them accordingly!

Ensure that you are not over watering,as I indicated before, this is a tender time, overwatering is just as dangerous au underwatering. You will not be adding nutrients at this point, other than what you mixed into the soil, do not be tempted to do so. Your next phase will probably be transferring these little kids into bigger pots, but hold off on that for right now, your plants are going through a phase where they are not only establishing roots and rhizomes, but leaves and tallness too, let them stay in their plastic cups for now.  When the time comes for you transplant, you want to be transplanting healthy, hardy marijuana babies who will not be shocked by any transplant process they go through.

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