Journey from free marijuana seeds to the final product

Journey from free marijuana seeds to the final product

While growing free marijuana seeds is not necessarily a hard or physically strenuous exercise, it definitely takes an enormous amount of knowledge, patience, resources, and the willingness to fail, and by failing; subsequently learning. Nothing good comes free or easy; anyone who tries to tell you differently is selling a bill of goods and should be avoided. Take your time in this process, don’t be swayed by crazy claims and counterclaims, and don’t take growing advice from people who are so stoned hey cannot remember their own damn names. The best growers I have ever known do not light up often, and when they do, it is almost always their stuff. Sure, I have listened to the bullshitters and attention mongers, but the proof is in the pudding, as it were, and at the end of the day it is always my ganja that people want, and want to pay for.

Money talks and BS walks in the free marijuana seeds growing business

First-time growers are chatterboxes, and unfortunately, they are often spinners of fantastic yarns.  After they get a few grows under their belts though, you will notice a change in the grower; they get a lot quieter.  Chatterboxes are around the block a few times. They know what works and what doesn’t work, and they want to learn more, rather than spew on and on about the latest fan-boy techno-wonder touted by one person or another. They ask pointed and deliberate questions and tend to disengage when the respondent starts squawking smack.

Serious growers of free marijuana seeds want to talk about the genetics involved. This includes the latest and greatest strain floating around the marijuana world. They are not particularly interested in responses phrased in stoner technology. Statements like “Dude, it was the absolute shit man, I was so buzzed I drank a can of tomato juice because I thought it was a beer” are not terribly interesting or informative to the real grower, other than the laugh value it may have.

Whether you are 18 or 58, grow the hell up. Start listening to serious growers if you want to get into this business. Behave and not act like a goofball fan-boy. You might get some amazing tips and tricks about how to grow. You might even get some free seeds.  I know I have given a lot of them out, but definitely not to idiots.

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