Building the Marijuana grow room for your free weed seeds to thrive in

So, you have picked out your space, you have your lights, you know all about the lumens you want to splash down on everything. You have compared reflective materials, and have bought the best one you could afford, you have your chains for hanging your lights, and most importantly you have your free weed seeds and the ones you paid for all ready to germinate and get going.  So, now what? Yup, you guessed it, the grow room. You have some choices here, you can have somebody build it for you (pricey, but if you can drop the scratch and you trust the builders, go for it). If you don’t want to afford that kind of a cost, I highly recommend you build your own.

Building your own, it’s a little like growing your own marijuana, sort of

Nobody said the process of growing your own marijuana was going to be easy or cheap, and if they did, they were lying.  However, you can do lots of things on your own that will curtail your grow costs significantly. Besides, if you build your own grow room, you can customize it to you specifications. If you understand the concept of building a frame out of 2×4’s, then you are well on your way to understanding how to build the grow room. The most important parts are building rigid and base mounted walls that can withstand the weight of the lights being mounted to them, and building the structures that will secure those walls to the floor, and to one another. Sort of like building a very tiny house, except 100 times easier. Go ahead and read a book about building structure walls for a house. Read the chapter once, sleep on it, and then read the chapter again. I guarantee you will get it by the 2nd read.  Don’t buy a book, go to the library and rent one. Ask the librarian if you can make a copy of the diagrams in the book. If he says no, make a copy of them into a piece of paper with a pencil. You will get it, I promise you. I won’t insult you by saying this is easy that would not be fair. I know how to do this, so I cannot gauge how hard or easy it is for a newbie anymore.

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