Buy Marijuana Online_ Really_

Buy Marijuana Online? Really?

Yes really, sort of. No, you cannot buy marijuana online, not in its bud form. If anyone online offers you that choice at this point, take yourself and your money and run. Do not walk to the nearest exit. But you can certainly buy the seeds or genetics (or gennies in pot grower parlance not to be confused with generators, which some pot growers also use) that one uses in order to create the marijuana flower or bud. There are sites that sell a marijuana substitute. It comes with different names, like Hawaiian Herbal Hydroponic bud.

I have never tried any of them, so I know nothing about them. Maybe if you have tried some of the substitutes, you can let me know what they are like. But as for buying marijuana, cannabis, or pot bud online, the answer is no, you can’t buy pot online. But you can certainly buy the seeds.

What about medical marijuana online?

You can place an order for medical marijuana online, provided you have the proper and demonstrable license and registration information. The medical marijuana dispenser or provider should be able to verify your information too. They cannot, however, drop it in the mail for you, you have to arrange to pick it up, or arrange to have the bud delivered to you. So yes, through a medical marijuana site you can pick and choose, and place an order, based on certain legal criteria that need to be met, but it has to be picked up by the medical marijuana card holder, or delivered by the company to the medical marijuana card holder, and no one else.

Don’t waste your time trying to buy bud online, rather buy some marijuana seeds and get growing.

So the answer, in a nutshell, is no, you cannot buy marijuana bud or flower online, but yes, you can order marijuana seeds online, (and hopefully get a bunch of free pot seeds in the purchase). So if you just have to have the sticky green, whether for medical reasons or not, get busy and build a grow room, then get those seed rolling. You will certainly appreciate the bud more if you were the one who grew it. If someone online is offering the real thing (not an herbal replacement) for sale, it would be best if you did not send anyone like that your money, it is a scam from the get-go.

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