Cannabis Ruderalis

Ruderalis strains originated in Eastern Europe and can be spotted in various countries growing in the wild. Usually this strain grows cannabis plants in groups near areas that hemp used to be grown. This type of strain usually grows dope plants which are commonly referred to as ditch weed.


There is a strong chance that the ruderalis strain came from stray sativa seeds which were used to grow hemp and grow dope plants in the wild. Even though the THC found in ruderalis weed plants is rather low and it is not potent enough to be worth smoking there are still some characteristics that make it enjoyable by some people. 

This is a strong plant which will grow in bad weather but can only reach up to about two feet in height. After around six sets of marijuana leaves grow the ganja plants will start flowering no matter how much day light it gets.

Some people that grow marijuana plants have tried cross breeding indica and/or sativa strains with the ruderalis strain and have somewhat decent results. The hybrid weed plants did have less THC but they would reach harvest time quickly and are easy to grow in even cold environments.

Usually seed suppliers will not mention that there was a mix of ruderalis in the seeds they are supplying because most people consider it a weaker strain. You can usually tell if this strain was mixed in to the seed when the cannabis plants grow as it will reach flowering quicker and won’t grow too tall.

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