Free seeds are just good fiscal sense

With the cost of the high end marijuana seeds escalating daily, and a seeming buzz around every newest strain that rolls out (remember strawberry cough?) it might seem a little bit difficult to  sort out all the strains, and sort out the finances required to obtain those genetic resources. That’s why the free seed offers from almost every weed -seed -site out there are such an excellent deal, for both your pocketbook and your breeding program. The free seeds that are offered are no slouches, they are excellent genetics offered for free in order to get you to pump up the dollar amount of your order.  So in the literal sense of the word they are not free, but in the reality of the project, they are free.  So take advantage while you can.  Do a little bit of research into the free seeds being offered by the different seed companies, are they the seeds you want? Do they have the qualities and medicinal characteristics you are looking for, and do you have a good idea about how they will grow, or what the free seed types need in a grow? Believe me; it does differ, from strain to strain, and seed to seed.  Do the freebies mesh with the grow you are planning? Think about these things, they all matter, and should have a great deal of influence on the seeds and free seeds that you obtain.  Different seed companies are offering different types of deals on their free seeds, take the time to check each one out, and compare the value of the free offering.  It has become an art just selecting your free seeds, every bit as careful and cautious as picking out the ones that you pay for, so take your time and does it right.

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