Colorado’s New Trend Marijuana Products


Searching to buy Colorado marijuana seeds? Before you went ahead and shop for seeds, check out these new product trends in the Colorado marijuana world.

Change happens quickly in the marijuana industry and business growers have to keep up to date on trending products to stay afloat on the world’s fastest-growing market. Smoking marijuana is just one of the many creative ways to use cannabis in Colorado. You can also indulge yourself from marijuana edibles such as truffles, chocolates, gummies, beverages, candies, and even butter as well as oils.

As soon as Colorado began legalizing recreational marijuana in 2014, various cannabis products have dominated the marketplace. Several years later multiple states in the U.S. have followed marijuana legalization. This resulted to increase in the growth of the cannabis industry. Marijuana Business Daily reported that Colorado’s legal marijuana market hit a huge turning point at the end of 2016. Colorado made over $6 billion in combined recreational and medical marijuana sales since the adult-use cannabis market launched 5 years ago.

Trending Marijuana Products in Colorado

As marijuana becomes more legal to many states, the neighboring industries are also continuing to expand with different cannabis-infused products now that we can easily access marijuana. More and more people who are investing in the weed market have become successful entrepreneurs. This is also made possible by the increasing number of people who are supporting marijuana products.

In spite of the obstacles, the marijuana industry remains unstoppable. There are lots of ways for THC and CBD chemicals from cannabis plants to enter the body. These include smoking, ingesting, vaping and applying it to the skin, etc. This means that there endless possibilities in creating a new marijuana product.


Yes, you read it right. Drinking weed is a thing now not just in Colorado but also in some other parts of the globe. Cocktail infused with marijuana will not only make you drunk but can also get you high. Marijuana beverages have already made their way into the mainstream menu of bars and restaurants in Colorado.

There is also some news circulating that big beverage companies are willing to experiment with adding cannabis to their ingredients. Nowadays, marijuana-infused products such as shots and even tea are also becoming a trend in the cannabis market. In Colorado, water-soluble powders are becoming popular too. We can expect more product innovation since there are a lot of people who want to invest and support marijuana beverages.


Cannabis or marijuana capsules are one of the biggest innovative products created on the medicinal marijuana market. These capsules are useful especially for discrete patients and can help reduce the stigma associated with medicinal marijuana consumed by smoking or vaporizing.

Marijuana capsules are not as sweet as brownies and chocolates or as cooling as drinks would provide but can still definitely deliver the job. Marijuana capsules are often more common for CBD usage. These products are also available in different potencies and varieties according to which licensed producer makes them.


Gummies infused with marijuana have become of the most popular products after marijuana legalization. Colorado residents who consume cannabis also love marijuana-infused gummies. The proof of this is the fact that almost marijuana-infused product manufacturers make gummy candy for consumers.

Marijuana gummies are available in different flavors including watermelon, strawberry, blueberry as well as mango and yuzu. Some manufacturer also offers their customers to buy them in class-specific options like Sativa or Indica and variety of CBD as well as THC ratios.


Some companies have developed and created hemp as well as CBD products specifically formulated for pets. There are some claims that pets can also be treated with marijuana but there is still not approved federal research about this. This means that even though there are products like these on the market for pets, veterinarians are still not legally allowed to prescribe marijuana for animals.

If you’re a pet owner who is considering letting your dog try this product it is important to be careful. There are still no enough researches conducted and no concrete information as to how much your dogs can also consume. Cannabis products created for pets are made for practical purposes and not to get dogs high.


The recent shift towards marijuana laws in the United States has led firms to conduct researches and experimentations into the beauty benefits of marijuana plants. As a result, lots of beauty and skincare products infused with marijuana became available on the market after realizing potentials with these products.

CBD is commonly used for beauty and skincare products since it has anti-inflammatory properties from the cannabinoid receptors in the skin. Some studies claim that cannabis plants can help get rid of acne and are effective when used in beauty or skincare products. It can help relieve pain, hydrate, and even used for attaining euphoric feelings. Marijuana balms provide muscle pain relief; cannabis-infused lotions and rubs make skin look clearer. Bath bombs and bath salts, on the other hand, can give relief and promotes relaxation in the tub. There are also marijuana-infused body wash, lip gloss, mascara, and many more.


The recreational marijuana market is expanding over the years. It shows especially in some states where marijuana is legal, that there is now a greater number of Americans who are taking or consuming marijuana in its different forms. The moment Colorado’s marijuana market started in 2014 it was quickly dominated by marijuana products that are sold in the forms of flowers and jars of sticky buds. In this modern time, we can see a lot of cannabis product innovation that aims to provide cleaner and more convenient, forms of ingestion.

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