Excellent reflective materials to use in your marijuana grow room

For the best grow room results, a reflective surface on your walls and floor are a great way to maximize available light, and send it to all the parts of your happy, healthy marijuana plants. We are going to discuss some excellent materials that can be used as reflective draping or wall surfaces.

Go with the best for the walls of your ganja grow room

Reflective materials catch available light that would otherwise fall off the edges and verges of the grow room, and disappear. After catching and collecting that light, they reflect, or “diffuse” it back onto the eager marijuana plants, thereby increasing the efficacy of your lighting and lighting systems.  While you do not have to use reflective material on the walls, it is highly recommended that you do.  You want to maximize every square inch and foot of your grow room, and reflective materials are the best way to go. I am going to discuss two different reflective materials with you, and then set you loose on your grow room.

Shed some light on the Ganja grow room walls

Let’s start with one you might know already, the Orca Grow Films. Manufactured form a tough, resilient cloth-based fabric (not paper, thank you very much) Orca reflects light evenly across the spectrum, and across the grow room. It has a measured reflection rate of 94 to 98%.  No more pinpointing light and nasty hot spots in the grow room, and no more crisped marijuana plants; this is an excellent material with incredible re-use and cleaning capacity.  Orca is much easier to work with, much more flexible and does not crinkle on contact.  Orca Films are more expensive than Mylar by about 20%, but you will realize the benefits of it almost immediately.  Orca Films are considered a green material in both construction and use.  Next up is Permaflect, another GREAT material that is based on a mesh backing, and is extremely durable.  The mesh backing is highly reinforced and incredibly durable, I have been using the same Permaflect sheets for about 7 years now, and they are every bit as good as they were when I first bought them.  Permaflect has a high re-use value, almost indestructible, with a reflectivity rated at between 95-97%.  Permaflect is also a diffuse fabric that does not pinpoint light and create hot spots.  It is more expensive than Orca Films by about 20%

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