Growing High Quality Cannabis Using Aeroponics Method

aeroponics cannabis

Aeroponics cannabis is a system of growing marijuana plants that don’t have any medium for the roots to grow. It is a system of hydroponic gardening where the plant’s roots are hung in the air as the water and nutrients are delivered through a system that continuously steams the roots. The microorganisms on the plant are in an oxygen-rich environment that enables the microorganism time to dissolve the nutrients and to make them instantly accessible to the cannabis plant’s circulatory system. The well-circulating CO2 in the room enables further enhancement. In this article, we will discuss how to grow cannabis with aeroponics.

Other Hydroponics systems include:

  • Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)
  • Ebb and Flow
  • Wick system
  • Sea of Green (SOG)
  • Continuous flow
  • The Screen of Green (SCROG)

How Does Aeroponics Work?

Growing marijuana with aeroponics; the cannabis plants are grown in the net pots, hanging over a misting system; and the plant roots are sprayed with a blend of nutrients and water at high pressure with on and off intervals. The intervals are necessary for them to enable them to gain great benefits of growing marijuana aeroponics saving electricity, decreasing waste and evaporation, also as reducing the likelihood of disease like root rot. The “off” interlude gives the plant a recess that enables the cannabis plant time to begin the nutrients into its circulatory system. 

Aeroponics cannabis grows uses fewer nutrients and lesser water unlike other grow systems. The nutrients-rich waters stop in a closed-loop system. A good aeroponics system would have caps over the net-pots, allowing only the stem through the caps, which decreases evaporation. This method reduces the risk of the nutrients in becoming concentrated too fast. The light also prevents from suffocating the root zone, making it almost impossible for algae to survive. This disease-free environment enables the cannabis plant to grow at a higher density so you could grow more plants/ square meters than any other method of growing. Your growth would outpace the soil growth, also hydroponic systems like bubble-phonics, DWC, and nutrient film techniques. 

Aeroponics is Not for Beginners

A cannabis grower must be familiar with how cannabis grows and what a healthy cannabis plant would look like, so issues become evident early in the process. And if you’re not technically liable, this might not be the system ideal for you. As an aeroponics marijuana grower, you must feel comfortable replacing pumps, misters, and hoses, as important to keep your system in great working order. 

Increased Yields

Aeroponics cannabis yield; large-scale growth combine and increased yields with the highest root-zone air circulation and minimum risk of disease, aeroponic systems show benefits more than the traditional indoor hydroponic systems. The high oxygen environment is in charge of the large root growth seen in aeroponic growth. This has been scientifically tested and proven to increase crop yields by more than 10x over the use of soil. Aeroponic weed allows for a short vegetative time, so not only your yield would increase because of the healthier plants, but also because you would be able to grow more crops every year. 

Aeroponics Advantages and Disadvantages

While there’s a lot of advantages that come with growing marijuana with aeroponics, this way of gardening isn’t easy for newbies. Cannabis growers must have a large knowledge about marijuana plants and enough funds to generate a quality product from growing marijuana aeroponics. It is important to know that this method needs close attention to detail, and wherein lies many of its difficulties. Aeroponics cannabis growing system is based on a continuous application of vapor to the roots, so requiring that the system stays active 24/7. Broken pumps, power outages, empty reservoirs, and clogged nozzles could all block your garden. The roots without moisture would begin dying within an hour. Symptoms should be in place to warn you of failures, and somebody must be on hand to report the problem presented, making growing marijuana aeroponics entirely costly means to growing marijuana with aeroponics. In addition, hurdles include molds in the planter box and knowing how and when to properly feed your cannabis plants. 

But, there’s also a number of advantages that come with growing marijuana with aeroponics. The roots of your plants are in full contact with oxygen all the time and roots thrive on oxygen. And also, the nutrients meltdown in the water are being directly applied to the roots, making them prepared and available for the marijuana plant’s absorption. Aeroponics enables the plants to be put closer together as they’re not fighting for soil territory. The lack of soil also makes for easy and fast harvest and avoids pests usually associated with solid from ever entering your marijuana growing space. Lastly, aeroponics uses a very little amount of water as all the water isn’t taken in by the plants. 

Quality of Marijuana Grown with Aeroponics

The aeroponics method is known for the quality product they create. The mixture of applying nutrients directly to the roots and growing inside enables them to develop into healthy, large buds. Growing marijuana with aeroponics is known to bloom with ripe trichomes and with high yields, which make for desirable and profitable products. But, sometimes they could lack the complex taste that could be found by growing in the soil.

Final Thoughts 

Growing marijuana with aeroponics is definitely not ideal for newbie growers. It may have a lot of pros and cons and maybe much more expensive than the regular growing method but it would surely give you a large and healthy bud with high yields that surely is profitable for you.

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