Flushing Marijuana Plants Before the Harvest for Guaranteed Best Outcome

flushing marijuana plants

Flushing your marijuana plants is important to ensure that you are getting the highest quality in your bud for the smoking pleasure. Over the months of your marijuana grow, from the vegetative phase to the final days of flowering, your plants, if you are applying the nutrients correctly are going to have quite a buildup of nutrients inside their cells and biological structures. You don’t really want to smoke that, so you must use a flushing methodology prior to the harvest of the marijuana bud. When you flush your marijuana plants, you are watering them with nothing other than water, and you are doing it in a fashion that encourages the marijuana plant to uptake as much of that water as possible in the shortest amount of time, in order to flush out the nutrients and build-up in their system.

Get your marijuana girls thirsty before you flush.

Starting two weeks away from harvest time, let your pot plants get quite thirsty. Do not water them for three to four days, depending on your conditions. Let them get good and dry, but don’t let it go to the point that they are getting droopy.

After ascertaining that they are nice and dry, go ahead and give each one a good long drink with clear, clean water. No additives in the water, please, just clean water! Don’t worry if the water starts flushing out the bottom, of the pot, but do stop when it does. Rinse and repeat. You are going to let them dry out again for about four days, and then repeat the procedure, all the way up to the harvest time.

I know of some people who don’t start to flush their marijuana plants until a couple of days before harvest, I do not recommend that. It is not enough time to get rid of everything in the bud that you don’t want in there. The thirstier your marijuana girls are, the better they will rapidly absorb the fresh, non-additive water, and the more quickly it will roll through their system, flushing out nutrient and alkaline build-up.

The end results will be a much smoother and sweeter smoke, which is good for both you, and any medical marijuana patients you might be growing for. This is a very important step in the harvesting of your bud, please do not forget it.

Again, FLUSH YOUR MARIJUANA PLANTS. Your lungs will thank you.

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