How do you get to be a good ganja grower? Experimentation

And what is the most conducive thing to experimentation in the pot growing industry? Free genetics, or in every day speech, free pot seeds. Now before you go and get crazy on buying up seeds to get more freebies, take some heed. You need to tailor both your “pay-for” purchases and your free weed seed samples to your needs and desires in a strain. Study the seed strain pages of every seed site you are interested in purchasing from. Go ahead and take the time and minimum amount of energy necessary to go into this process prepared.

The marijuana seed choices can be dizzying, but dive on in anyway

A marijuana seed strain page is a page on the seed site’s menu that outlines the characteristics, quality and optimum growing conditions for that specific marijuana strain. A medium sized weed seed site will have thousands of strain pages, many of the descriptions of the same strain will differ slightly form breeder to breeder, depending on what they wanted to emphasize in that strain. If you take a popular strain for example, something like a white widow, you will find that every breeder approaches their widow strains a little bit differently. Some will introduce a far higher sativa % into the mix, while others will go the other way and try for the more Indica approach. You need to compare and contrast other people’s strains for the characteristics that you most want. Once again, the best place to get that information is off of the seed strain pages at the different weed seed sites.

You are paying for your marijuana seeds, get what you want

You must make sure you are getting what you want, and not you think you should be getting based on a buzz, or fad that is going around. Sure, the newest, latest, greatest and coolest might be super attractive for a brief while, but their popularity generally won’t outlast the length of your marijuana grow, unless you are sticking with some tried and true favorites. Widow, Chemo, Papaya, Alaskan Ice, Train wreck, those are all names that have been around for a while, and have a reputation for stability, ease of growing, and supersonic highs. All of these classics have a lot of variants, and they would. They are excellent and reliable genetics, and should be considered a cornerstone for a breeding program.

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