Getting more from your marijuana grow: marijuana seeds to harvest!


There are a series of ways to increase production and bud-quality in the marijuana grow, I want to outline just a few of them, esp. with your marijuana seeds.  If you are looking to produce some sticky bud monsters that absolutely drip THC, you want to remember a few things. Stick to using the best nutrients you can, be consistent with your lighting schedules, max your lighting out as much as you can, literally, try for 8000 lumens per square foot and more, and keep the grow room clean and pest free. Those may seem like minor goals, but they are not. The other most important piece of information I can impart to you is to start small. Learn in your small grows before you graduate to the big ones.

Depending on the marijuana seeds, these goals are either easy to achieve, or not

The smaller the grow; the easier it is to monitor everything encompassed within that grow and respond to it correctly. (You hope) That is one of the reasons I always recommend that the newbie grower start out small. It is easier to lose a crop of five plants than it is to lose a crop of 100 plants. Starting out small will help you to learn to be an observer, learn how to properly set and adjust your lights, and save you an enormous amount of money. Starting out small with a few marijuana seeds will encourage to experiment and test different types of set-ups and nutrients, watering schedules, and appropriate light cycles without worrying about the loss of a crop or a large crop.  Learn how to use the timers on your lights in your small marijuana grow before graduating to the big grow. Get familiar and comfortable with all of the technology you want to use in your small grow. You do not want to be fussing with systems you do not understand when it comes time for a big grow. This will just cause waste to your marijuana seeds.

Pest control and cleanliness in the marijuana grow room

The best pest control on the planet for the grow room is to not allow them to get into the grow room in the first place. One way to approach this is to take off your shoes before entering the marijuana grow room. Shoes carry dirt. Dirt carries all manner of nasties. You don’t need to carry those into the marijuana grow room. Cleanliness is another preventative measure that can assist in pest control.

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