Cannabis Seeds Germination Problems

cannabis seed germination problems

Any person who has taken a hit of marijuana joints would surely knows that the exhilarating feeling that they feel, they owe to the marijuana seeds. Have you ever thought of growing your own supply of cannabis? Many recommend that the best option to grow high-quality buds is to get high-quality female cannabis seeds and then apply the best practices to grow your own. To help you in your cannabis cultivation journey, here are some common cannabis seed germination problems home growers encounter and what you can do to solve them. Here are 7 common marijuana seed germination problems.

7 Cannabis Seed Germination Problems

  • Letting the Germination Medium Dry Out

Germination medium is drying out is one of the cannabis germination problems. It starts with a lot of reactions that would lead to germination in a few hours or days, by putting the cannabis seeds in a moist cultured medium. Whatever substance you used in germination, you should ensure that it would never entirely dry out, because as the cannabis seeds stop absorbing the moisture, it seems that the cannabis seeds would end its activity and will never germinate.

For this matter, it’s advisable to monitor the seeds daily to make sure that the germination medium is still moist, particularly if the heat source is used to get a high temperature and so a better germination rate; that heat is the reason that substance to dry fast, something that should remember to prevent damages. Let’s say hydroponic cultivation, it’s always ideal to germinate cannabis seeds in a rock wool tubes, that would always remain it’s moist.

  • Leaving Seeds to Germinate for too long

Another marijuana germination problems, in this case once germinating in a kitchen paper, is to let the cannabis seed to germinate until the cotyledons show up. If you do this, then the future transplant is quite hard, and it harms the root in trying. In addition, the longer the root is showing to light and air, the more harm would it cause, so it’s better to transfer it before this happens. To avoid this problem, it’s better to plant the seeds once the main-root measure around 1cm or 2cm at least. This would make is much easier to transfer and would not harm the development of the roots, the could be extended into the new growing medium without any setbacks.

  • Direct Germination in Soil

This common germination problem cannabis usually the reasons in non-germinating, particularly if the substance has not been once watered before sowing the cannabis seeds but it watered later on. By planting the cannabis seed directly in the substance, you take the risk of it being buried deeply, made this worse once you water the growing medium after sowing. To have a great result, first, germinate the cannabis seeds in a kitchen paper, or a peat plugs used for root cutting and then transfer them to the soil or to a pot when the small cannabis seedlings have been born. Another advantage of this method is that we could germinate a huge amount of cannabis seeds in a quite small space, like a small greenhouse, that would make it way easier to give the correct temp and humidity.

  • Temperature and Humidity for Germination

Another weed germination problems, marijuana seeds germinate accurately with high temperature and humidity levels. It would be crucial, particularly during other times of the year, to use some other sources to heat to have a temperature of around 26 to 28 º C. For this reason there are many options on the market, like heated greenhouses or thermal cables. The end is especially interesting because they also give the perfect high humidity environment for cannabis seed germination. The perfect way is to keep the germination medium around 26 to 28 º C and at 70% humidity. Lower use would cause in a slower and less successful germination, while higher use could bring rot issues or fungal.

  • Planting the Seed Incorrectly

When you look closely at the marijuana seed, you would find that is has a slightly over shape, finishing at one end and making a small “crater” at the other end, called the crown. When you plant your cannabis seed (whether it is a cannabis seed that you want to germinate, for instance, in a jiffy or a cannabis seed already germinated on a kitchen paper that you want to plant) you have to keep in mind that this crown would always be facing upwards.

you must plant the cannabis seed with the tip-down and the crown upper-most and facing you. When the cannabis seed germinates the crown would serve a hook so that the cannabis seed would open at the end and let out the root. In case of putting the cannabis seed wrongly, the top-root would grow upward and the cannabis seedling downwards, which must be avoided in all matter because it’s relatively the marijuana seedling would not be born.

  • Planting at the Incorrect Depth

Very often the cannabis seeds are buried very deep, so the marijuana seedling would never grow. But in the other case, if you sow too near to the top, we could see that the seed germinate properly, but the stems grow thin, bending but not causing the cannabis seedling to develop properly. It’s safer to sow the marijuana seed at the depth of about 2 cm to about these germinating cannabis seeds problems. Additionally, we must cover the lower stem as the seedlings grow so that it gains strength and develops new roots across the length of the stem you’ve buried. We will accelerate the growth of the plants in this way.

  • Planting Several Seeds in the Same Pot

Also one of the weed germination problems is, while it might be tempting, germination of many cannabis seeds in the same container in not typically effective. In addition to the challenge of properly planting multiple cannabis seeds in the same pot, when they are raised, they must battle for the little room available for the roots. Limited root growth isn’t ideal to marijuana plants, which could expand more poorly and at a greater internal range. Additionally, the limited space between the marijuana plants would also mean that they must fight for the available light, something that is not advisable if you want to get the best out of any marijuana plant. Marijuana plants might produce too little branching, centering their growth on a low main stem, with too long an internal deal gap, factors that would negatively affect the final yield of buds.

Common Cannabis Seed Germination Problems


Symptoms – Drooping seedlings, surroundings with too much moisture, and damping-off

Causes – Having a big pot but small seed, having a pot that’s too small, having bad irrigation, or watering too often.

Other Information – Over watering brings damage to cannabis seeds because of oxygen concerns. Cannabis can grow directly in water, but so that it can properly grow, the plant roots need oxygen to survive.


Symptoms – Having droopy seedlings, wilting leaves, plant not growing properly and the soil not being moist

Causes – Growers being too scared of overwatering, too much transpiration or losing water through the leaves

Other Information – Plants pull water out from the grounds like a straw, so it is quite easy to lose water. And without water, roots will die. Many plant processes will not be able to function until the entire plant dies.

What You Should Do – Issues like an underwatering only call for one simple solution: start watering your plants regularly. Most plants easily recover from issues like this once they receive enough water in order to survive.

Nutrient Toxicity

Symptoms – Yellowish leaves, discolored leaves, or crispy and dry leaves

Causes – Giving too much or the wrong kind of nutrients.

Other Information – Nutrient toxicity is something to watch out for when we are talking about feeding the plant. You might be able to see this through tip burn and dark leaves.

Nutrient Deficiency

Symptoms – Pale, yellow leaves and unusual leaf discoloration

Causes – Giving not enough or the wrong kind of nutrients

Other Information – The most common deficiency is a lack of nitrogen.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your cannabis seeds should be an easy feat if you do extensive research on properly taking care of your plants to avoid cannabis seed germination problems. Most of all, you should shower your seeds with care and attention, because that’s what your cannabis plants will need to grow and have high yields.

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