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blueberry haze strain

Blueberry Haze strain is a Sativa-dominant cannabis hybrid strain the results from crossbreeding Haze and Blueberry strains. Blueberry Haze won first place in the 2000 High Times and the first in the Indica category. This cannabis strain has a skunky scent with a little bit of vanilla, lemon, and cuts grass. Its taste is just like the lemon emerging very strong and the extra berry, fruit taste. The first from smoking this cannabis strain is cerebral and euphoric with those sensations slowly turning to a more slow body stone that continues for several hours. In medicinal use, Blueberry Haze seeds could help treat insomnia and loss of appetite. This article will discuss everything about Blueberry weed and Blueberry Haze strain review.

The Lineage of Blueberry Haze Strain

Blueberry Haze weed is the offspring of Haze and Blueberry. Both its parents’ strains are famous because of their hit of taste properties they give and also their high potency. 


Bringing the user to a cerebral high is one of the great benefits of Weed Blueberry Haze. It is absolutely because of those qualities that those who are suffering from chronic stress and anxiety issues loved this strain. So, those who are people who are suffering from mental issues like PTSD, depression, and others, are able to decrease the negative feelings and thoughts once the effect of Blueberry Haze strain hits them. Not only they would feel uplifted, but they would also feel happy that would lead them to relax. Blueberry Haze strain is sometimes used to ease the symptoms of aches and chronic pain. Clearly, even with the slightest relief already boosted one’s body and mood relaxation. In this case with potent cannabis strain, the high it offers also comes along with another advantage, particularly for those who have been eating disorders like bulimia or a simple lack of appetite. Blueberry Haze seeds improve the appetite by inducing hunger. 

As the effects of Weed Blueberry haze starts to clear up, users are probably to feel tired. It’s not like any other cannabis strain that makes you lazy or lethargic, but more like too relaxed and relieved to the body of its tensions, makes one want to have a comfortable sleep. This makes this cannabis strain one that is very useful when ending your day if you’re having trouble getting good sleep. 

Adverse Reaction

Blueberry Haze strain, just any other marijuana, makes one encounter dry eyes and mouth. This is one of the common knowledge among experienced users, and what newbie or beginners would discover. Apart from that, there’s the rare event of feeling paranoid, and this is mainly because of the immediate head rush that newbies feel. For this reason, this isn’t the ideal strain for newbie users. And even smoking too much would lead to that experience. One may feel a mild headache in some cases. This usually happens if the user isn’t well hydrated. To prevent this negative reaction, drink a lot of water, which also would lessen the effect of dry eyes and dry mouth. 

THC Content

Given the title of its parent strains, it isn’t shocking that Blueberry Haze is also a famous one. This cannabis strain contains a 60% Sativa. Regardless, it may induce all the incapacitating effects if overused. The Blueberry Haze plant obtains a THC content of about 14 – 23%, with an average of 16%. 

Aroma and Flavor

Blueberry Haze strain really smells good, one that you begin sniffing before even igniting one. It has a tangy and dominant blueberry aroma with a skunk and pungent undertone. Most people who smell this aroma find it pleasing. These cannabis seeds also taste great, it has a taste of sweet blueberry with a little aftertaste of wood. Not much to say about its taste except that it’s one of the most flavorful strains. 

Growing Info

Blueberry Haze plants can thrive both outdoors, indoors, and greenhouse. It thrives well in a Mediterranean climate when grown outdoors. But it’s another matter when grown indoors. Even though most marijuana grows well indoors, this isn’t one of them. Being photosensitive, cannabis growers need to ensure that they’re using the right grow light. At the same time, once growing using hydroponics, there’s a higher need to ensure that the proper amount of nutrients is maintained.  

Flowering Time


Taken properly and grown in an accurate environment, this cannabis strain is ready to be harvested by October with a yield of around 16 ounces/ plant. 


Blueberry Haze plant has an indoor flowering time of 9 – 10 weeks with a yield of around 11 – 12 ounces / square meter.

Blueberry Haze Statistics

Genetics:  Sativa-dominant 

Parents: Blueberry x Haze

THC: 14 – 23%

CBD: <2%

Effects: Focused, Relaxed, Creative

Flowering Time: 9 – 10 weeks

Flowering Type: Photoperiod

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