Growing Your Marijuana Seeds_ Greening up those marijuana babies

Growing Your Marijuana Seeds: Greening up those marijuana babies

Yes, you have built the grow room, and are quickly growing your marijuana seeds into young plants. Now it is the time for you to start focusing on the greening and growing of your precious marijuana babies. Some of them came from free weed seed, some of them came from seeds you paid for, but you love all of them, and want to give them the bets. I am going to tell you how you do that. First things first, give them the absolute best you can afford in everything, that should make them pretty darn happy. Here is how you do that.

There is no such thing as too much light for your baby marijuana plants.

Your grow room during the light cycle needs to be blinding, literally “I have to put sunglasses on in order to see in here” type of blinding.  So yes, that means plenty of light. If you have any knowledge about the light needed in the grow room, you know it takes a lot of light in growing those marijuana seeds. Do what you have to do in order for them to thrive. We are not talking about existing here, we are talking about thriving.

This does not mean outing the lights too close to the plants, rather providing more than enough for them to pop!  The stronger and healthier your pot plants are in the vegetating phase, the stronger and healthier they will be in the flowering phase. React to that knowledge accordingly and get as many lights in that grow room as you can. In this case, more is much better.

Be as organic as you can in your soils and nutrients.

Remember this adage, everything that goes into your plants comes out in the smoke, and you will be well served if you abide by that. Harsh, unnatural chemicals and chemical soil additives create a harsh smoke that does not get better with time, nor is it terribly good for you. If you use organics in everything, your nutrients, your soils, or substrates, your pest control and your watering solutions, your plants and you will be a lot better off. 

Although the marijuana plant is a very hardy and durable beastie, there are things you can do to make it even more hardy and resilient, organics are one of them. Do the right things when growing your marijuana seeds, and you will be fully rewarded when it comes time to harvest all and sundry.

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