Free ganja seeds? Where do I sign up for that Swag?

It isn’t really a matter of signing up for anything, more an issue of doing some online research and then making the decision to buy some marijuana seeds.  Hedge your bets, and start scoping out who gives the most free marijuana seeds per order, and if any of those marijuana seeds are what you are interested in.

Do the research

There are so many free marijuana seeds out  there that it is now possible to be a selective shopper, if you will, concentrating not just on your “pay for” marijuana seeds, but also on the selection of your free marijuana seeds. All the companies will tell you what they are going to give you, so start doing a little bit of research on that. If one seed company is offering you two of the crunchy white widow you are looking for, as opposed to the other company that is offering you just 1 of the same widow  then it should be pretty obvious which marijuana seed company you should be giving your money to.  Make sure that you are getting what you really want, or what compliments your marijuana growing program.

Learn to be a savvy (and well researched) marijuana shopper

Try shopping with this in mind, you can be as particular and discerning in the marijuana freebies you’ll get, as you are in the “pay for“seeds you get. Try to have the marijuana freebies you get complement your “pay for” order. For example, if you are going heavily into the sativa end of the genetic spectrum, have your free marijuana seeds reflect that. Pick the marijuana seeds that are a higher Sativa percentage than Indica percentage.  It will never hurt you to have various marijuana strains within one spectrum of the medical marijuana biz.

Mix and Match that free cannabis weed seeds

If you are interested in doing some Indica, get some free seeds that have a higher Indica percentage. The variety and genetics out there run the gamut, and yes you can get PURE Sativas, or PURE Indicas. It isn’t easy, and there are not a lot of the pure marijuana strains out there, but they are out there.  Do your homework on both your free seed, and the ones that you pay for. Believe me, the marijuana seeds of high quality are not inexpensive, and it is worth your while to go ahead and be prepared for the cost that you will pay.

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