Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Meaning


If you are searching for autoflowering cannabis seeds meaning then you came to the right place. Autoflowering marijuana seeds are a type of cannabis seeds that have very short life spans. According to Cropkingseeds, autoflowering strains have a simple concept: these will flower automatically rather than waiting for a specific light schedule. Auto plants will begin to flower on their own, without the help of special lighting. Flowering happens after a very short vegetative stage of 2 to 4 weeks.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are more in demand than regular or photoperiod stage because these can massively increase yields. When ideal growing conditions are met, you can actually grow and harvest auto plants twice a year.  And for those looking at autoflowering cannabis seeds meaning, you will likely find out that these are among the most expensive. Regular or photoperiod strains may cost almost half the price of autoflowering cannabis. If you are planning to buy autoflowering marijuana seeds then you better compare the prices from different seedbanks to get the best value for your money.

Why grow autoflowering marijuana seeds?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are very much in demand according to growers and breeders because these are not just easy to grow but will also maximize yields. Because of its very short lifespan, you can actually grow at least two crops in a year. And if you have a dozen autoflowering plants? Imagine how much yield you will harvest when you grow twice a year.

Autoflowering marijuana plants will grow no matter what lighting schedule you want.  Regular seeds will only grow when the days are getting shorter and the cold night air is upon us. You only have to expose photoperiod plants to 12 hours of darkness to start flowering. This should be done before you ruin your plants’ chances of developing healthy and dense buds.

You may start with a flexible lighting schedule at 20/4. Then you can slowly change this to a 12/12. Do this in increments of an hour; do not drastically change the lighting schedule to a 12/12 day/night. Let your plants flower at their designated time and you will see that without hesitation, you will still have flowers at around 3 to 4 weeks. This is why this strain is highly recommended for people who are growing cannabis for the first time.

Aside from autoflowering cannabis very easy to grow and with very short lifespans, you will also save money, time and effort. Picture the savings that you will get from growing your own seeds when you grow your own seeds with very short lifespans. And despite using grow lights, exhaust fans, and dehumidifiers for more than a few more weeks after harvest you can cut these to 8 weeks and save electricity. You can save money from buying soil, water, fertilizer, and nutrients. And of course, harvesting more than twice a year will help you recover your expenses.

Another advantage of growing autoflowering marijuana plants is you can have more yields and this is enough dried weed or concentrates to enjoy and use for medicinal treatments. If you are growing cannabis because you want to use this for recreation then an autoflowering strain is the best solution for your treatment needs. Whether you need cannabis for pain, insomnia, loss of appetite, stress or anxiety, you will never have to buy your medication from dispensaries anymore.

You will be able to grow cannabis that is enough for yourself. If you want to share the fruits of your own labor then there wouldn’t be any problem at all. As you harness your skills and talents in growing different strains of autoflowering cannabis, you may have the option of selling your products online or from a local distributor or seed bank.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds meaning ~ any disadvantage of using these seeds?

Autoflowering seeds become autoflowering plants and these plants only grow from seeds. You cannot grow autos from cuttings and close therefore you must always purchase seeds from seedbanks. Therefore it would be better if you grow your own auto seeds instead of purchasing these each time you start a crop. Grow your own seeds so you won’t ever run out of seeds to use.

And because most autoflowering seeds are sold from online websites, there is a possibility that you will never find what you need in just a short time. There’s still something wrong when you are shopping for cannabis as well as cannabis seeds. This is why there are websites that pose as dangers to buyers and may just be out there to get your money and your contact information.

This is the usual scenario; you think that you are ordering cannabis from a legitimate website or seed bank from a legit site when actually you are buying seeds from a company that does not really exist. To avoid these from happening, check reviews and find out more about the company first before you buy seeds. Remember, the very first sign of being shady is enough evidence to never give your trust to a seed bank. So shop smart and never trust a shady seed bank company.

Finally, autoflowering cannabis seeds are believed to grow only very small-structured plants and hence you will get very small yields. But seasoned growers agree that this is not exactly correct. Yes, autos can grow small plants but lately, there are some breakthroughs of autoflowering strains that can grow more yields. Apart from this, you can still maximize the growth of your plants and have a good harvest by growing more plants inside a growing area. Use training techniques like topping, trimming, pruning and SCROG (screen of green) to develop more buds. Another good idea is you can feed your cannabis plants the right fertilizer or nutrients that are ideal for their growing or flowering phase.

Shopping for autoflowering cannabis seeds?

Check the following to ensure that you are growing only valuable seeds. Viable seeds are seeds that have dark-colored skins. You can easily tell that the seeds are viable if these are spotted or stripped while some may have natural designs. These signs mean that the seeds are ready to sprout and will not take too long to do so. For seeds that are green or white with very soft skin, don’t waste your time. These will not germinate and even if these do, you will only have soft-bodied plants with very poor and weak health.

As much as possible, choose autoflowering seeds that have very thick skin. Cannabis seeds are very hard to open and may even need a knife to crack or file. Seeds that have very soft skin will not grow because these are not viable. You may also check for viable insides and this can be done with a glass of water technique. In this exercise, you will fill a clear drinking glass with water. Place the seeds in. Seeds that have sunk means that these have viable insides. Seeds that float are empty and without any viable insides. Throw away floaters and maintain the sunken seeds. And of course, look for autoflowering seeds that have weird markings and distinct stripes. These are very mature seeds and will be able to germinate in just a short while.

How are auto cannabis seeds planted?

Autoflowering seeds are planted like regular seeds. It starts with germinating the auto seeds and making sure that you are using only viable seeds. Seed germination usually takes place a few days for auto cannabis varieties. And just like regular seeds, you can use the following to germinate your autoflowering cannabis seeds.

The paper towel technique is a very common technique wherein the seed/seeds are placed inside many layers of wet paper towels. Once you are done placing your seeds, these paper towels are placed in between two plates. Keep this in a dark area inside a cabinet or inside your kitchen cupboard. In just a few days, your seeds will sprout and grow into a small seedling or plant.

Another way to germinate seeds is to use transparent glass. You will let the seeds remain in a glass of water for a day and inspect these for any softening or cracks. The seeds will be able to open and the young plant will break free from the seed in a very short time. Keep this glass of water in a cool, dark place like a cupboard or a cabinet.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are indeed for first-time growers. It takes very little effort to grow and won’t take so much money or materials as well. You can have good yields provided you maintain a good growing environment. There are a number of online seedbanks that sell autoflowering seeds. You need to shop right and shop smart to be able to find the right and reputable online seed bank that will provide you with quality seeds. By now, you may have known the real autoflowering cannabis seeds meaning from this article. No matter what kind of strain you use, make sure to choose the autoflowering type.

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