Does Medical Marijuana have Seeds

Does Medical Marijuana have Seeds

Marijuana provides most people with a good alternative to treating the symptom of their condition. Many cannabis strains make it easy to cope with intense pain and depression that most people go through with their life.

This is why many want to produce their own cannabis strain in order to have a sustainable supply of for their condition. However, does medical marijuana have seeds like other cannabis plants? We will answer this question by taking a close look at medical weed as well as how breeders make these types of strains.

Understanding medical marijuana

Medical marijuana is a well-known term, even outside of the cannabis community. Some believe this is a different kind of strain for treating various conditions and diseases. Others think that medical and recreational marijuana are the same. In hindsight, both facts are actually true.

Every marijuana strain contains THC, a psychoactive cannabinoid that is responsible for making you high and happy. All strains also have CBD, a non-psychoactive part of marijuana eases your nerves and relax your muscles. CBD can even counteract the effect of THC in your brain.

Cannabis strains have different amounts of THC and CBD. Most regard medical strains to have high amounts of CBD while recreational weed is rich in THC. CBD strains provide relief for a variety of symptoms with less negative impact on your mind. On the other hand, you can still get the same medical effect from strains that have a high THC potency with decent CBD levels.

Creating medical marijuana seeds

Does medical marijuana have seeds like other cannabis strains? The short answer is, yes. Medical strains are no different from recreational strains when it comes to bud production. Every cannabis plant produces seeds.

In order to make your own seeds, you will need to buy or obtain regular seeds for a medical strain. Some of the best ones to grow are the Harlequin and AC/DC strain because of their rich CBD potency.

Take note that we want regular seeds because we are going to pollinate a female plant naturally. This type of seed has a 50/50 chance of turning male or female. Ideally, we want just one male plant for its pollen while the rest are all female plants. Female plants will not only give you seeds, but it will also produce buds for your medical supply.

Clones or cuttings from a male and female plant also works for producing seeds. When the cuttings enter the flowering stage, they will grow pollen sacs and calyx-like other normal plants. Because you are raising clones, you can bypass the germination stage and allow the plants to produce seeds in a short time.

Reminders when producing marijuana seeds

It is important to know that a pollinated plant will not have the energy to give you any medical bud because it will focus all of it in making seeds. This is why many medical strain producers discard any male plant in their garden as soon as it shows their gender.

To avoid any accidental pollination that can ruin your harvest, it is essential to separate all male plants from the rest. If you are growing your cannabis plant outdoors, use two grow tents for the two genders. Make sure there is plenty of distance between the two tents to lower the chances of any pollen from reaching your female plants.

The gender of your cannabis plants will appear during the second to third week of their flowering period. Male plants will have pollen sacs that look bulbous or round while female plants have calyxes that have white pistils shooting from the top.

Pick the best male and female plant to be the parents. This plant will produce your seeds and you will want it to come from a healthy mother and father. The two plants should have no noticeable damages on its leaves or show any signs of nutrient deficiencies.

You can allow a female and male plant to naturally mate by having them grow within a tent or indoor garden room. The chances of pollination between two plants that are close to each other are very high. If you want to control this process and further guarantee that the female plant receives its pollen, harvest the male’s pollen sac.

You can pluck the pollen sac when it shows any sign of tearing or cracking. Use a utility knife to cut the sac free from the plant with ease. Place the pollen sac in a re-sealable bag and store it in a moist free area. When the sac is dry, shake the bag to release the pollen.

Your female plants are ready to take in any pollen when it enters the third week of its flowering period. Use a soft brush or cotton bud to apply the pollen onto the calyx or flowering area of the female plant. Make sure the female plant is in a separate grow tent when applying the pollen to avoid any accidental pollination of your other plants.

If there are any extra pollen left in the bag, you can store them for future use in a freezer. Pollen has a shelf lifespan of around one to two years. It is a good idea to place them in a storage container that can handle extremely low temperatures along with a label of which plant they came from.

Recommended marijuana strain seeds

It takes plenty of effort and time to cultivate a plant for its seed or bud. Not everyone has the luxury to produce seeds for every medical strain available. To help you find the one that is worth investing in it, here are some recommendations.


The ACDC is the strain for anyone who needs large amounts of CBD in one bud. The THC to CBD ratio of a bud is at 1:20. This type of potency will help you cope with intense pain and muscle problems without any fear of mind-altering side effects if you are sensitive to THC. The strain can even hit you with an energetic sativa high that also gives you a clear focus.

Northern Lights

The Indica strain is a parent to many popular marijuana hybrids such as the Super Silver Haze.  As you can expect from an indica cannabis, Northern Lights hits you with a relaxant effect and psychedelic high after consuming. This synergistic effect soothes your body and mind. What makes Northern Lights worth adding to the list is its short flowering period of around six to eight weeks only. In addition, the strain has a very high yield rate per plant.


The Harlequin is another CBD rich strain that has a CBD to THC ratio of 5:2. The potency of the strain delivers a powerful pain relief and effective anxiety control. With the small amount of THC, the Harlequin delivers a mild sativa high that improves your mood with a small risk of intoxication. This sativa leaning hybrid can also boost your energy levels and give you a clear focus while relaxing your body. Like the Northern Lights, this is a fast flowering strain with incredibly high yields.

Sour Diesel

The Sour Diesel packs an intense THC potency that can reach up to 25 percent. The potency hits you with a strong euphoric effect that easily breaks you out of your depression. While this strain barely has any CBD as other strains in the list, Sour Diesel is popular among the medical cannabis community for its long-lasting pain relief. Smoking this strain will also deliver a motivating high that energizes your body.

White Widow

The staple among Dutch coffeehouses during the 90s is always a good medical strain to recommend. White Widow delivers a relaxant effect that soothes your mind and body but is not strong enough to render you sleepy and lethargic. In fact, you will feel motivated to still do certain tasks while riding the strain’s high. This makes the White Widow effective against pain and depression.

Take note that these recommendations strains work for most medical patient’s condition. To find a strain that fits your condition, Aaron Justis would say “you definitely want to get the right medicine for people.” CBD strains are definitely great for cancer patients suffering from the intense pain that comes from their treatment. On the other hand, a strain that has a high THC might be better for you if you are suffering from a mental condition. It is a good idea to check with your doctor or professional budtenders to know which strains are an effective treatment for your condition.


You can create your own medical marijuana seeds as you would with any other cannabis plants. Remember to have a separate grow area for your bud producing plants to avoid any accidental pollination. It is also essential to consult a doctor to pinpoint the right strain for you. This lets you save time and money in cultivating the appropriate medical bud for your needs.

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