Female vs Male Marijuana Seeds: Genetic Identifications

male vs female marijuana

Just like other life forms, cannabis plants also have distinctive genders. They can either be female or male reproductive parts. In some cases, you would find hermaphrodite plants. These are plants with female and male attributes. The sex of a plant doesn’t matter, but with cannabis growers, knowing the gender and the sex of your cannabis plant is quite important to both breeders and growers. The kind of marijuana is significant to the value and quality of the product result. Seedless buds have a value of more than low-quality marijuana. For instance, one female plant is able to produce buds. In addition, it’s useless to sell products that are male plants, because it wouldn’t give much of a high. Unplanted, regular cannabis seeds would normally have 50/50 of a chance to produce a male vs female marijuana plant. And most companies and seed banks offer genetically shifted feminized cannabis seeds, which lessen some of the risks of breeding if a male phenotype is lacking resinous buds get blended in. It could infect the healthy females and fertilize them if a male cannabis plant sneaks into your marijuana garden. This isn’t good once you have committed a lot of time, effort, and money in the cultivating procedure. Once a female cannabis plant is bred, it would begin producing seed instead of focusing its energy on growing robust flowers. By getting the issue early on and fast removing a male from your garden, you could make sure that the outcome is a healthy female cannabis plant. Keep reading if you want to know how to tell male vs female marijuana seeds plants.

How to Tell Male vs Female Marijuana Plant

The marijuana plants has a distinctive sexes, it could be either female or male. Both the female and male generate flowers and every flower has its own special purposes. Below is the breakdown of male and female marijuana plants.

Difference Between Female and Male Plants

Getting hold of female and male marijuana types is the first thing the newbie growers need to do. As you are possibly aware by now, it is the female marijuana plant that generates those all the important buds. There might be trace amounts of CBD and THC in male marijuana plants, but not enough to bring back the effort and time it takes to grow them. By the time you have identified which of your marijuana plants are female vs male marijuana, you have already made an investment in them. However, discovering half of your crop is male is not really a pleasing realization 

female marijuana

Female Marijuana

Female cannabis plants are primarily what everyone wanted when growing marijuana because there are the ones that produce buds, which is the part of the cannabis plant that has the most THC. Your cannabis plant may end up nourishing their flowers with seeds with just one male cannabis plant and a tiny amount of pollen. If you have a male and female cannabis plant in the same growing space, the buds that are growing there would only create seeds so you would not be able to smoke any of it. You could tell female cannabis plants alone to the fact that their flowers do not fully close, they are actually very open and they create little hairs known as pistils. They are amazingly easy to identify, as the first thing they generate are their pistils, which male cannabis plant doesn’t have at all.


Male Marijuana

Male marijuana plants basically generate pollen which is necessary for marijuana plants to naturally regenerate. Seeds occur when there are male cannabis plants in the mix. If you’re planning to make your cannabis seeds you would need a male cannabis plant. But, if you are growing regular cannabis plants and you want to harvest the flowers, most growers suggest getting rid of any male plants as soon as possible. You will not be able to tell them aside until they start to flower, which is when the plants start to show its sex. Male cannabis plants produce “balls” which open up to let its pollen out, ending up like small packs of flowers. You will need to get rid of them before this occurs. If they happen to release their pollen it will be too late. They could reach up to 3 weeks to burst. If you are still not sure how to tell them aside, male marijuana flowers don’t have any pistils on them at all costs. 

Common Misconception

There’s no way of separating females from male marijuana seed. And if you have a pack of regular marijuana seeds, you will be looking at a pretty even split of male vs.female cannabis seeds. Let’s say they are already mixed, it is impossible to separate them into two different batches of female and male seeds. The only thing you can do is to germinate the seed, plant them, and wait for the telltale signals of their gender. On the other side, this does not mean you are necessary, there is an affordable and easy way of making this happen. Instead of purchasing standard marijuana seeds, it is simply a matter of sticking with feminized marijuana seeds from a reliable seed bank. 


Hopefully, this article would help you better understand the difference between the female vs male marijuana plant. Your dream yield of healthy, strong female buds is the goal for most cannabis growers. And learning the basics are the first steps in becoming an expert marijuana cultivator.

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