CBD in Hemp and Marijuana Compared

is there cbd in hemp

Contrary to what other people believed, hemp and marijuana are two separate terms that may be similar in nature but it differs in structure and levels of CBD. Each of these has its own purpose and specifications that can affect your needs. If you’re interested in CBD hemp seeds then make sure you have good information and idea on its advantages and disadvantages.

Based on what Aaron Cadena has written in his article about the difference between hemp and marijuana, a plant that has denser buds, broader leaves, and is quite short and a bit bushy is considered as marijuana while on the other hand a plant that contains narrower leaves that are mostly situated at the top and grow taller than the former with fewer branches at the bottom is termed as the hemp.

There are a lot more differences between these two that we will tackle as we go along. This will help you decide on which actual cannabis will you be taking and what’s more worth it than the other.

CBD Hemp Seeds

Let’s dig deeper on the differences between the hemp and the marijuana. More exclusively, we’ll focus on the CBD levels of these two. But before that, we’ll try to get through every inch of possible information that will set each other aside.

In this way, it can help you decide which cannabis seed to purchase for future use and which one will do best in your home-based weed farm.

What’s in it?

Two of the main components that cannabis contains are THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD or Cannabidiol. These are what marijuana breeders and users are looking for the seeds and buds for their own consumption.

High THC levels of a cannabis plant mean a high tendency of inducing psychoactive effects or what people mostly call that “sky-rocketing high”. It is responsible for causing a couch-looked or sudden rush of feeling that makes your body and mind feel like floating in the air.

On the other hand, CBD doesn’t cause this effect rather it is the one responsible for helping in the alleviation and relief from certain symptoms of diseases. According to CBD Origin, CBD works as an anti-anxiolytic and anti-inflammatory that keeps pain, stress, and other mental and physical health issues at low levels.

In general, hemp contains minute levels of THC which is around 0.3% or even less while marijuana shares a high range of THC of about 15% to 40%.

Marijuana was mainly used for medicinal and recreational use due to the high THC content that it possesses. Hemp was previously used for making clothes, paper, natural fuel, oils, materials for construction, and many more. But since this type of plant contains a low level of THC and a high level of CBD, it was then considered for medicinal use for those people who are not accustomed to getting high.

Which is easier to cultivate?

Another main difference between these two types of cannabis is the environment that they thrive in.

Marijuana, as some of the people know, will grow positively in an environment that is controlled. It requires to be grown in an area where the climatic condition is somewhere humid and warm and that it will not prosper if they are grown too close together.

On the other hand, hemp can survive in any given climate and it can be grown side-by-side with other hemp plants. This means that there are more possibilities and larger yield to be obtained with such a plant compared to a marijuana plant.

The growth cycles of these two are also on the different sides of the spectrum. Hemps takes longer to mature from seed to flowering phase at about 108 to 120 days while the marijuana plant has a shorter growth span of 60 to 90 days.

These two cannot be grown in close ranges or close together because of the pollens of the hemp’s flowers can pollute the marijuana plants causing the psychoactive effect that this one to be reduced.

Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica

You might be familiar with the Sativa and Indica lineage of the cannabis plants. But did you know that these two are also known as hemp and marijuana respectively? Yes, that’s right!

The Sativas are typically the hemp while the Indicas are the marijuana that cannabis farmers and users enjoy. Cannabis activists, mostly marijuana enthusiasts, are stating that hemp is not great for medical use since it doesn’t contain much of THC that they thought is beneficial in being an effective treatment alternative.

Little do they know that it works the other way around. Keeping a high CBD level and a lower THC content is advantageous to those people who don’t want to get high but needs the medicinal benefits of cannabis plants.

But the good thing is that a lot of people are slowly opening their eyes to the presence of hemp and are now considering its effect as a medicinal alternative. This in return improves the name of high CBD containing hemp in the cannabis industry and is already making its name for itself in the field of medicine.

The development of hemp seeds

As the hemp industry progresses, so does the interest of weed farmers in venturing towards the use of CBD hemp seeds that are more beneficial to patients. There are a lot of online stores and physical seed banks that offer these kinds of cannabis seeds.

There are also a lot of new strains and some are developed and improved ones that are arising from different companies. With this innovation, it is not that far for the hemp industry to prove its worth to more people all over the world.

Future of Medicinal Cannabis

The thing to be projected for the improvement of the hemp industry is the proper dissemination of knowledge regarding the difference between hemp and marijuana. Another one is how high CBD hemp plants can help patients in keeping up with their conditions without inducing that psychoactive effect that some people dislike. Creating a whole new environment for the hemp plant is a good thing and it always begins with proper news and further investigations.

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