How to ventilate that killer ganja grow room you are building

Ventilation is really important people, unless you want to raise a crop of wilted or crispy marijuana plants. The heat that can be generated by HID lamps in an enclosed space like a grow room can be intense, and potentially deadly to the little babies you raised from free marijuana seeds. Go into the  grow room build prepared for  being able to ventilate at the drop of a hat, and I highly recommend you buy a couple of thermostats that will send a message to you or your computer when temperatures are getting way too high.  I am going to give you a few pointers in how to ventilate your grow room, and how to incorporate that into your grow room build.

It’s all in the walls of the cannabis grow room

If you think about it, what would be the most straightforward way to ventilate your grow room? To ensure success in reducing both heat and overly excessive moisture?  A couple of vents placed at strategic spaces throughout the room? Maybe. Even with vents though, you will still have to do some serious ventilating in the grow room, especially in summer.  How about this: Design the walls so that panels can be removed (according to light cycle) entirely.  Sound easy? It is. It might be a little bit more planning in the building phase, but it is worth every penny. Removing entire sections of a wall panel allows you to place your bruiser floor fans at the opening and blast those marijuana plants with refreshing and strengthening blasts of air. It also allows you to enter and exit the structure more easily, without having to plan floor space for you to move around in, which, as we all know is wasted floor space, as far as those lovely lumens go.  This is a very easy and low tech approach to a whole series of issues in the grow room, working space, fan space, ventilating and heat reduction, moisture level control and eradication. You can hook up your c02 apparatus’ more easily if you use them, and you don’t have to be creating huge amounts of dead space in the grow room in order for you to work inside of it.  I can’t say enough good about this simple and clean approach to building a grow room.

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