Germinate your potential marijuana baby’s right, and get your soil ready

So, the majority of your feminized Himalayan gold seeds have sunk to the bottom, and you are just waiting for the few remaining stragglers to load up on water and sink to the bottom with their brothers and sisters. In this lull, you can be preparing your germinating soil, if you have been listening to me; you will have all the items already bought, and ready to start working on.  Your germinating soil should be a nice organic potting soil, mixed with a TRACE amount of organic blood meal (very little please) and a little perlite and sphagnum moss. If you were ahead of your game, you pre-mixed this soil a day or two ago, and after thoroughly mixing, you watered it to the point of dampness. Not saturated, but damp. I will use solo cups as my germinating chambers when using soil, I cut vertical slits in the bottom 1 inch of the cups to allow water to move out of the soil mix, and place the cups in a multi-pot planting container. The 8 ounce solo cups fit well in the container/holder, and they are always guaranteed to be clean to the point of sterile, which is what you want in the germinating room.

Continue keeping everything nice and warm while waiting for your final marijuana seeds to sink to the bottom.

Keep your soil in its cups in the germinating area, that way you are guaranteeing that the soil is as warm as it should be. Marijuana has to have a certain soil temperature in order to continue germinating and thriving, I often place my germinating babies on specific heating mats and systems in order to ensure the soil temp is correct for them. Once all of the seeds have sunk to the bottom, go ahead and transplant them into the warm soil, with the pointy end down! Use clean tweezers in this process, and never squeeze a soaked seed too hard, you might have a disaster on your hands. If some of your seeds never sank to the bottom, go ahead and plant them too, but label the cups they are in. They probably won’t be successful, but give it a try anyway. Do not plant your ganja seeds in their warm soil too deeply, really, only an eighth of an inch should suffice! Gently sprinkle some substrate over the top of the planted seeds, and then very gently water with room temperature, clean water.

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