How to Sprout Marijuana Seeds the Easy Way


Possibly the very first thing that you will learn when growing cannabis is how to sprout marijuana seeds. The germination stage may be the most important part of growing cannabis. You must make sure that you are growing top quality and viable cannabis seeds before you start germination.

Nebula Haze said that you will be able to tell that cannabis seeds have germinated when the white tendril or the taproot has emerged from the seeds. The taproot is a primary structure of a seedling and this will become longer and longer. This will grow longer that it will push the seed up and will break the shell and through the surface of the growing medium. Soon, the seedling will push out the “cotyledons” or the first leaves. Afterward, the first true leaves will sprout. These are the first leaves that the new plant has developed.

How to sprout marijuana seeds – what seeds need

Marijuana seeds are just like regular seeds because these need a warm and moist environment to sprout. Like mimicking the natural growing conditions of seeds in the soil, you need to provide a conducive, warm, and moist growing environment to sprout your seeds. You need to keep things moist but not soaking for up to 24 to 32 hours.

But no matter what never leave the seeds soaking for more than a day to prevent mold and mildew growth. Cannabis seeds also need a quiet place to germinate. Do not disturb your seeds until the taproot emerges. The only way you can disturb your seeds is when you need to water the growing medium or you need to check for the taproot. Your seeds need a warm environment to germinate as well. A springtime climate is the best type of warm growing environment. Take note that you need to germinate in cooler temperatures because it can take longer when this is done in a cold environment.

You must treat your seeds like a baby and be gentle. Be careful when you are checking up on your seeds and also when you have to move your plant or you need to transplant it to a larger pot. Never touch the taproot as much as possible. The taproot is the initial part of the seed that sprouts from the structure and this is very fragile and may even snap off when mishandled.

When you plant your seedlings, orient the seeds by pointing the taproot downwards into the soil. When planting seeds that have germinated do not place it too deep into the growing medium. Allow about half an inch to an inch down from the surface of the growing medium. Consider springtime weather and climate when germinating your seeds. You must germinate in the spring so these plants will flower and take advantage of long summers.

Viable cannabis seeds

To make sure that your seeds will germinate quickly, make sure that you are not just growing good strains but also viable seeds. Just some of the most common characteristics of viable seeds include dark seeds and hard seeds. You might find seeds that are pale-green or white. These seeds will not sprout and will not germinate. Dark seeds will germinate when placed in ideal growing or germinating conditions. Find out about the seed’s viability according to its weight.  Conduct the water test by placing the seeds in water. Seeds that will sink are heavy and are likely to contain heavy insides. Seeds that will float are light because these don’t contain any viable material and therefore will not grow.

Germinate in starter plugs and grow cubes

One of the most trusted ways to sprout marijuana seeds is to use starter plugs or grow cubes. These are specially-made and most preferred by growers because these are very easy to use. These make cannabis germination easy because you only need to place the seed inside the cube or plug. Afterward, add water and wait. This starter cube has all the things your seeds will need to sprout so you won’t make a mistake. As long as the seed is placed inside the hole of the cube you will never have to worry about committing any mistake.

The most highly-recommended starter cube is Rapid Rooters because these are easy use and is available almost everywhere. Just stick the seed in the Rapid Rooter and keep this warm and moist until the seed sprouts. The seedlings and roots will appear from the cubes in just a matter of days. Rapid Rooter can be used in hydroponics, coco coir, and soil growing.

Another widely used growing cube is Rockwool Cubes. This is for hydroponic cannabis growers because this can be safely placed in a hydroponic setup. Rockwool can take a lot of moisture and will never develop molds or mildew. You can easily find Rockwool almost everywhere but there are a few things to remember: Rockwool cubes are bad for the environment because this is not a natural material. Rockwool does not break down, therefore, it will remain in that form forever.

Rockwool is also bad for your health. This can cause respiratory irritation because the cubes could become very dry and powdery.  You must rinse these completely before use so that the powdery material won’t get in your eyes, skin, and mouth. Growers who use Rockwool are advised to wear a mask, goggles, and garden gloves before handling this material.

Place marijuana seeds in the growing medium of your choice

When planting marijuana seeds in the soil, plant these about a few inches deep in moist soil or as some growers might say, a knuckle deep. A grow light or a heating pad will also be useful to keep the seeds warm. If you want to plant your seeds in coco coir or other soilless growing mediums put your seeds in the medium just like you would plant in soil.

Using germination equipment

A germination tool or equipment is a special type of equipment that is designed to warm the seeds enough so these can germinate. This piece of equipment is available in high tech gardening shops and cannabis growing specialty shops but these could be a bit costly. You may also make your own DIY germination station at home by using a plastic dome over a plate and putting this on a heating pad. When you start growing cannabis seedlings in a special germination station, use a starter seedling cube to germinate the seeds. Growing seeds first in a starter cube can also make it easier to transfer seedlings to a larger pot or container. And once the seeds have germinated, create a hole in the middle of the growing medium. Place the germination seed pellet inside the hole but be careful not to touch the taproot. You must water the growing medium until you see the water from the holes of the container. The roots will emerge from the bottom part of the cube and these will dig into the medium as the seedlings develop healthier roots.

Soaking the cannabis seeds overnight

One way to germinate seeds is to soak your seeds in warm water overnight. This method is often used in seeds that have very hard and strong shells. This technique also works with seeds that are mature or for seeds that have been kept in storage for a longer time. Most viable seeds will float and then sink after soaking for quite some time.

As a seed opens, you will be able to clearly see the roots emerging from the seed. However, some seeds may take longer than other seeds to germinate. Seeds that are older can take time but despite this, do not leave seeds soaked in water for more than a day. This is because seeds can drown and water could destroy seeds’ viable insides. If a seed has not germinated after being soaked in water overnight, place these in a place where it’s warm and moist. This will completely finish its germinating phase.

The paper towel method

Possibly the most popular way to germinate marijuana seeds is using a paper towel method. This is also a very popular technique and you will only need simple materials you will find at home. Simply wet a paper towel until the paper is damp. Place this on a plate and place the seeds in between sheets of paper towels. Leave this in a warm place to germinate.

Although this is a very easy technique, it may not be the most convenient. There is a risk of stressing your plants because once the seeds have sprouted; it may be hard to transfer the seedlings to your growing medium.

As much as possible, maintain a damp environment in between the two plates. Be very careful when you’re checking. The towels may also become dry and this can kill your seeds. The best is to check the seeds at least twice a day if these are still damp. Check if your seeds have germinated once every 12 hours. Once the seeds have sprouted, plant these ASAP.

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