Growing your marijuana hash from cannabis seeds

Growing your marijuana hash from cannabis seeds

Make sure that you pick the right strain of cannabis seeds for marijuana hash production. There are several ways to make hash; here are two of the approaches. However, you choose to make marijuana hash, be aware that there are strains out there that are far better for the production of has than others, and you should buy accordingly.  Great hash plants tend to be shorter, very bushy, and the kind that just pumps out the THC. After about four weeks in flowering, they should look like they are covered with a thin layer of snow or icing. Sharksbreath, Kushberry, Hashberry are all great marijuana hash plants from cannabis seeds. Any of the Kush strains or derivatives are great for making hash, as are most of the white widow strains.  Anything that is predominantly Indica or 100% Indica is the way to go for making hash. The best plants will often march that crystalline right out onto the leaves, so remember that when it comes time for chopping and drying.

Make sure that your bud and leaves are completely dry before attempting to make hash.

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marijuana hash

You need to focus a lot of energy on the drying stages of your marijuana bud before slicing dicing and shaking. Wet or damp bud or leaves will not release the THC crystalline structures, and there is a high probability that if you process your hashish while the leaves and bud are still damp, you will run into problems with mold and rot later on. Another thing to remember, please don’t dry your leaves and bud in the sun. Sunlight will degrade THC once the plant and the weed bud have been harvested. Quite often, the difference between a blond or a black marijuana hash (good cannabis seeds) is whether or not they have been dried in the sun. Again, after your plant and bud have been harvested, you do not want to dry them in direct sunlight. Sunlight will degrade the quality of your THC significantly.

Use the paper bag trick to dry out your marijuana bud.

Start your bud drying process in a paper bag. Cover the bottom of a standard paper bag with wet bud, trying not to overlap the buds, you might get mold or mildew on them if you do. Hang the paper bags from a towel rack or a clothes rack. Leave these bags in a dark, room temperature area in for no less than 48 hours. After 48 hours, open up the bags and check the drying process. Remember in your pre-drying trim the more stem you leave on the buds, the more evenly they will dry out.

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