Autoflowering vs Feminized Cannabis

autoflowering feminized seeds

The best and the most professional way of generating feminized pollen from female marijuana plants to grow autoflowering feminized seeds is what we call chemically-induced. It’s also the advisable way of the seed banks and other famous marijuana breeders in creating feminized seed to have it sold in the market. This is where the chemicals like colloidal silver and gibberellic are used to create male sacs with pollen through the first 3 to 4 weeks. In this, we will dwell on the discussion with regards to the new trend for commercial cultivation which is the feminized autoflowering seeds USA and we will learn about the difference between autoflowering and feminized seeds, and also we will provide a precise autoflowering feminized seeds grow guide.

What is Autoflower and Feminized Seeds?

Autoflower seeds are the plants that will grow and generate buds once it’s old enough and there’s no changing of the light cycle to begin flowering the way you do with regular cannabis seeds. Expect a high worth point for these marijuana seeds, unlike “regular” cannabis seeds. Feminized seeds are produced by spraying a healthy, female marijuana plant with silver thiosulfate or colloidal solution. The processing results in close 100% feminized cannabis seeds so there will be no males to be removed. In 100 feminized seeds, there is 1 seed that might turn out to be male, although, if you’re using feminized cannabis seed you would want to check your plants once the reproductive areas start developing. Always remember that these cannabis seeds are more expensive, but you will not waste the energy and time it takes to deal with male pants. 

Autoflowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

What is autoflowering feminized seeds? Marijuana seeds autoflowering feminized seeds would flower without any change in its life cycle and would result in almost 100% female cannabis plants. Just like other autoflowering seeds, you must expect a bit smaller harvest than a crop of the same cannabis strain grown from a “regular” cannabis seed. And the convenience of autoflowering cannabis seeds makes them a bit most expensive. 

Difference between Feminized and Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

There are a lot of Autoflowering Feminized seeds for sale in the USA but this time we will talk about the difference between Autoflowering and Feminized seeds.  

Feminized seeds

Feminized marijuana seeds are seeds that are specifically grown to get rid of chromosomes. In outer words, with feminized seeds, you can grow female marijuana plants. Only the female plants give smokable buds, and that is exactly what most cannabis growers want.

Taking light into consideration

When you grow the seeds outside, the plants would begin flowering after it gets less sunlight. This is regarding the end of summer and switching to autumn. Indoor cannabis growers would have to imitate autumn by slowly changing their light schedule to a 12/12 hour light time. Even though changing the light schedule isn’t complicated, it still does need some effort and knowledge. 

Advantages of feminized seeds

  • Feminized seeds create weeds with a higher CBD and THC value that makes the effect last longer and more intense compared to autoflowering cannabis seeds. 
  • Feminized cannabis seeds grow female plants and create smokable cannabis buds. 
  • Feminized cannabis seeds are almost 100% free to hermaphrodite 
  • Plants grown from feminized cannabis seeds create lesser leavers unlike to autoflowers
  • Female cannabis plants grown with feminized seeds grow higher yields compared to autoflower seeds. 
  • Female cannabis plants grown with feminized cannabis seeds are easier to trim.

Autoflower seeds

Newbies sometimes choose autoflower cannabis seeds. The most significant reason for this is, as the name shows, these plants grow automatically without too much attention. Even with the fact that autoflower cannabis seeds have many of the same properties as feminized cannabis seeds, there are a lot of differences. 

No light scheme needed

Feminized cannabis seeds start flowering after they receive less light, and autoflowering seeds depend on age. The cannabis grower doesn’t have to change the light schedule or wait until the autumn season. Growing an autoflowering seed is therefore quite easier than growing a marijuana plant from feminized cannabis seeds. 

Advantages of autoflowering seeds

  • Autoflower cannabis seeds grow female cannabis plants just like feminized seeds.
  • Autoflower seed doesn’t need more attention, its blood automatically.
  • The life cycle of the autoflower is short, allowing cannabis growers to harvest 2 – 4 times a year. 
  • Autoflower seeds are more resistant to fungi, pests, and temperature fluctuations, compared to female cannabis plants grown with feminized seeds. 
  • This plant grows less tall and needs less maintenance because autoflower cannabis strains are crossed with the ruderalis plants, 

Feminized seeds vs Autoflowering seeds: Outdoor Growth

Feminized seeds vs autoflowering; autoflowering cannabis strain gives the different benefits that you don’t need to worry over the amount of light your plants will be exposed to. Independent of light cycle, autoflowers would age depending on their genetic profile. Autoflowering grows to medium-sized which is perfect for environments where you would want your marijuana to mix in with others in your garden. Autoflowering cannabis plants have more benefits of being exposed to pests in just a brief amount of time before they will be harvested. 

Planting feminized cannabis seeds are normally done around March or April and would be harvested around September or October. The feminized cannabis plant would continue to grow in its vegetative stage as long it’s exposed to the perfect amount of sunlight that is ideal for cannabis growers who want their marijuana plant to lead in their garden. 

Autoflowering vs Feminized: Indoor Growth 

Difference between Feminized and Autoflowering seeds in indoor growing. Autoflowering cannabis seeds will survive with a regular 16-hours of light and 8-hours of darkness system during their vegetative and flowering stage. They’re relatively small in size that makes them perfect for indoor growing when you have a limited space issue. 

Planting feminized cannabis seeds indoors will need about 12-hours of light and 6-hours of darkness. After you change the light schedule to a 12-hours light and 12-hours of darkness system, the cannabis plant would begin flowering and there is no turning bank. Trimming your cannabis plant so it can reach its full potential needs some skill and the plant would eventually take into account space. 

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