How does this free marijuana seed thing work?

How it works is very simple; the weed seed web sites want your business, and they want it very badly. There is an enormous amount of competition out there, and the genetics are all pretty top-shelf, with some notable exceptions. Put this competition to work for you.

Read the ratings from Marijuana Growers

Many of the weed-seed sites allow room at the bottom of a descriptive page (describing the qualities of the Marijuana you are looking at) for people who have purchased that strain to do a review on that particular strain. Pay attention to these.  While you may have to “weed” through a lot of stoner speak, you may also get some coherent reviews that talk about the qualities and growing cycles of that strain. Pay attention, whether you are a newbie marijuana grower, or a seasoned veteran.

Free weed seeds, is it just swag?

Marijuana seed sites are prepared to offer a lot of swag in order to get your business, both initially, and as repeat customers. Insist that the swag you get is free seeds. These free seeds will be every bit as high quality as the seeds you paid for, and they can easily become a cornerstone of your genetics program or breeding program.  Of all the free seeds I have received from marijuana seed sites, my sprout ratio hovered at about 80%, and the potency of the plant that came from the free seeds was always excellent.  I noticed that the seed sites had a limit on how many free seeds they would give; for example I got the same amount of free seeds from them if I ordered 300 dollars’ worth of seeds, as I would get from them if I ordered $200.00 worth of seeds.  You guessed it, I got clever, I would split my orders in half and space them out over a two or three week period, thus ensuring I was hauling in the freebies along with the non-freebies. If I timed it right, I could get all the same freebies from each order, thus doubling my chances at propagation success with the freebies I received.  The free seeds are a marketing strategy designed to make you buy more seeds at one time, and it has been such a popular offer that I’m pretty sure it’s here to stay.  So, boot up, get yourself ready, do a little research, then go on out there and get them!

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