Can I buy weed online_

Can I buy weed online?

The answer to this question depends on your definition of weed. If you want to buy the genetic material or the marijuana seed that produces weed online, you most certainly can. They will take your money, (credit cards pretty much and nothing else) wrap up your package in a sturdy and anonymous fashion, and ship it straight to your door, happily. But being able to purchase marijuana flower, or bud online? I don’t think so. At least not in this country. There is a multitude of bud substitutes out there that you can buy online without any fear of reprisal from the police, but they are not true 100% marijuana bud, so they are not really weed.

What exactly is marijuana bud substitute?

There is a multitude of herbs out there, that when smoked or ingested orally can provide a soothing and calming effect or a more up and energetic effect. There is no herb that can genuinely give you the effects that marijuana does, but there are herbs that come close. When dried and chopped, then smoked or turned into team they can be enjoyable. The majority of these herbs are kava-kava, damiana, wild dagget, valerian, and other herbal plants. The benefits and palliative tendencies of these plants have been common knowledge in certain parts of the world for millennia, just as the benefits and medicinal qualities of the marijuana have been common knowledge for millennia.

They are still used to this day for the stress relieving and disease abating qualities, but also, they are not marijuana. Yes, you can get the bud substitutes online. If you come across someone or someplace that is advertising marijuana buds online, I guarantee you, it is a scam. They will happily take your money and sell you oregano. Con artists need fools and unwise people to scam, do not be that person.

Legal bud is just that, legal bud from some kind of plant, but not marijuana.

“Legal bud” is definitely the bud of some or a few plants that have no marijuana in it. It may have some of the same effects as marijuana, but there is no THC in it. Otherwise, it would not be legal. You can buy it all you want, you might even enjoy smoking it. I promise you it is not marijuana bud, hence the fact that it is legal.

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