Buy Marijuana Seeds Online: You get what you pay for, and then some

Buy Marijuana Seeds Online: You get what you pay for, and then some

Do not be fooled by the uber low price come- ons that seem to radiate from every corner of the weed seed world.  Expect to pay for your ganja, as much as you would expect to pay for a high end I-phone or a way cool Samsung Tablet. Really, it’s about where your priorities lay; if you want to start a good breeding program, purchase quality in the first place. You can’t go wrong buying quality in the first place.

Expect to pay for the quality ganja seeds, the freebies are icing, baby

Junk weed produces junk seeds that in turn produce more junk weed, do not waste your time. Believe me I have tried, it is just an exercise in frustration and stupidity.  Talk about an enormous waste of time. No amounts of amending and special nutrients are going to make bad weed anything other than what it is, bad weed.

Budget your marijuana grows before you start

So, armed with the knowledge that you need to start out with the good stuff, start planning a budget around your grow. Bear in mind almost every single seed site out there offers free cannabis seeds with you purchase, the amount of free seeds you get is dependent on the dollar amount of your purchase. These free ganja seeds are the real McCoy as far as quality and product are concerned.  I have gotten 12 free seeds from one purchase from a seed website, out of those twelve,  8 germinated beautifully, and 5 were girls, 2 of them I bred back, and they are now the cornerstone of one of my breeding programs.  This all came to me because I was willing to drop the big money in the first place on excellent genetics, an attitude I recommend for anyone starting out in the biz. Also, here’s another nice bonus, the majority of the free marijuana seeds offered now are feminized. Yes, the free seeds are a great bonus, and it doesn’t even take luck to get good free seeds, but plan on spending a little bit of cash to get those freebies. Not only is the stuff that you pay for going to be a very good quality, but the free seeds will be also, it’s a little bit like being in a candy store when all of that starts rolling into your mailbox.

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