Build your own irrigation system for the indoor marijuana grows

If you are on a well system, both inside and outside of the house, it is easy and pretty fun to build an indoor irrigation system.  I say a well system because in my part of the country that is the safest; least contaminated or treated water available, other than purchasing bottled water in bulk.  When building out your irrigation system for the indoor ganja grows, you need to be using the best water you can.

The components for an indoor irrigation system for your weed grow are pretty inexpensive

The first thing you will need is some way to convert your faucet into a nipple (yes I said nipple, stop your damn giggling) that you can attach an outdoor hose bib to. These are readily available at the big box stores for about 4 to 5 dollars. Attach your outdoor hose bib apparatus with a flanged barb at one end. Those are about 6 dollars.  After you have hooked that device up, you need to attach your drip irrigation line to it. You can use either a pinch clamp, or a worm drive aircraft cable clamp. Do not hesitate to use Teflon tape at all of these critical junctures, it will stop leaks, and costs about 75 cents per roll.   Run your drip line (one half inch) out to your plants, affixing it to each pot by means of a soil staple, or a configuration of a piece of a wire coat hanger. Drill a hole in the top of your plant pot in order to tack that irrigation line down well. You do not want the line shifting at all. After you are satisfied with the configuration of the half inch drip line to the plants, go ahead and get out your hole punch and button drippers.  A pack of 100 drippers is about seven dollars, a hole punch is two dollars.  Carefully punch your holes into the distribution line at each plant, and then snap the button dripper into place.  You should hear an audible snap as you push each dripper into place that pop ensures that the holding flange has gone into the distribution line correctly.  Once you have all in place, turn on the water at the faucet, and watch your plants getting watered! Correct leaks and squirts with a more firm push on the button dripper, or just move the button to another place and plug the resulting hole with a goof plug. Goof plugs, about 2 dollars a pack. The distribution line? Around 8 dollars per 100 feet. I told you it was inexpensive.

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