How to Trim your Marijuana Plants After Harvest

trim marijuana plants

Oh yes, you are done harvesting your marijuana plants, now is the trimming time of your plants immediately after harvest. If you wait too long, the portions that you are trying to trim off become rubbery, and far more difficult to trim, due to the lack of elasticity. If you accidentally harvested too much at one time, be prepared to pull some long hours or face the consequences of the overly long waiting period between harvest and trim. Always use a very good, sharp pair of scissors, preferably with a shorter blade.  You are going to want to drop some money of bud trimming scissors, and you want to buy scissors that you can re-sharpen. Since you will be using your bud trimming scissors again and again (hopefully) it is very worthwhile to buy very good ones from the start. I finally solved the dilemma by going out and purchasing a pair of Swiss or Swedish made small pruning shears. They come with a lifetime warranty, they have removable and replaceable blades, and they stay sharper than all get out for a long time. So sharp in fact, that I need to be really careful when I am in the thick of trimming, I have definitely nicked my fingertips with these sharp beauties before.

Do not let other people use your trimming blades for anything, ever

You need to make sure that no other bozo in your household can get these trimmers in their grubby paws for whatever reason; the results might be catastrophic for your trim, and for a very expensive pair of trimming shears. I had a roommate once who wanted to borrow my pruners to splice the battery cables in his car. Yeccchhhh. I paid way too much money for my trimmers for somebody to be goofing off doing car repairs with them. Go ahead and hide the trimmers when you are done using them, that way no one will know you have them, and no one can make the mistake of using them incorrectly.  This sort of falls under the category of having the best of everything for your marijuana grows, and not allowing yahoos to use your prized and very pricey equipment. Take care of your marijuana, and all of the things you use to grow that marijuana, you will be rewarded for having that kind of an attitude about your stuff, as it were.

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