Free marijuana seeds are the real deal, make your grow the real deal too

This blog topic falls under the category of; you have to have money in order to make money. No, I don’t mean you have to be big-Mama war-bucks, or a spoiled trust fund baby, it means that you need to have enough scratch to buy the right equipment from the start. You want your equipment to last, correct? Most of us do. If you are going to do marijuana grow, make sure to prioritize that marijuana grow. Set aside a hundred dollars a month until you have enough to purchase a couple of really good lights, enough growing medium and nutrients, and all the hardware necessary for the grow room. Your equipment is not a place where you want to scrimp at all.

Make a commitment to the awesome genetics of your free marijuana


I know, it isn’t free marijuana just yet, but it will be. I have had free marijuana seeds that turned into girls that pumped out an enormous amount of product, one of them booted out almost three quarters of a pound form just one plant. Yes, she was turned into a mother, and she is still thriving to this day. I have probably cloned over one hundred babies from her, so you’re getting the picture of the value of those free marijuana seeds, aren’t you? I hope you also understand the value of getting the right equipment and nutrients form the very beginning too. I have one set of two grow lights that I bought almost ten years ago. Since they were such a high initial investment, I have taken very good care of them, and they still pump out the lumens to this day. The more you spend in the beginning, the better your long term rewards will be, whether you are talking about cannabis seeds, or growing equipment.

Be a wise marijuana grower, not a fan-boy, or fan girl

Fan boys and fan girls are those “growers” (I use the term loosely) who want to talk more than they act, and want to throw their money at the latest expensive thing that trots down the road, whether it is proven or not. They are also the people most likely to try a few things half-heartedly for about 6 months, and then bitch incessantly when things didn’t work out. They always think they know more than anyone in the room, and are a deadly negative group of people, plus being uber boring. Don’t be a fan boy or fan girl. Do your marijuana grow right the first time.

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