How to Dry your Marijuana Bud for Proper Consumption

How to dry your marijuana bud for proper consumption

So, you have gotten all of your buds harvested and nicely trimmed out, and you are ready to begin the drying process in order to get that marijuana bud ready to smoke. I am going to give you some tips on how to dry your marijuana bud that will make it come out perfect every time, green, coated with THC, and smelling like a dried bud should smell.

The wrong and the right ways to dry your marijuana buds

I never cease to be amazed at the people who swear they have bought the best bud on the planet, and they are just dying to show it to me. What they drag out of a bag, or a bottle, or wherever they drag it from is a brown and sad looking marijuana bud that has lost a huge percentage of its THC quality due to being dried incorrectly.  I usually allow that person to light up some of my dried buds, and they are just amazed at the greenness, the smoke, and the potency.

So here is the lesson to be learned: DO NOT DRY YOUR MARIJUANA BUD INDIRECT LIGHT! Whether it is sunlight or lamplight! Brown buds are the proof that the grower has no knowledge of how to dry their marijuana bud. Sunlight and other forms of light degrade the THC in the bud to a lesser degree of quality. Direct light in the drying process turns your buds brown (undesirable) and makes the smoke much harsher. Do not degrade the quality of your THC by drying in direct light.  Have I made my point?

Here is how to dry your marijuana correctly.

Start your drying process in a dark, warm room. Too cold, and the bud cannot dry because the THC crystals are hardening under the onus of the cold. 60 to 80 degrees is great. You can start with a paper bag, or a start by hanging your buds from something. Keep the room warm and ventilated, and keep the lights off. Do not leave lights on in the room. Although it is okay to have the lights on while you are working on the room.  Leave some stem on the buds to suck up the remaining sugars from the stem as they dry. It will sweeten your smoking experience, and add a nice rounded finish to the bud.

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