Free Marijuana Seeds Double your Potential Yield

Here’s a fun exercise. While planning your marijuana grow and you are selecting the ganja seeds and strains that you want, try to work out your marijuana seed order and purchases so that you are getting the absolute most amount of free weed seed you can possibly get.  Really, shop not just for your “pay for marijuana seeds” but also shop for the freebies. There are a couple of ways to do it, so pay attention.

Free marijuana seeds, let’s get shopping

The marijuana seed breeders want your business, and they want it very dearly. In the last 10 years there has begun to be a level of market saturation into the weed seed industry (which is a good thing for the consumer). It forces the marijuana seed companies and breeders to start rolling out the more competitive pricing and swag offers, while you as the potential client get to sit back and compare those offers.  It is about time that something good came out of the pricey weed seed business. Free cannabis weed seeds in high quantities is one of those things.  Before you buy your marijuana seeds, check out all of the competing offers!

The marijuana seeds offerings change, so pay attention

Really, every week at least ten of the big marijuana seed retailers swaps up their free marijuana seeds offers. Some of the deals are just amazing! No more than two months ago, through a certain seed retailing company, if you purchased $200.00 of marijuana seeds, you could get 15 free feminized marijuana seeds. I don’t care what anybody says because that is an astonishing deal.  My sprout ratio was very high and I was impressed with the quality if the product that came off of all of the free marijuana seeds.

The marijuana free seeds and other freebies are the good stuff

I was so impressed in fact that I kept one as a mother for the next season of marijuana growing. She is so potent and lovely that I am planning on cloning her also, and maybe breeding one of her close back to a healthy female. That is an enormous kudos for the quality of the genetics inherent in the free marijuana seeds. So I haven’t just doubled my yield off of the free marijuana seeds, I have actually quadrupled or quintupled my yield and that is all good for me.  I was able to start a whole new line in my marijuana breeding program, for which I am extremely happy.

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